The Jerusalem Prayer List

Last updated October 22, 2020

I have two very important prayer requests:

  1. A very dear and faithful and wonderful sister that has been a faithful member of our congregation and a servant of the Lord in Jerusalem for over 40 years, Ilana Hanhiyervi who is 95 years old, is in need of our prayers. Her mind is sharp and she has been healthy and strong until these last few days. She needs our prayers these days, a prayer for strength and divine grace for this dear sister.
  2. For brother Philip Marc Lee. Philip is a young man with a family and he is sick with stage 4 cancer. Philip is a truth seeker and a faithful disciple and servant of the Lord. Please especially include these two new prayer requests in your prayers.

Don’t forget to continue praying for the rest of those on this long list.

Israel is still under closure with only limited mobility being allowed and most of the economy and business sector is closed down, at least until next Sunday night at midnight. The economy is devastated.

I wrote last week in the Jerusalem Prayer List that it is a good work to pray for people whom you don’t know personally and to pray for the world to recover and bring an end to this horrible pandemic called Coronavirus. Corona is a crown and I am not sure on the head of which King this virus is a crown.

  1. Please keep doing intercessory prayer for the whole world, concentrate for your country, and don’t forget Israel.
  2. There is a blessing from God to those who pray for other brothers and sisters and intercede through the Holy Spirit for the Body of the Messiah.
  3. It might seem like a small thing for us to pray a few minutes for brothers and sisters around the world, but in the Kingdom and in the Heavens attention is paid by the authorities of Goodness for the care and sincere intercession and prayer that conforms and confirms that the Body of the Messiah Yeshua is truly one body.
    • Pray for all the former and present people involved in Korean Israel Bible Instruction Ministry.
    • Pray for the former board members of KIBI and those who need to repent and restore their relationship receive power from heaven to do so.
    • Pray for those members and academics that are and were a part of the Israel Forum.
    • Pray for those who have prayed so faithfully for the salvation of Israel and the peace in Israel.
    • Pray for the spiritual and physical health of all those in Korea who are still praying for the Body of the Messiah in Israel and specifically praying and supporting Netivyah. Bless them and inspire them and fill them with faith, hope and love for the Lord and for Israel.

Let us all pray and encourage our spiritual leaders to lead and to point us toward repentance and to confession of our sins and weaknesses, so that the Lord will lift this coronavirus from off of this earth and we will remember the Lord and seek to walk in His paths of righteousness and truth.

I appreciate the prayers for my health and my eye. I see so much better with my eye than I did before the surgery. Thank you all of your prayers for me. Please continue to pray for me and for my wife Marcia. Marcia has very little energy these days and sleeps much most of the days. She is in pain from the Rheumatoid Arthritis and also her eyes have cataract and since she is diabetic there too there is a danger in doing surgery. We need your prayers.

Danah our daughter, needs much prayer for her situation and so does our granddaughter Noaam. Please lift Danah and Noaam in your prayers. Please lift Barry our son and his family, Beth, and Joey our grandson who are also staying at home and working from home during this time. Marcia’s mother June is 91 years old and her health is failing. Our sister from Jerusalem, Hadassah, had her surgery for cancer and is now at home recovering. Please keep her in your prayers.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Brazil. Brazil is one of the countries with a very high count of sick and dead people from the coronavirus. We have brothers and sisters all around Brazil, and I ask you to just say a prayer for divine protection and wisdom to keep clear from this deadly plague. Pray for healing and strength for a 70 year old men by the name of Paulo C. Pereira Braga Dias. Also include in your prayers Caique de Oliveira Becker. These are people in Brazil that need the Lord’s special grace for healing. Please don’t forget to lift and pray for a young man Paulo and for the Amaral family in Brazil.

Please keep our dear brother Pastor TJ in Taiwan. TJ is going through a new phase in his life.

Keep Ruby Little in your prayers, our dear sister from Oklahoma City, who is also battling against cancer and add to your prayers Allison Howard Williams. Allison is the daughter of one of my very special teachers and friends, Dr. George Howard. Lift up in prayer the following brothers and sisters: Allison is also battling cancer.

Please keep praying for Samuel Lopes is a 17-year-old boy who is going through an extremely hard time. His father and mother are extremely upset that He is not walking with the Lord and I just heard from his father he has joined with friends who are far from the paths of righteousness. Please pray for the family of brother Joseph Kelber and especially for his son.

Pray for Rachael and Daniel, a brother and sister who need jobs and emotional healing.

Lift these brothers and sisters in your prayers: Angela Isby, Aries Franklin Mayers Sr., and Tony Black. Keep praying for Nancy, Don and their son Aaron Hook, Rachel David Kim’s wife – Jingyung Lee, Dr. Yuizawa, Tiz H., Lion H., Michael Schiffman, Joe Mays, Ilana Abramov, Cynthia Parveen’s sister, David Stern and his family, Anne West who is now 100 years old. Keep praying for Gary, and Melanie.

Remember the following brothers and sisters from the Roeh Israel Congregation in Jerusalem; Sarit, Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Hannah, young Gabriela, Zvi D. and Bathsheba, Jonathan B. and his wife Aviva and their baby, and pray for Sister Yoko Nagumo in Japan. Sister Yoko had a stroke and we pray that her recovery will be quick and full.

From Chennai, India, please remember Pastor Isaac. From Hong Kong, remember all of Hong Kong during these days of several different kinds of viruses and the coronavirus. Remember Tony and Louisa Tam, and our brothers and sisters at the 611 Church, and the other churches who love God and love Israel in that great city.

