The Jerusalem Prayer List

Last updated January 13, 2022

Please pray for the people listed on this prayer list. They are all dear brothers and sisters from around the world that pray and stand with Israel and with us in Netivyah.

We are starting the second semester of teaching in Yeshua College in Zimbabwe next week on January 17th, 2022. We have Daniel Stern, and Yuda B, Lion E., Matheus G, and myself teaching 35 leaders. It is a big challenge and all the teaching is done by Zoom that makes it even more challenging. Please pray for all the teachers and for the students in Zimbabwe who will be a challenge to us as teacher and we are for sure going to challenge them as our students.

Please keep praying for Marcia my wife and for me. We are both feeling our age and with the coronavirus we are both in need of your prayers, but especially Marcia needs God’s merciful hand to keep her memory and daily activities functioning without forgetting important things that she needs to do for herself at home. There are some medical tests that she has to do soon, CT and MRI and other tests to understand better what are the causes of some of Marcia’s problems.

We have a dear brother from Bulgaria who came to Israel to do some important work and was found to test positive for the coronavirus and who is now quarantined in his hotel room and can’t do his job. This brother’s name is Cristo - please lift Cristo in prayer for a speedy recovery from the coronavirus and a safe return home to Bulgaria.

Brother Davison, a leader of a sister community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is very sick with coronavirus. He is diabetic and has some other pre-conditions that complicate things. Pray for Davison and for Renata his dear wife.

Bathsheba Derbaremdicker, Zvi’s wife, is out of the hospital and recovering at home from a total mastectomy that she had two weeks ago. Bathsheba, our dear sister, is not finished with these health challenges, and needs our prayers.

The situation of our older sisters who are true heroes in the service of the Lord – Leah, Ahuva, and Ilana need our prayers. I am asking you join us all in praying for our older sisters. They are true heroes of faith, and their love for the Lord, and for His people, is without limit. 
There is a clear command in the word of God to take care of the widows and orphans. This command appears in the Torah, the prophets, the writings, and in the New Testament - even several times.

Anyone who is getting old or has older family members must know that the fellowship of the saints and of our spiritual family can be trusted to keep this commandment and to take care of our older generation of people who have given their all during their younger years, and it is the responsibility of the saints to take care of their elderly.
Please consider as a church or as individuals to add something extra for the elderly saints of Jerusalem.

Keep praying for a very special kindergarten in Jerusalem “Little Hearts.” The director of this special kindergarten is one of our own from the congregation. What makes this kindergarten different from all others in Jerusalem is that it has Jewish and Arab and Christian children together learning co-existence from an early age.

Zacharias Waldner from Canada who is paraplegic has a problem with sores and is asking for our prayers. Please add Zacharias to your prayer list.

I also received a request to pray for a young brother, Raymond Jimenez, who has the coronavirus and needs God’s blessing for recovering and returning back to his normal life.

We received a prayer request from a dear sister, Livia Schnell Nothen, who has been with us in Portugal and has stood with our brothers in Brazil and with us on the issue of the Anussim (the “coerced ones”, descendants of 15th century Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism and who continued to secretly practice their Judaism - getting the State of Israel to accept them as Jews under the Law of Return has been an issue) and their plight…

Please keep brother Philip Marc in your prayers. Philip is a young man with very serious cancer. He is a truth seeker and a faithful disciple of Yeshua who loves God and who is a lover of Israel. Philip lives far from Israel in a country that we can’t travel to, but Philips heart is with us, and with God’s people.

Pray for Paulo C. Pereira Braga Dias. He is the father of a dear sister in Brazil.

The situation in Israel is not getting better yet! Israel is still under closure with limited mobility and most of the economy and businesses are closed, at least for now. The economy is devastated.

I wrote last week in the Jerusalem Prayer List that it is a good work to pray for people whom you don’t know personally and to pray for the world to recover and bring an end to this horrible pandemic called the coronavirus. Corona is a crown, and I am not sure on the head of which king this virus is a crown.

  1. Please keep doing intercessory prayer for the whole world, concentrate on your country, but do not forget Israel.
  2. There is a blessing from God to those who pray for other brothers and sisters and intercede through the Holy Spirit for the body of the Messiah.
  3. It might seem like a small thing for us to pray a few minutes for brothers and sisters around the world, but in the kingdom and in the Heavens, attention is paid by the authorities of goodness to the caring and sincere intercessory prayer that conforms and confirms that the body of the Messiah Yeshua is truly one body.
  • Pray for all the former and present people involved in Korean Israel Bible Instruction Ministry.
  • Pray for the former board members of KIBI and that those who need to repent and restore their relationship, receive power from on high, to do so.
  • Pray for those members and academics that are and were a part of the Israel Forum.
  • Pray for those who have prayed so faithfully for the salvation of Israel and the peace in Israel.
  • Pray for the spiritual and physical health of all those in Korea who are still praying for the body of the Messiah in Israel and specifically praying and supporting Netivyah. Bless them and inspire them and pray that they be filled with faith, hope and love for the Lord and for Israel.

