Publishing is one of Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry’s top priorities, as we see education as being central to our existence. We primarily write and publish material on the Jewish roots of the New Testament and the cultural context of the Bible so as to aid our readers’ love and appreciation for the Scriptures, the people, and the God of Israel. Our publications seek to illuminate the reader’s understanding of the Scriptures in their cultural context. Rather than merely rehashing warmed-over catch-phrases, we endeavor to write and publish ground-breaking research that will deepen the faith and knowledge of people all over the world. Our location in Jerusalem where new discoveries and research are constantly being made by top Israeli scholars and our connections with the academic community enable us to spread this knowledge from Zion to the ends of the earth. This work is pioneering information for the Christian, Jewish, and Messianic Jewish communities. We believe that fear and ignorance are the main causes of anti-Semitism and some people’s phobia of Judaism, and so we try to combat this darkness with the true light of the Scriptures.

Our labor follows the dream of Isaiah 2:3, “For out of Zion shall come forth Torah and the word of the L-rd from Jerusalem.” We therefore publish both books and Teaching From Zion magazine in English in order to enrich and deepen the faith and knowledge of the Body of Messiah worldwide. Teaching From Zion is sent for free to thousands of readers in every corner of the globe. Recently, we have also begun publishing more material in Hebrew, translating our books into Hebrew and publishing an annual teaching magazine called Davar Acher in order to help build up the Messiah’s Body here in Israel. In today’s technology-swamped world we also try to make as much teaching as possible available on our website to allow greater access to these ideas. Although the Bible has been studied and interpreted for thousands of years, we still believe that there is much to learn and uncover from its timeless words which can change everyone’s hearts and lives. We invite you to browse through the teachings available on this website, to register for your free subscription to Teaching From Zion, and to investigate our books as we walk together on the path towards a more complete and perfect faith in the Messiah and God of Israel.

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