Just a word of grace before the mercy seat of the Almighty will be heard in favor of these brothers and Um Mahmud Abu-Eid and Jimmy Abu-Eid and his family, Keijo and Salme our dear brothers in Finland, Tim Tucker, Satu-Maria, Sinni Tuuli. Our brother in Finland Erki Murto is gone. Erki passed from this world a few days ago. Please let us keep Sirpa, Erki’s widow in our prayer. May the Lord comfort her and consul her in these hours of sorrow and grief. Our other brothers and sisters in Finland who need our prayers, Evelina, and Eva H., Patty, Andrea, Julia and Victor, and Aaron Tani, and Hillel and his wife.

Around the whole world, we pray for Zhou Wenrian, Abe family, Toru, Takeo Sensei, Daisuke Sensei, Tomoko San, Yumi and her father Pastor Ohara, George, and Pastor Isaac in Chennai, India, Louisa, and Tony in Hong Kong.

I have just received a prayer request from a dear sister from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her father who is 70 years old and diabetic has contracted the COVID-19 virus. His name is Paulo C. Pereira Braga Dias. He is in the hospital and his condition is very challenging. Please join us in lifting Paulo C. Pereira Braga Dias in your prayers.

Please see your prayer as casting a vote for healing before the Lord and His angels in Heaven in favor of every brother and sister that you are praying for. Just a word of grace for all of us is a refreshing spirit. Take your prayers before the mercy seat of the Almighty to be heard in favor of those that you are lifting in prayer.

Please add to your prayers the family of Um Mahmud Abu-Eid and Jimmy their son. I believe that this is a good thing for us to pray for friends and acquaintances who are Muslims. It is an act of love and reconciliation to carry before the throne of mercy those dear people who are seeking peace and righteousness looking toward the Lord for mercy and healing.

Keep praying for Guilherme Antonio Nathan Becker and his wife Artuza de Oliviera, also add Rachael and Daniel Webster and Lizette Nancy, and Jose Carlos from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By praying for people who are your brothers and sisters, and whom you do not know personally, you are exercising the right to be God’s ambassador in what is called “agape love.” “Agape love” is the highest form of love, a love that does not look for earthly rewards or give and take, but just does the service of intercession in the kingdom of God.

You will be blessed by the almighty God who gives each of His children good for the good we do and recompense for the bad we do. Your sincere prayers for people around the world do the following things for the Kingdom, the King, and for the body of the Messiah:

  1. They unite you and the body in a major transcendent bond of prayer.
  2. They demonstrate the oneness of the people of God.
  3. Your prayer shows that there are people outside the realm of the physical world and personal interests who have a sincere bond and relationship that is heavenly and not earthly.
  4. The Lord knows His children and gives credit and reward according to His promises.

We have brothers and sisters in Israel and in China and I ask you to pray for their safety and protection: Deborah Ruth, Lydia, Sima, Laurel S., Naomi, Orna, David S., Daniel, Dalia D., Ayla, Hillel, Elhanan, Tony, Dr. Song, and his wife Sister Harriet Kim, Michael Knezevich, Ismael Alves, Asher Gabriel, M. Ahuva. Please pray for a dear brother who is well into his 90’s and lost his wife a couple of weeks ago. His name is Dov H. Please keep a dear sister who attends our congregation in Jerusalem. Her name is Hadassah and she just had cancer surgery. Pray for Hadassah for a full recovery and remission from cancer in her body.

Pray for Israel. We are going through terrible riots and violence in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv and other places around the country. These riots are motivated by the fact that much of the populace of Israel does not understand what the government is doing in relationship to the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses are closing and bankruptcy is happening to old established companies and businesses and even our national airline is on the verge of bankruptcy. People do not have money to put food on their tables. The number of people in need of basic food is growing.

Netivyah has been feeding the poor of Jerusalem for more than 25 years and we have a highly appreciated humanitarian ministry that is working with the Jerusalem municipality. As the demands for food for people who never before needed such help grows, I pray that the Lord will inspire and motivate brothers and sisters and ministries who can help with this to go to the webpage: www.netivyah.org and do what they can to make it possible for us to double or more than double, the number of people and families that we serve.

Our prime minister’s case is still before the courts. I am not happy that this is happening in Israel, but I am praying that true justice and righteousness is exhibited in our court system. The truth must come out and I am not interested in a second prime minister of Israel going to jail. We have had a president in jail, a finance minister in jail, a minister of interior affairs in jail, and a member of the parliament in jail. Enough!

Our prime minister’s case is still before the courts. I am not happy that this is happening in Israel, but I am praying that true justice and righteousness is exhibited in our court system. The truth must come out and I am not interested in a second prime minister of Israel going to jail. We have had a president in jail, a finance minister in jail, a minister of interior affairs in jail, and a member of the parliament in jail. Enough!

From our congregation in Jerusalem we ask you to join us in prayer for the following dear brothers and sisters: Gary, Melanie, Sarit, Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Hannah, young Gabriela, Zvi D. and Bathsheba, Jonathan B. and his wife Aviva and their new baby.

Pray for some dear friends, Rabbi Salt, and his family and Rabbi Hasselblad. They are both older and need protection and blessings.

I was asked by brothers and sisters of the Messianic congregation, Shoresh David (The Root of David) in Portland, Oregon, to pray for Portland. Anarchist elements have taken the center of Portland, OR, and turned it into chaos, and disorder. So, please pray for Portland, OR, and for our brothers and sisters in that city.

The coronavirus is threatening the economy of the world with a great recession and depression. Some of our major supporters have already lowered the amount of their support. They have done this not only toward Netivyah, but for all the ministries that they are supporting, and they are many. I would like to first ask you to pray about your part in supporting Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry.

