Israel is at
Many people need your help

Israel - Hamas war | Breaking News & Live Updates

Many things have changed and continue to change since war broke out after the horrific massacre on October 7. More than 10,000 Hamas terrorists have been eliminated as our dedicated soldiers entered Gaza.

Israel remains committed to rooting out and completely destroying the evil that is bent on our total destruction. There are more than 240 hostages still being held, and 1400 dead from the massacre. Since the ground operation two weeks ago, we have lost 26 of our beloved soldiers. Fewer and fewer rockets are being fired into Israel from Gaza and the IDF is discovering more and more tunnels that have been strategically built over several hospitals, neighborhoods, and schools.

As Israel marches to destroy the evil and take control of all of Gaza, our unfriendly neighbors to the North (and all around the world really!) are threatening us as well.

As a people, we are stronger than ever and we know and understand that the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob goes before us and beside us and behind us. Without Him, we can do nothing! He is our fortress and Deliverer and He will bring to pass all the promises He has made to His people and this Land.

We at Netiviyah are continuing to prepare and distribute tactical gear as well as practical supplies to our soldiers on the front lines in the South as well as the North. In addition, many Israelis and ministries use our kosher kitchen to prepare food and deliver meals all over the country as well. We are so very grateful to all of you, our prayer warriors and supporters for your unfailing love and support. We absolutely cannot do it without you.

Additionally, we plan to keep on sending help in whatever way we can to strengthen and uplift our soldiers who are currently on the front lines. It is important in times like these that those of us who can help extend a hand for the sake of Israel. Israel hasn't seen days quite like these for many, many years, so we must not be apathetic to the situation.

Dear brothers and sisters, now is the time! Let us come together in prayer especially for each and every person who is suffering during this horrible situation and the families suffering the trauma and loss of their loved ones.

We invite each and every person who is ready and able to give to please do so, for the purpose of providing necessary aid to those suffering from the war that Israel is experiencing right now!

We also encourage you to share with others you know for whom Israel is close to their hearts, who may wish to take part as well in supporting our soldiers and civilians on the frontlines.

Israeli soldiers ready for Hezbullah!:

The testimony of Daniel Stern when he was held hostage:

The soldier in the video below explains exactly what’s needed in his unit

The goods and products that we'd like to purchase:

What we plan to or have already purchased:

Armor protection panels - 100 needed, 15 already supplied to units
Tactical Eyewear- 200 needed, 21 already supplied to units
Helmet 200 needed
Haircut Machine 40 needed, 10 already supplied to units
Universal Gun Holster 200 needed,  35 already supplied to units
Battery Power Bank 300 needed, 200 already supplied to units
Waterpack (3 liters)
300-500 needed, 10 already supplied to units
DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More 12 needed, 12 already supplied to units
Leatherman WAVE 200 needed, 100 already supplied to units
G-Shock 50 needed, 35 already supplied to units
Flashlight for weapon 200 needed, 30 already supplied to units
Tourniquet 300 needed 200 already supplied to units
Nail clipper 100 needed, 60 already supplied to units
Military softshell (A quality military jacket)  300 needed, 200 already supplied to units
Half finger tactical gloves 100 needed, 15 already supplied to units
Cheap Disposable Lighter 1000 needed, 1000 already supplied to units
Talc powder 120 needed, 120 already supplied to units
Fungal cream 100 needed, 65 already supplied to units
Permanent markers(for map) 600 needed, 200 already supplied to units
Battery AA 1000 needed, 1000 already supplied to units
Hygiene products&basic supplies 200 needed, 200 already supplied to units
Head lamp 100 needed, 25 already supplied to units


And more..


Join us by lifting up all Israeli soldiers & security forces before the Throne.

We especially pray for the following soldiers from Messianic homes.
These husbands & sons, wives & daughters suddenly left their families to serve their flag. We are so very grateful for their service!
We cover them in prayer!

"(…) under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. (…)
For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up," (Psalm 91)

Israel is at
Many people need your help.

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