Let us all pray and encourage our spiritual leaders to lead and to point us toward repentance and to confession of our sins and weaknesses, so that the Lord will lift this coronavirus from off of this earth and we will remember the Lord and seek to walk in His paths of righteousness and truth.

Danah our daughter, needs much prayer for her situation as does our granddaughter Noaam. Please lift Danah and Noaam in your prayers. Please lift Barry our son and his family, Beth, and Joey our grandson who are also staying at home and working from home during this time.

We are praying for a three-year-old little girl who is ill with a rare illness and cancer. She lives with her family in California and we need to pray for her and her family to receive attention and healing from the Lord and to be allowed to grow up to serve His kingdom.

I am adding a new prayer request from a leader of God’s people in India, Joy Mathew, and Pastor Isaac from the city of Chennai. Pastor Isaac is suffering from kidney problems and is on dialysis a few times each week. Please lift brother Isaac in your prayers.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Brazil. Brazil is one of the countries with a remarkably high count of sick and dead people from the coronavirus. We have brothers and sisters all around Brazil, and I ask you to just say a prayer for divine protection and for wisdom to keep them clear from this deadly plague.

Also include in your prayers Caique de Oliveira Becker. These are people in Brazil who need the Lord’s special grace for healing.

Please do not forget to lift up in prayer the young man Paulo and the Amaral family, in Brazil. 
Please keep in your prayers our dear brother Pastor TJ in Taiwan. TJ is going through a new phase in his life.

Keep Ruby Little in your prayers, our dear sister from Oklahoma City. Ruby went through a new set of tests for her cancer and the tests returned with not such a good news. Ruby is in need of our prayers. Pray for God to heal Ruby from her cancer that after two years of treatments not much improvement. Ruby needs a miracle and strength and courage to deal with this challenge in the best way that will give her a better quality of life than chemotherapy, for divine intervention a miracle of healing.

Lift up in prayer the following brothers and sisters:
Please keep praying for Samuel Lopes, a 17-year-old boy who is going through an extremely hard time.

Please pray for the family of brother Joseph Kelber and especially for his son. Pray for Rachael and Daniel, a brother and sister who need jobs and emotional healing. Lift these brothers and sisters in your prayers: Angela Isby, Aries Franklin Mayers Sr., and Tony Black. Keep praying for Nancy, Don and their son Aaron Hook, Rachel David Kim’s wife – Jingyung Lee, Dr. Yuizawa, Tiz H., Lion H, Ilana Abramov, David Stern and his family, Anne West who is now 100 years old. Keep praying for Gary, and Melanie.

Remember the following brothers and sisters from the Roeh Israel Congregation in Jerusalem; Sarit, Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Hannah, young Gabriela, Zvi D. and Bathsheba, Jonathan B. and his wife Aviva and their baby, and pray for Sister Yoko Nagumo in Japan. Sister Yoko had a stroke, and we pray that her recovery will be quick and full.

From Chennai, India, please remember Pastor Isaac. From Hong Kong, remember all of Hong Kong during these days of several different kinds of viruses and the coronavirus. Remember Tony and Louisa Tam, and our brothers and sisters at the 611 Church, and the other churches who love God and love Israel in that great city.

Just a word of grace before the mercy seat of the Almighty will be heard in favor of these brothers and Um Mahmud Abu-Eid and Jimmy Abu-Eid and his family, Keijo and Salme our dear brothers in Finland, Tim Tucker, Satu-Maria, Sinni Tuuli. Our other brothers and sisters in Finland who need our prayers, Evelina, and Eva H., Patty, Andrea, Julia and Victor, and Aaron Tani, and Hillel and his wife.

Around the whole world, we pray for Zhou Wenrian, Abe family, Toru, Takeo Sensei, Daisuke Sensei, Tomoko San, Yumi, George, Louisa, and Tony and sister Katherine Shang all in Hong Kong.

I have just received a prayer request from a dear sister from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her father who is 70 years old and diabetic has contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Please see your prayer as casting a vote for healing before the Lord and His angels in Heaven in favor of every brother and sister that you are praying for. Just a word of grace for all of us is a refreshing spirit. Take your prayers before the mercy seat of the Almighty to be heard in favor of those that you are lifting in prayer.

Please add to your prayers the family of Um Mahmud Abu-Eid and Jimmy their son. Pray for Mahmoud’s sister who is also very ill.