Second, I would like for you who stand with us in prayer and financially to do your absolute best to stay on board with us and communicate. We realize that times will be hard for several years, but we also realize that God has chosen and blessed you for such a time as this.

Third please pray for a new project that we are starting in Israel in partnership with the Houses for Healing ministry from Abilene, Texas.

The aim is to provide hospitality for families of critically ill patients who are hospitalized in one of Jerusalem’s hospitals and who have no means to stay in hotels while their family members are in the hospitals.

This is a critical need especially in these days when there are hundreds of men and women who are in the Coronavirus ICU units for weeks and even months.

We need your prayer and your help to make this a meaningful and significant blessing both to the sick and to their families.

I wish all of you, who stand with Israel and who pray for Jerusalem, the best of the Lord’s blessings and the fulfillment of all His promises to His faithful children. Those who hear God and do His will are the ones who are called wise! Those who only hear His word and don’t do it are called foolish! Let us all strive to be wise and never foolish! The best is yet to come!

May the Lord God of Israel and the grace of Yeshua, our messiah, king, teacher, rabbi, and lord be with you all!

Joseph Shulam

Netivyah Prayer Wall

“Please pray for my husband-to-be Matthew and myself, for us to work together better and communicate with each other better. Pray that we will learn to forgive each other, and for the Lord's guidance and protection over us and my son. Please pray for us to stick together no matter what, for us to draw near to God, and for God to help us to control our tongue and anger.”

Cheyanne F.

“Minha teshuva.”

Zila F.

“Please pray for my family and my daughter to be healed during these tough times.


“Please pray that I can get married without anyone interfering and trying to break us apart.”

Asheen S.

“Please pray that I can propose to Katie K. soon and that I get this permanent promotion at PNG that I recently applied for, as soon as possible. Please pray for healing for my dad's hip, and for my mom from cancer, and for my sciatic nerve. Thanks!”


Kindly pray for my son Chuong (Mitzvot) who is suffering from severe fever, diarrhea and vomiting.”

Michael G.C.T.

“Please pray for me, I am under spiritual attack. My husband prayed for me and he heard chanting, moaning and then he saw a witch. He told her she couldn’t have me because I am a child of God. She asked, where will I go? He said I don’t know but you can’t stay here. He prayed her away. I have been getting stronger and stronger, however; lately I have been hearing her voice.”

Aretta W.

“I'd like to ask you to pray for my family and for my service to God. I would like to serve to God, but I don't know what I can do.”

Daniel R.

“Please pray for myself, my daughter Chloe, and my son Greg to have truly good lifelong friends.”


“Please pray for healing for Tish and Evy. May God continue to heal the land and bring us all peace. Pray for financial assistance for my family. Also, please pray for my daughter Sent and my niece Elise to continuously become closer to God. Please prayer also for my career advancement, and for good health for my whole family.”

Jennifer S.

“Please pray for protection for Tiffany from sickness, that no weapon formed against her will prosper, and may all evil plans be overturned back to their senders, in Jesus name, Amen.”

Tiffany K.

“Please, I need prayer to cure insomnia. My life is the Lord's. I want to rest on Him.”


“I have been suffering with issues surrounding my mental health. As a result, I have been admitted several times to a psych hospital. At present I am struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for healing. Thanks, Yaakov.”


“Please pray for the healing of the land, especially with this COVID-19 pandemic. May all the people be bound with peace and share the kingdom of love, not violence. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to come down, enlighten us, and give us the gifts to share to one another. I am also requesting to please pray for God to give me direction and vision on where I have to go in terms of career. May my family continue to work together in prayers and spreading the Kingdom of God. Please pray for my daughter to grow up with the guidance of Yeshua and to be able to balance her life. Lastly, please include in your prayers for our finances to be blessed, and for a fruitful spiritual life with Yeshua, and peace.”

Jennifer S.

“Please pray that I can propose to Katie K. soon and that I get this permanent promotion at PNG that I recently applied for, as soon as possible. Please pray for healing for my dad's hip, and for my mom from cancer, and for my sciatic nerve. Thanks!”


“I ask for prayer for deliverance for myself and my families.

Josue J.

“Please pray for my family to receive a revelation regarding the Torah and the need of the restoration of the Church of Yeshua.”

Arthur D.Q.

“Please pray for humanity, so that we can return to normal activities and lives be saved from the death of the virus, depression, despair, unemployment and loneliness. And also for me, for healing from the strong inflammation in my neck, in the left amygdala.”

Gabriel F.

“Pray that God will bless me with 10,000 dollars to pay my bills and my rent. I need my unemployment benefits money to come through.”

Shereese C.

“Please pray that our family grows and has a stronger intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for physical and emotional healing for my husband, myself, and our children. Pray that God grants us favor with the judge, attorneys, employers, man, and debtors. Pray for wisdom, provision, and finances to pay the debt and purchase our new home. Pray for good studying habits, comprehension, and understanding. Pray for deliverance and healing for the clients that work I with. Pray that God will perfect my husband and me in a job, and that we will grow more within our church. Pray for salvation for my siblings. Pray for healing for my mom, for deliverance, and that God touches her husband's heart to start tithing. Pray that God delivers me from procrastination, supernaturally gives me good studying habits, wisdom, recall and memory of all the information I studied for my National Counseling Examination on May 20, 2020. That I may pass. In Jesus's name.

Evelyn B.

