It is an amazing thing to raise a family of faith in Israel, but it can be challenging, too. For the most part, faith is a matter of choice. The matter of choosing to live by faith is an education that starts at home. Living in Israel offers plenty of opportunities to trust and rely… Read More

Picture the scenario. You’re running late. The morning has gotten away from you, and now it’s time to get out the door. You grab your keys, jump into the car, and drive away. That seems like a manageable enough situation. But now imagine you’re running late, the morning has gotten away from you, and it’s… Read More

How do we understand the Biblical Definition of a Father? The first commandment in the Bible is to be fruitful and multiply. The first couple dutifully fulfilled this first directive, and what followed was the creation of the first family: a father, a mother and their offspring. This powerful nucleus called a family is the… Read More

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