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The Jerusalem Prayer List

Last updated October 10, 2019

Please pray for the State of Israel and the government of Israel. We are now going through the birth of a new government in Israel. I believe that Israel is the only country in the history of the world that had two elections, back to back, in six months, and is still struggling to build a government.

The two big political parties are neck-and-neck with about the same number of votes. There is a deadlock that is really based on personal dislike and animosity between the leaders. Israel needs your prayer and it needs the Lord Almighty to make our politicians and religious leaders stop the selfish hate and dislike, and unite immediately.

Please pray for God to help this small nation of Israel, and survivor of 2000 years of diaspora, stand and face the millions upon millions of enemies that prepare to destroy Israel. Israel is an island of success and fulfillment of God’s prophetic promises that will eventually bring salvation to the whole world through Yeshua the Messiah. We need your prayer and your support!

Please pray for the wife of a dear Korean friend who is a student in the university in Israel. Her name is Rachel, Jingyung Lee. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer. A dear sister, Hannah Yoshida of the Kyoto Glory Church, is also in need of urgent prayer. She has a serous cancer situation. Keep our dear sister Tiz H. in your prayer, she too has just gone through surgery for cancer and is getting chemotherapeutic treatment.

Ilana Avramov, the wife of my first cousin living in New York City, is also with cancer and getting ready for surgery. It seems like we all need to pray for the Lord to reveal His secret treatment and medication to eradicate cancer off the face of this world.

Please keep praying for Ruby L. in your prayers. Ruby still has a long haul of 9 more chemotherapy sessions. She is also in the process of considering moving into assisted living conditions. Please pray and beg God to bring healing and strength and courage and friends to help these dear brothers and sisters cope with their challenges.

Don’t forget to pray for our sister from Taiwan, a leader and servant of God, who is also going through chemotherapy. Her name is Angela.

My daughter Danah, and Noaam our granddaughter, are both going through a very difficult time these days. Also keep Joseph, our grandson, in your prayers, together with Barry and Beth, his parents and our children.

Marcia, my wife, is home in Israel now. Please keep Marcia in your prayers. Marcia is dealing with a very serious diabetic condition, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and needs the Lord’s constant blessing to cope and deal with her illnesses, and above all, she needs God’s mercy and healing.

Last week the second general election in Israel was finished, and already there is talk of a third general election. The president of Israel, Ruby Rivlin, is doing his best to help build a unity government, but in fact he too has given up on this possibility.

The Roman government in the middle of the first century AD could have easily taken lessons from our present Israeli mess in government. We, as a nation, had two major exiles, God has driven us out of our land by the harsh hand of Assyria and Babylon, and finally in 70 AD by Rome.

After nearly 2000 years, God is fulfilling His promises and restoring and returning us back home to the land of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You would think that we have learned something helpful to work on the unity of this nation of immigrants from around the world!

No, we have not learned much. There are selfish politicians on all sides. Corruption and sectarianism still fan the fires of hate and racial prejudice to the point that even when the President of Israel, who is a good man and a fair man, is urging to create a wall-to-wall unity government that will be able to unite and face the challenges of Iran, Turkey, and other international and national opportunities, and even peace with the other Arab countries, our leaders are playing “musical chairs”.

Please pray for Israel! And, while you are praying for Israel, don’t also forget to say a little prayer for the United States, and England, and the E.U. and China, and the whole world. My prayer is, “Lord come quickly!”

Please be praying for our dear sister Emma in China, and add to your prayers a dear sister called Deborah Ruth who also lives in Beijing, China.

I ask all of you to mobilize your prayers to pray for the Aliyah and the return of the Anussim, both spiritually, outside of the adulterated brands of Christianity, back to the pure waters of God’s word, and also physically, to the land of our forefathers, the land of Zion, Jerusalem.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Korea. Please keep in prayers KIBI and the Israel Forum, and so many men and women of God who love the God of Israel and the Messiah of Israel, and have been praying for Israel so many years, and supporting good works in Israel. These are precious brothers and sisters who love God and love Israel. I pray that the Lord will reconcile his children and reunite them with one purpose, that is, prayer and support of Israel, and especially the local Jewish disciples of Yeshua the Messiah in the land of Israel. I ask you to pray especially for the board members of KIBI who have invested their lives and their money in this pro-Israel organization in Korea.