“I'm Joshua from India, I'm working in a construction company. I want to start my own company. Please pray that I can get good sites for construction with good customers, and that HaShem might guide me in right path. Pray that I might get experienced workers as well. That I might not have any financial problems. Please pray for me.

Joshua A.

“Please pray for us, we are a family of four living in Egypt as refugees. It is risky to practice Judaism. I recently became a Messianic believer. Please pray for my faith to grow strong.

Luke G.

“Please pray for me for direction and guidance, for joy and enthusiasm to come back into my life. I want to feel excited or at least happy about life again.


“I live in Italy and my girlfriend lives in Bulgaria, one week ago I proposed to her, and then suddenly this coronavirus emergency exploded in the world, especially in my country. Now for risk of infecting others I don't know when I will be able to meet her again, and how will we manage to get married. I am extremely depressed from this situation and others, as I also don't like my job and am looking to find a new one. I would love if you could pray for me and my girlfriend to sort this out.”

Cristiano P.

“Please please pray my mental and physical health. I have had mental illness for eight years.”

Deepak G.

“I am an Eritrean refugee living in Tel Aviv. My prayer request is about getting a permanent visa or an Israeli passport to live and travel as a citizen.”

Gabrihiwot F.

“Please pray for God to soften and touch the heart of Damianus A.”


“Please pray for a community of like-minded believers where I will fellowship. I am based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa. I believe in the Hebrew teachings of Yeshua and the reverential worship of Yahuwah our Creator. Joining a community of believers of the same faith will be a great blessing. Thank you for praying for me.”

Beatrice T.

Please pray for my business as I start new income streams, that Yeshua will bless me with success, good customers, and good revenue.

Aurora G.

“Please pray for spiritual and emotional maturity for Daniel. He starts college Monday. May he use his time well and study hard. I ask that Abba draw Daniel close.”

“I pray for Australia, that the Most High will send rain to put out the fires, I pray for the thousands of people who have lost everything and have become homeless, I ask for all the souls that inhabit Australia to make their return to God. I ask for Chile that God take control of this country, that the chaos and vandalism end, that all these souls turn to God in sincere repentance. I ask for Israel and all the people of Israel in Israel and scattered throughout the world, to make sincere repentance, and believe in Yeshua the Messiah, in His saving, redemptive and intercessory work.”

Maria L.S.

“Please pray for my situation and the sadness and loneliness that sometimes come over me as a result. Pray that good will come, and true fellowship.


“Shalom. I have been struggling with my health and finances for many years now. I'm seeking God earnestly and want to find His will for my life. My family is not where they should be with Yeshua. Can you please pray for us? Sometimes our hardship seems overwhelming. Thank you so much. Shalom.”

Simcha M.

“Please pray for deliverance from lust and all evil inclinations of attacks, temptations, and strongholds sexually.”

Kenya W.

“I would like prayer for my family and for my finances.

Josiel D.S.

“Please pray for my mother, Francesca, for  liberation, healing, for her heart, for her psyche, for salvation, for her soul, for her name to be written in the book of life, covered by the blood of Jesus. Pray for Easter, for liberation, for psychological healing, for salvation, for the fullness of protection of the Holy Spirit. Pray for Rocco, for healing, for his psyche, his soul, for his salvation, for coverage and protection. Pray for Sue, for liberation, for her heart, for healing, for wisdom of the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of her soul, for her name to be written in the book of life. Pray for Rixy, for the fullness of salvation.”

Michele M.

“Please pray for healing, deliverance, and supernatural protection for my mother, Pearl Agnes W. Please pray against urinary tract infections, and pray that her nursing home will care for the problem properly. 

Kenya W.

“Pray for Tom B. to be healed, for strength for his body at this time.

Kenya W.

“Our ministry is called ‘Espaço Torah’ and I ask you to please pray for our work. We teach people to love Israel and we teach Yeshua's Torah. Please pray for the growth of our community, for our health, and for the prosperity to maintain our work here. Please protect us with prayer, covering us, so that we can be closer to Israel.”

Cristina F.D.C.B.

“Please pray with me for a baby. I have been trying get pregnant for some years. Once I got pregnant, but I miscarried. My only hope is the Lord.”

“Please pray for our spiritual life. That Lord Yeshua may leave us His peace; may the restoration of Jewish roots become a reality in our city and nation. Peace!

Alexandre S.

“Please pray for Marjatta, a supporter of Netivyah from Finland. She has breast cancer.”

“Please pray that God will grant me a good job that will provide for my household. Please try that God will not give my divine helpers peace until they do all that God has instructed them to do for me. Pray that God will grant favor for myself and my household. Pray that God will bless Sierra Leone, West Africa, in a way and manner He has never done before.”

Hinga A.L.

“Please pray that I will not lose my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Li C.

“Pray that I may be an instrument in the hands of God and Jesus, bringing the word of salvation to the people who are without direction. May I have wisdom, health, and prosperity to make the work of Jesus a reality in the life and family of people. May God grant me a fruitful and blessed ministry in season and out of season.”

“Please pray for blessing to have a shelter for the poor, for women and children. Pray for blessing for a big operation to care for widows and orphans wherever. Pray for help and care for a ministry to handicapped people. Pray for blessing and empowerment to get my parents, George and Pearl, out of a nursing home, with provisions taken care of, to care for them in my home.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for my family, church, and for a job opportunity to care for my family.

Paulo D.L.

“Please pray for supernatural restoration, Kingdom work, and increase to be upon my pastoral ministry. Pray for blessings of supernatural increase to be on my stock increments.”

Kenya W.

“I need your prayers for healing, deliverance and salvation, because of the spiritual warfare which is going on in my life.”


