The subject of this issue of Teaching from Zion is “The Family.” In its basic sense, family comprises persons related to one another by marriage, blood or adoption, but Noah Webster perceived the family as “constituting a fundamental unit in the organization of society.” Family propagates social standards by passing the wisdom of previous generations… Read More

This issue of Teaching from Zion focuses on the topic of discipleship. This is an issue of fundamental importance, however, it has largely fallen into obscurity around the world. Discipleship is not a class, nor is it greeting your brother once a week to ask how he is doing. Discipleship is a full-time, simultaneously personal… Read More

Featuring beautiful paintings of Israel by Israeli Messianic artist Connie Kind Shishkoff. 16 months (September 2019-December 2020). All major Biblical/Jewish (“The Lord’s Appointed Times”) and Israeli holidays marked and explained in a special reference chart at back of calendar. Major Israeli holidays also included. All dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems, in English… Read More

This issue of Teaching from Zion expands on the topic of miracles. All that has been created, our very existence, every person, and each breath we take is a profound miracle. In fact, in this magazine we only scratch the surface of this complex and intriguing subject. There are many individuals who have either witnessed… Read More

ימי האינקוויזיציה נחשבים לאחת מנקודות השפל העמוקות בגלות ישראל, אף שבניגוד לדימוי הרווח בקרבנו, אין מדובר במפעל שתכליתו המרת דתם של היהודים. מבלי לגרוע מאומה מחומרתה המפלצתית של התופעה, לא הייתה לבתי הדין שהופקדו על שמירת טוהר האמונה הקתולית נגיעה של ממש ליהודים, אלא לאלה מהם שנטבלו לכנסייה, ובהיותם נוצרים נחשדו בכפירה כשהמשיכו לקיים בסתר… Read More

‘דבר אחר’ היה פעם שמו של המדור הסאטירי של עיתון הפועלים ‘דבר’, שחדל מזמן מלהתקיים. ראינו לנכון לאמץ את הכותרת החיננית הזו לכתב העת העברי התקופתי של אגודת ‘נתיביה’ על אף העובדה שבמסורת ישראל זהו צירוף מילים טעון ורב משמעות שלילית. ‘דבר אחר’ הוא דבר לא כשר, בלשון עדינה, והכינוי ‘אחר’ לבדו מזוהה במקורותינו עם… Read More

For this New Year 5768 edition of Teaching from Zion, we have chosen the theme of Yeshua’s parables. A great deal of Yeshua’s teaching, especially in Matthew and Luke, takes the form of parables, so it is important that we understand these stories if we want to understand His central messages about His Messianic mission… Read More

Although we know prophecy exists, it is a very challenging concept to understand because it is hard to define exactly what it is or how it works. Yet, abstract and obscure as it may be, we are not completely in the dark. The Bible is not only the source of our limited knowledge about prophecy,… Read More

Common to all creatures, man and beast alike, eating and drinking are mere matters of material survival. One would not think there could be anything spiritual about something that dogs do, too. Yet one of many mind-blowing Biblical verses reveals quite the opposite: “And they saw God, and did eat and drink” (Exodus 24:11). This… Read More

“Return for I have redeemed you” (Isaiah 44:22) contains an important principle for understanding the concept of redemption. The redeeming act, immanent in God’s merciful character, is only a starting point, not the finishing point, of the history of redemption. We still need to return even after having been redeemed. “O Israel, return unto the… Read More

Much of the world has often viewed Judaism unfavorably for being a sectarian “national” religion, indifferent, if not hostile, to the rest of humanity. While it is a sad truth that the long and bitter years of exile have indeed raised some bad Jewish feelings towards the Gentiles, these are far from reflecting the inherent… Read More

Summer is traditionally a time of tragedy for the Jewish people, a season when “the hands of Esau are strengthened” and able to victimize many of God’s chosen people. Jewish sources tell us of many terrible events that happened during the period known as the Three Weeks, which go from the 17th day of Tamuz… Read More

The Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions began in the 15th Century and continued until the mid-1800s, as hundreds of thousands of Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism and then were later tortured and executed for continuing to practice Judaism in secret. In light of the upcoming Restoring the Lost Heritage Conference sponsored by Netivyah, (see… Read More

This issue of Teaching from Zion is published in the fall of the year 2013. In the Jewish world, this time of year traditionally marks the beginning of a new year and a renewal of spirit and commitment to God. We ask for forgiveness from our neighbor and from God for the transgressions we have… Read More

This issue of Teaching From Zion focuses on the contribution that women bring to the kingdom of God. From Moses’ mother to the mother of Jesus, women of the Bible have shown us how to be obedient to God’s plan and do so with a cheerful heart and a sacrificial attitude. We hope that you… Read More

This issue of Teaching from Zion is about the Land of Israel and restoration. There are two main aspects to this topic: 1) The return of the Jewish people to the land and the rebuilding of the ancient cities according to prophecy. 2) The restoration of Israel’s spiritual heritage of Israel. The return to the… Read More

It’s been said that there are more verses in the Bible concerning money than any other subject. Certainly, the Bible says a great deal about money and economics. This issue of Teaching from Zion is all about money – from simple everyday budgeting to important theological questions.

The following issue of TFZ magazine includes our pursuit in understanding traditional synagogue worship as well as its establishment. It deals with the complicated, yet inseparable relationship between the synagogue and its younger sister – the early church. Several articles in this magazine describe and articulate the role of the synagogue within the context of… Read More

“במקלי עברתי את הירדן הזה, ועתה הייתי לשני מחנות”. אלה דברי יעקב ההולך לקראת אחיו עשיו בשובו מארם בראש מחנה גדול, משופע באדם וברכוש. יעקב ועשיו, אחים תאומים מבטן אמם, נפרדו בעצמם לשני מחנות במהלכה של עלילה משפחתית סבוכה ומפותלת שהותירה ביניהם משקעים מרים של איבה.המפגש בין הסיפור המקראי לבין ההיסטוריה הכתיב את התסריט למלודרמה… Read More

Eine jüdische Tradition sagt: „Die Thora hat 70 Gesichter”. Daraus erwächst die Frage, wie ein normaler Bibel- Leser all diese Gesichter sehen kann. In diesem leicht zu lesenden, dennoch bahnbrechenden und wegweisenden Buch, erklärt Joseph Shulam, wie das Judentum in der Spätantike seine heiligen Schriften interpretiert hat. Einige der hier erläuterten Konzepte beinhalten „kal-va homer,… Read More

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