IDF Moments


by by Oren Cohen

Explore the IDF like never before with this captivating glimpse into the daily lives of Israeli soldiers:

  • Packed with compelling photos that highlight the challenges faced by soldiers and their unwavering commitment to defending their homeland.
  • Features insightful commentaries and observations that accompany the photographs..
  • Makes a stunning and meaningful gift for anyone who supports the State of Israel and its defenders.
  • Dive into the life of an Israel Defense Forces soldier with this remarkable collection of striking photographs by Israeli photographer Oren Cohen. In this beautifully crafted hardcover book, you’ll discover stunning full-color, high-resolution images depicting the daily reality of IDF soldiers. Accompanied by meaningful commentaries and insightful observations from Oren Cohen, this book vividly portrays the experience of defending the Jewish homeland. Perfect for any library and an excellent gift for any occasion, this exceptional book is a must-have for anyone who supports Israel.

    About the author: Oren Cohen served in the IDF for years as an officer, but always had a passion for photography. Following his service, he began pursuing his dreams by merging his love and admiration for the IDF with his interest in documentary photography. His goal is to photograph “spontaneous, real, and pose-free” pictures of Israeli soldiers in action in order to unveil the deep and beautiful spirit of the IDF. Holding a BA in Photography, Film, and TV from Hadassah University in Jerusalem, this self-published book is the magnificent result of years of hard work and his unwavering dedication to his country and its protectors.



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