“Please pray for my rabbi and assembly in Victorville, CA. For all financial needs to be filled, for all the equipment to be updated, and for the broadcasting network be used by God to reach all the world. Amen!

Baruchyah B.Y.

“Please pray for these areas of my life: for me and my family to live holy lives, for breakthrough with a job opportunity, for deliverance from the powers of darkness, for blessing for the children in my family, and for financial breakthroughs.”

Samson S.

“Please pray for my family, wife Cilla and newborn Aliyah, to be healthy, safe, and strong. And for a friend from Belfast, Andrew R., passed away last Shabbat. May he rest in peace.

Anderson P.A.

“Please pray for these family members: Omana, Prasannal, Mary, John, Suni, Abija, Prasadh, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy. Pray for them for growth in their spiritual lives, divine holiness, divine unity, divine blessing, divine prosperity, divine protection, divine healing, fire anointing. Pray against witchcraft, the devil , and all plans to destroy, both indirectly and directly.
1. For Omana: for a brain stroke, head, heart , soul, mind, body, good blood circulation, good eyesight, divine long life, for freedom from financial problems, divine blessing, and divine protection.
2. For a family blessing for John, Suni, and Abija. For John’s music, for fasting for prayer team extension, divine blessing, divine protection, divine prosperity, and reunion.
3. For Prasannal and Mary: Divine blessing, divine protection, freedom from financial problems, for a job promotion for Mary.
4. For my soul, mind, body, fire anointing, good eyesight, divine blessing, divine protection, and freedom from financial problems.
5. For my family - Kanakam, Asish, Blessy, for God’s touch, heart fire anointing, divine love, divine unity, and divine protection.
6. For my job as a postal minister. For an increased salary, my post office extension, divine blessing, and divine protection.
7. For my family house extension, for divine blessing and protection on maintenance and the prayer room building works.
8. For my family property - divine blessing, divine protection, divine prosperity.
9. For Grace Prayer Team , for God’s divine blessing, divine protection, and for growth.
10. For God’s touch on the hearts of Arnachlam and Antony Ammal, and for fire anointing.
11. For God’s answer for the prayer request which was longing.
12. Pray for the elections in India, for God to choose the right Prime Minister and MPs, and establish the right government according to His will.

Kumaravel P.

“Please pray for my family - my wife, my children, and my daughter, for guidance in faith in our Savior.

Paulo C. M.D.L.

“In need of direction from Hashem, and of wholeness to integrate myself into His greater will.

James P.

“Pray for me to own modern houses in different countries.”

Mshauri M.

“We ask HaShem to complete His plan in our family. We need a place to live. Now we share my dad's house. I want to start homeschooling with my four children and I need my husband's agreement and help. Pray for God to guide my husband to bring Torah to our home. We need to go to a place for our congregational community.

Limara D.

“I am a non-Israeli citizen who recently got pregnant in Israel. I have no health assistance, no family support, and no friends I can share about my situation with. I am a believer, while the baby's father is a Jew with complicated life circumstances, coming from an orthodox family.
Please pray for us, for guidance from the Holy Spirit on the right choices. Thank you.


“I ask for prayer for my family, ministry, and financial life. And may I return to the laws of the Eternal.”

Douglas P.

“Please pray that I will not lose my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Li C.

“Please pray for my husband KC to find a job.

Margaret D.

“I am praying to be able to experience Passover with a Jewish family this month.”

Gregory K.

“Pray for Israel.

Simone B.

“My husband, Chris, grew up with abuses, betrayals, and hurts. Chris suffers from anxiety and depression but refuses to get therapy. Please pray for Chris to choose to turn to God. I am desperate and tired from the constant emotional turmoil.”

Judy M.

“Please pray that I will not lose my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Li C.

“Shalom! I ask everyone to pray for Brazil. Yesterday, an attack took place at a school where two young men entered and killed some students and staff, and then killed themselves. May our God comfort the heart of the families.”

Gabriel S.

“Please continue to pray for our daughter, Michele, as she continues treatment for breast cancer and commences a six-week course of radiotherapy. Pray also for our grandsons, Travis, Luke, Ryan and Alex, as they continue their university and school studies.”

Glennys R.

“I have a baby brother who needs the healing of God. He has trouble in his eyesight, and also has trouble in moving his body properly. God is helping him, and more and more we can see the difference in his situation, but we need more improvement. Please pray for my baby brother, Yagin.”

Adi K.

“Please pray for a ministry called Global Empowerment.”

Kenya W.

"Please pray for me to find a place to tithe, for an open door to start a messianic meeting, and for my relationship with my daughter."

De Wayne D.

"Pray for blessing to have a large outreach to help the orphans and widows, to have a women's/ children's shelter for particularly domestic problems, and to establish a shelter for the poor."

Kenya W.

"Please pray for my spiritual life, my family, and my job."

Murilo R.

"Please pray for the families of Brumadinho, Brazil. Human tragedy is very large. We are grateful to Israel for the humanitarian aid provided by their army."


"Please help me pray for Yeshua to help me with an urgent need to purchase land at an affordable price to build a home."

Lael B.A.

"Please pray for Chris. He is from Chapel Hill, NC and he has thyroid cancer. Thank you."

"Please pray for my 3 daughters, pray that they will do well in this school year and that they will pass their exams at school. Pray also for my son for protection at his work, and for my 4 grandchildren to grow up to be beautiful souls and become spiritual. Please pray for my mother, she is suffering from a lot of back pain, and because of this pain she cannot sleep."

Diantha B.