Please keep the whole Abu-Eid family in your prayers. A dear sister Svetlana, who is married in the Abu-Eid family, has gone through serious surgery. Please keep Svetlana in your prayers.

Tiz, our dear sister in Dallas, Texas, is going through chemotherapy these days. Please keep Tiz in your prayers, and don’t forget to keep praying for her grandson Lion. Lion is doing so much better, but your prayers are important to see this young Lion come through fully healed. Of course the same goes for his grandmother Tiz.

Please pray a special prayer for Anna West (she is 99 years old and continues praying for the salvation of Israel daily). You can also include Anna’s dear son Roger and his family in your prayers.

Pray for our Jewish brother Hillel from Helsinki, and Keijo and Salme in Nokia, and for Tim Tucker, Anne-Mirjami, Satu-Maria, Sinni Tuuli, Erki and Sirpa Murto, Evelina, and Eva H., all in Finland.

Pray for Patty, Andrea, and Tineke. I heard that Tineke is not doing too good these days. Please pray especially for Tineke and for her soul. These are brothers and sisters in the Netherlands that need healing from God.

Continue to pray for Julia and Victor. Pray for our dear sister Paula in Switzerland who needs a divine breakthrough. I want to also add Barry and Dalia, two dear brothers who live in Tiberias and are suffering from illness and pain, and are in need of prayer and help.

I would like to add a dear brother and the son of a dear family of Netivyah supporters in Finland. Their son, Aaron Tani, is a young man with diabetic problems. Aaron has a family and children, and he needs our prayers urgently. Please pray for Aaron Tani.

Please keep praying for a dear sister named Zhou WenriIan living in China. Please intercede for Pastor Isaac in Chennai. Pastor Isaac needs healing for his kidneys.

Please lift in your prayers the following brothers and sisters who need the Lord’s gracious touch of healing: George, Gary, and Melanie. Nancy Hook and her family need special prayer for healing and God’s gracious hand to touch Nancy and Don. Don is going through kidney surgery soon and he needs healing from God urgently.

Those in our congregation in Jerusalem that need your prayers are Sarit, David S., Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Hannah, young Gabriela, Zvi D. and Batsheva, and Jonathan B. and his wife Aviva. Our dear sisters Laurel, Orna, Sima, and Aviva.

A special prayer is needed for one of my godsons in the Lord, David B.A.

These are brothers and sisters from around the world who need your prayer and your intercession, and healing: Paulo and Noami, Marcelo’s parents, Curita Sensei, the Abe family, Toru, Takeo Sensei, Daisuke Sensei, Tomoko San, Yumi, and her father and family.

I pray and ask you to join me and pray for Louisa and Tony. Keep our dear brother Goh and his family in your prayers and also his work. In Korea pray for Sister Christy, and special prayers for Dr. Song, and Dr. H. Kim, and the leaders and board of Israel Forum, and for those of the Onnuri Church in Seoul that pray for us and for Israel every Shabbat early morning.

Please keep brother Michael Knezevich in prayer, ask the Lord to bless his health and his family and his business. Please add to your prayers Ismael Alves who lives in Portugal, and Asher Gabriel in Kenya.

I wish all of you, who stand with Israel and who pray for Jerusalem, the best of the Lord’s blessings and the fulfillment of all His promises to His faithful children. Those who hear God and do His will are the ones who are called wise! Those who only hear His word and don’t do it are called foolish! Let us all strive to be wise and never foolish! The best is yet to come!

The Lord God of Israel and the Grace of Yeshua our Messiah, King, Teacher, Rabbi, and Lord be with you all!