Keep praying for Guilherme Antonio Nathan Becker and his wife Artuza de Oliviera, also add Rachael and Daniel Webster and Lizette Nancy, and Jose Carlos from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By praying for people who are your brothers and sisters, and whom you do not know personally, you are exercising the right to be God’s ambassador in what is called “agape love.” “Agape love” is the highest form of love, a love that does not look for earthly rewards or give and take, but just does the service of intercession in the kingdom of God.

You will be blessed by the almighty God who gives each of His children good for the good we do and recompense for the bad we do. Your sincere prayers for people around the world do the following things for the Kingdom, the King, and for the body of the Messiah:

  1. They unite you and the body in a major transcendent bond of prayer.
  2. They demonstrate the oneness of the people of God.
  3. Your prayer shows that there are people outside the realm of the physical world and personal interests who have a sincere bond and relationship that is heavenly and not earthly.
  4. The Lord knows His children and gives credit and reward according to His promises.

We have brothers and sisters in Israel and in China and I ask you to pray for their safety and protection: Deborah Ruth, Lydia, Sima, Laurel S., Naomi, Orna, David S., Daniel, Dalia D., Ayla, Hillel, Elhanan, Tony, Dr. Song, and his wife Sister Harriet Kim, lift up brother Michael Knezevich from Portland, OR. Ismael Alves, Asher Gabriel, M. Ahuva a dear sister from Kenya. Please keep in your prayers a dear sister who attends our congregation in Jerusalem. Her name is Hadassah and she just had cancer surgery. Pray for Hadassah L.

Pray for Israel. Businesses are closing, and bankruptcy is happening to old established companies and businesses and even our national airline is on the verge of bankruptcy. People do not have money to put food on their tables. The number of people in need of basic food is growing.

Netivyah has been feeding the poor of Jerusalem for more than 25 years and we have a highly appreciated humanitarian ministry that is working with the Jerusalem municipality. As the demands for food for people who never before needed such help grows, I pray that the Lord will inspire and motivate brothers and sisters and ministries who can help with this to visit our webpage and do what they can to make it possible for us to double or more than double the number of people and families that we serve.

Our prime minister’s case is still before the courts. I am not happy that this is happening in Israel, but I am praying that true justice and righteousness is exhibited in our court system. The truth must come out and I am not interested in a second prime minister of Israel going to jail. We have had a president in jail, a finance minister in jail, a minister of interior affairs in jail, and a member of the parliament in jail. Enough!

From our congregation in Jerusalem, we ask you to join us in prayer for the following dear brothers and sisters: Gary, Melanie, Sarit, Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Hannah, young Gabriela, Zvi D. and Bathsheba, Jonathan B. and his wife Aviva and their new baby.

Pray for some dear friends, Rabbi Salt, and his family and Rabbi Hasselblad. They are both older and need protection and blessings.

I was asked by brothers and sisters of the Messianic congregation, Shoresh David (The Root of David) in Portland, Oregon, to pray for Portland. Anarchist elements have taken the center of Portland, OR, and turned it into chaos, and disorder. So, please pray for Portland, OR, and for our brothers and sisters in that city.

The coronavirus is threatening the economy of the world with a great recession and depression. Some of our major supporters have already lowered the amount of their support. They have done this not only toward Netivyah, but for all the ministries that they are supporting, and they are many. I would like to first ask you to pray about your part in supporting Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.

Second, I would like for you who stand with us in prayer and financially to do your absolute best to stay on board with us and communicate. We realize that times will be hard for several years, but we also realize that God has chosen and blessed you for such a time as this.
Third please pray for a new project that we are starting in Israel in partnership with the Houses for Healing ministry from Abilene, Texas.

The aim is to provide hospitality for families of critically ill patients who are hospitalized in one of Jerusalem’s hospitals and who have no means to stay in hotels while their family members are in the hospitals.

This is a critical need especially in these days when there are hundreds of men and women who are in the coronavirus ICU units for weeks and even months.

We need your prayer and your help to make this a meaningful and significant blessing both to the sick and to their families.

I wish all of you, who stand with Israel and who pray for Jerusalem, the best of the Lord’s blessings and the fulfillment of all His promises to His faithful children. Those who hear God and do His will are the ones who are called wise! Those who only hear His word and don’t do it are called foolish! Let us all strive to be wise and never foolish! The best is yet to come!

I want to bless all of you our dear brothers around the world. I thank you who have prayed for Netivyah and for Israel, and have helps Netivyah to carry on with God’s work and a positive witness of God’s goodness by supporting Netivyah with prayer and with your generous gifts that enable the Lord’s work in Israel and around the world.

May the Lord God of Israel and the grace of Yeshua our Messiah, King, Teacher, Rabbi, and Lord be with you all!

Joseph Shulam

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