"I got divorced after 24 years of marriage. Lost my job around that time as well. Please pray God to provide work so I can feed my 3 kids. I need guidance as to where to move since my rent is way too high."

Anida V.

"Ask for guidance from haShem. Also that the b'nei anussin may return to the land of Israel."

Diego B.

"Please pray for the complete restoration of sight in my left eye that has been diagnosed with retinal detachment after i had my cataract surgery done on Dec. 5th, 2017. Please pray also for total freedom from hemodialysis which I have to undergo 3 times a week because of lack of kidney functioning in both my kidneys… have been doing this since Jan. 2016."

Rev. Isaac V.P.

"Please pray for physical healing, salvation, and peace for my parents, Luis Kiyoshi H. and Luis Matiko H., and for Mauro Akira H. and family. Thanks."

Agnaldo H.

"Prayers for help walking with the Lord."

Leonardo L.

"I've been praying several years for what I call the red book prayers. I've listed hopes in a small red binder. A dear friend of mine who has since gone to be with God, a retired Minister anointed the binder in prayer and we've believed together for the answer. It has been quite awhile since he passed from this life into the eternal. I'd love to request prayer that these requests listed be answered in the affirmative."

John P.

"Shalom my family in Jesus Christ! Please sustain me in your prayers about my marriage! I am 39 years old and 17 years ago I was born again, and I still pray to be blessed with a man, with a family!"

Cristina E.

"Please pray for good jobs for God's people. Please pray for children. May we know languages perfectly, above and beyond. May we go home well."

"Please pray that G-d will give my son Edward wisdom and purpose for his life."


"My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We have 10 years of marriage. I've been struggling with the fact that I may never get pregnant. So I'm begging you to pray for a child for us, or that I may be at peace if we can't. Thank you!!!"

Sandra G.

“I need prayer for my son Joel. Please pray for salvation - he is in depression too.”

Sergio F.

“Please pray for our struggles as a family. My husband is very ill and suffers a lot of pain, we need to worship and praise God more, he finds it hard. Also our daughter is disobedient, we homeschool, she is not very willing to learn.

Christina S.

“Please pray that I can propose to Katie K. soon and that I get this permanent promotion at PNG that I recently applied for, as soon as possible. Please pray for healing for my dad's hip, and for my mom from cancer, and for my sciatic nerve. Thanks!”


I ask for prayer for my life in all areas and that God in his infinite goodness and mercy will answer my request, something that I ask every day that was rooted in my heart.

Joabe O.D.J.

“Please pray for my health, finances, family, work, and relationships.”

José F.S.S.

“Please pray for my family, we seem to have a witch or someone assigned to us, who constantly sends religion, theology, etc. at us.

Ovidio G.

“Please pray for my parents in Brazil, for my state, Rio Grande do Sul, that faces extreme drought, rain, floods, and cold. And for my city Novo Hamburgo. Also for people and nations.

Cllarice P.

“I ask for prayer for something that is rooted in my heart and every day I ask for our God, and I ask for prayer for my life in all areas.”

“I would like to request for prayers about restoration of our little congregation that is struggling to affiliate itself with a Messianic Jewish congregation.”

Buayh M.

“Please pray for me to have a very good job and many business contracts, for my home and household, for my family to be under God's permanent protection, and for us to eat of God's blessing everyday of our lives. In Jesus' mighty name we pray, amen.”

Hinga A.L.

“I ask for prayer please, for salvation for my children Victor, Giamluca, and Valéria.”

Marcos J.

“Please pray protection for Tiffany from sickness, for the restoration of her appetite, and for healing for her stomach, her eye infection, skin disorders, hair loss, unhealthy weight, and anxiety. Pray for protection for Tiffany against witchcraft. No weapon formed against Tiffany will prosper, in Jesus’ name. Pray that the Lord Jesus will cover Tiffany in His blood, and hide her under His wings.

Tiffany K.

“I ask for prayer because as a child witchcraft was done against my family to destroy my parents' marriage and to disrupt my life.”

Joabe O.D.J.

“Please pray for deliverance from evil tormenting spirits, that accuse me and others constantly.”


“Please pray for protection for Grace and Tiffany from evil attacks, enemy attacks, rituals, human sacrifice, witchcraft, illuminati. Pray for our health, weight loss, anxiety, depression, poor concentration, unhealthy weight, stomach sickness, halitosis, sinus infections, hair loss, poor appetite, toothache. God bless.

Grace W.

Please pray for me to be healed from diabetes.”

Reijo L.

“Please pray for me that I will soon be able to immigrate to Israel, under the Naale plan from Ukraine, that I will find all the documents needed, that I will respect my parents, and that I can visit the synagogue in my city in Kharkov.”

Dan N.R.

“Please pray that I can propose to my girlfriend soon and that I get the permanent promotion that I recently applied for as soon as possible.”

Fredrick T.

“Please pray that HaShem will give me new direction for my life, my projects in the Body of Christ, and in my private life, professional and financial. For my children, that God will encounter and rescue them.”

Abigail S.

“Please pray for my health, finances, family, work, and relationships.”


“Please pray for financial breakthrough.”

Chava Y.

“Pray for the safety of my children Esther-Estrella L., Menachem-Yechonathan L. and my grandchildren who live in the Netherlands. Also pray for my children Meirav-Carmenzia L. and Tzophia-Moriah Helena L. in Aruba. Pray for their safety. Also pray for my mother Bathyah-Bernadinah S. Pray for our health. Thank You.”

Diantha B.

“Pray for L., an atheist who has been showing intense hatred towards Christians, that he can overcome all misunderstandings about Jesus  and meet the Holy Spirit.”


“Please pray for Francesca S. of Rome, for liberation, for healing of the tricuspidal valve of the heart, for the psyche, for salvation, for soul protection, to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, for fullness of the Holy Spirit. Pray for Paschal M., for healing of his psyche, for salvation, for soul protection coverage. Pray for Rocco M., Antonia M., Rosa M., Concetta M., Salvatore M., Paschal S., Michele S., Antonio C., Michele S., Michele C., and for myself for liberation, healing of the heart and psyche, for fullness of the Holy Spirit, for wisdom, for fire, power, revelation, knowledge of Jesus Christ, blessing in marriage, and for fullness of the Holy Spirit in Christ.”

Michele M.

“Please pray for healing for my husband Conrad. He is recovering from major surgery. Please pray for me as well. Last week I was told I have endometrial cancer and will need surgery and possibly other treatments.”

Danielle E.

“Please pray for me. I wish I could come home to Israel. I was born in the United States and I'm sick of living here. I want to come home.”

Jeremiah B.A.

“Please pray regarding the passing of my mother, Pearl Agnes W., as the funeral is in a few days. Pray for blessings and comfort in mourning. Pray that her body will be able to be transferred back to Trinidad, and not cremated.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray that God will give me wisdom in ministry, and that He will bless my family.”

Anderson M.D.A.

“Please pray for my son Levi to be healed of his addiction to drugs, and for God to bring division between him and anyone evil. Let God's will be done in his life. Also pray for God to help him get a job and give him favor. Please pray for my daughter Rebecca, pray that she gains her financial independence and gets a good paying job and is successful, and pray that God prepares a man of God for her future. And please pray for protection - she lives in a big city alone - in the name of Jesus. Please pray that I get financially stable. That I'll have many rentals houses, so I could rent rooms to people that need affordable living, so I could continue to do my art with people that need art.”

Stella O.

“Please pray for me, I'm 23 years and I have no more strength to continue walking. My aunts and uncles did witchcraft works on my life and my family, it almost destroyed our lives and the marriage of my parents.


“Please pray for the appearance of my body.

Anders V.

“Please pray for God to provide me with a better vehicle in 2020, that my love with Jackline M. will be fruitful, and that the Lord will open for me opportunities for earning money.”

Musubaho S.

“Please pray for Sarah, she is the kindest and sweetest person, with a great heart for God and people. Sarah started residency in the new hospital, and Sarah's supervisor is treating her badly. This is spilling over onto rest of the team, because the supervisor is a powerful woman.

“Please pray for the life of Thiago, Nicolle, and her premature baby Daniel. Especially for Daniel's health.

Cássio C.

“Please pray for my marriage, for God to give me the grace to respect and love my spouse. Please pray for my husband to be promoted spiritually and financially in his job. Pray that I pass my counseling examination. Please pray for family emotional and physical healing. Pray for a supernatural miracle to purchase our home, and that the one in Florida will come out of foreclosure. Pray for deliverance from debt, student loans, judgments, and liens. Pray for direction, insight, wisdom, provision, prosperity, favor, open doors of opportunities, increase in finances, and grace for the calling on my life and ministry. Pray for a healthier relationship with my in-laws. Pray for healing in my eyes, heart, kidneys, bladder, and liver.”


“Please pray for my father, George W., to be delivered from demonic activity and from works of darkness, and for him to become a believer.

Kenya W.

“Please pray for my family, for health and spiritual life to serve the Eternal works.

Jonas S.

“Please pray for me to get a new job.

Thilak M.

“Please pray over my husband, Cory, who is has been overcome with depression, self-condemnation, and anxiety. Please pray for the Spirit to come back down on him, for the Father to move in him, for him to find his closeness to Yeshua again, and to be released from the fear that has overtaken his life.


“Please pray for the protection of my husband, Vinod, and children Shweta, Henna, and Israt from all harm, all evil, accidents, and illness. Please pray that they have a long and healthy life. Thank you.

Sony M.

“Please pray for the removal of all negative influence, all the works of the enemy, and all negative speech. Pray for the removal of my involvement in astrology and horoscopes. Pray for the removal of all curses, hexes, harms, and negative forces. Pray for the removal of my money problem and my marriage problem, and pray for my protection and my health.

James D.

“I am praying for Israel. Please pray for me. I am always longing to be part of a Messianic Congregation. I am deeply saddened by the replacement theology deeply rooted in the Christian churches or the very least, the indifference of the churches to the Jews. I am currently in Wroclaw, Poland. Please pray I can find a Messianic Congregation near me. Thanks.


“Pray that the light of the Messiah's Kingdom will come so strong upon all the earth, and people will recognize that there is a God. That they will have sympathy for Israel.

Jose P.

“My ancestors, surname Sandoval, were Sephardic Jews in Spain. They were killed, converted to Christianity, or moved to Portugal and other countries. I'm living in Sweden now, but I feel I need to travel to Spain and Portugal, and meet my brothers and sisters in the faith there. Please pray for me and my travel to these countries. YHWH is good, and going to fulfill everything He promised. Hallelujah.

Oscar S.M.

“Please pray for Indonesia to have open diplomacy with Israel. Pray that Messianic congregations from Jerusalem will have branches in many cities in Indonesia. Pray that I and my family can visit Israel's land, and be citizens of Israel.”

Alfie M.A.

“My name is Rosangela. My husband and I are unemployed, please pray to our God that He will have mercy and allow us to have a financial income. We have four children. We are from Brazil. We love Israel. We pray for peace in Israel. We love and obey Torah.

Rosangela C.

“Prayer for the restoration of a friendship for C and A, in my haste I caused pain and hurt, and am seeking forgiveness and the chance to rebuild, God says to put Him to the test as nothing is impossible, I feel what man can't do God can.


“Please pray for me to experience the supernatural realities of Jesus Christ, and also experience the supernatural realities of being born from above supernaturally.”

Agnes M.

“Please pray that I will not lose my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Li C.

“Please pray for me. I'm 61 years old. I have muscular dystrophy. I have three children. I have great pleasure in the knowledge of the Torah, and may my children also have that pleasure.

Eliseu M.

“I'm not doing well, please pray for me.”

Haim C.

“Please pray for spiritual guidance regarding my family, and my place in the church.

Paulo M.D.L.

“We started Mjoies Christian Marriage Bureau, and we need prayer support to start this work. One of our properties is on sale, but every time, due to some reason, it does not sell. Please pray for this. And our church work is not growing, we need financial help. Please pray for this. That God supply all our needs according to His will.

Pastor Pawan S.

“Pray for blessing to relocate with wisdom from MI to CA, to serve on Shabbat and to be with Rabbi Yah.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for Carolina G. She is a young mother, and she has a strange medical condition, with tachycardia and a high level of white blood cells, and doctors do not know why. Thank you.

Sergio F.

“Please pray for my family and for spiritual guidance for myself.”

Paulo Cesar M.D.L.

“Please pray for Hong Kong.”

“Please pray for favor for me as a truck driver to be employed, despite accidents on my report. Please pray that I will be able to not work on weekends because of keeping Shabbat.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for financial supply and favor to own a tractor truck.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for my sons Agustin and Joel, they are in UK and need work.”

Sergio F.

“ Please, please pray that I would get closer to God, that I would let go of the things of this world, and seek Him with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind."

LaToya S.

“Please pray for me to have a 4-5 bedroom home to take care of parents. Please pray for a Messianic Jewish bride as a soul mate. Please pray for guidance and provision to take care of my parents, George and Pearl."


“Pray for Anthony S. to be humbled by God, please pray against child molestation and homesexuality."


“Please pray for freedom from fear, anxiety, oppression, mental obsession, and agoraphobia. Pray for the purification of my soul, spirit and body, and for the healing of my heart and psyche. Pray for fullness of the Spirit. Pray for holy revelation and for the knowledge of Jesus. Pray for blessing on my marriage with my wife Rixy, and for the salvation of her mother, Francesca. Pray for freedom, healing, and salvation for Paschal, and for Antonia, Rosa, and Concetta."

Michele M.

“Please pray for the projects, that I put in the presence of God, that are related to publications on various Messianic topics.”

Rocio C.

“I ask prayer so that I can keep the Shabbat fully. Right now I work five hours on Saturday. I pray for the Lord to give me conditions for me to keep Saturday holy, literally.”

Vagner L.

“Please pray for liberation from fear, anxiety, oppression, mental obsession, and agoraphobia. Pray for purification from the precious blood of Jesus, revelation, knowledge of Jesus, fullness of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, and protection. Pray for the salvation of my wife, Rixy, and my mother, Francesca. Please pray for Rocco, Brescia, Antonia, Rosa, Concetta, Salvatore, and Ivan.”

Michele M.

“Please pray for Edward my son, that he my find a job.”


“Please pray for my 65-year-old mother, Premamma, who went missing on June 8th, 2017. Pray that the police officers will investigate properly and righteously. They are delaying the investigation. Please pray for my mother to come back home safely as well.”

Samuel B.S.

“I ask for prayers so that I can find a Jewish Messianic community in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, and that HaShem can open a door at my job for me to have time to congregate in the community, because I need to practice Shabbat. Shalom!”

Gustavo S.

"Please, I ask everyone to pray for me so I can get a job. God bless you all."

Gabriel F.

"Please pray for P. A., that God can restore our relationship."

Trufeli T.

"Please pray for release from egoism and egocentrism for myself."


"Beyla, the granddaughter of a friend that had a massive seizure in the evening on 1 December is having a couple of major surgeries this week - the first one is tomorrow, Monday morning. Please pray for Beyla, the doctors and nurses taking care of her and her family. Beyla is only 8 years old."

Ruby L.

"Please pray for our governments, Christmas. Also men and women."

Simon B.

"Pray for my relationship."

Fábio C.

"Please, pray that my children Sarah, Anne-Fleur, Michiel, and Roderik may know Yeshua as their Lord."


"I ask for prayer for the salvation of my family, for my country Brazil, and for the salvation of lives!"

Tenisia S.

"Please pray for Juhani and his full recovery from surgery."


"Kindly pray for my elder brothers, S. Amuldhas and C. Daniel, to free them of depression, tension and alcohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their business work and achieve all success. Also pray for them for a good and healthy family life. May God pour all blessings to them."

Chellappa A.

"Pray for complete healing and restoration of my thyroid and my teeth. Wisdom for my doctor and dentist to do no harm. I would prefer that Yehovah perform a miracle and restore my teeth so that I will not need any root canals, remove leaking amalgams, and heal my thyroid that may be the cause of my cracking teeth. Thyroid medication has not helped only made symptoms worse. Also, the Lord's wisdom and guidance in handling our car accident settlement."

G. Z.

"Please pray for my grandson Darson who is 18 years old and has been involved with drugs since he was 14. He both uses drugs and sells them. He keeps overdosing, wanting to end his life, and is now past reasoning. Please pray that Yeshua will reveal Himself to him, and deliver him from all addictions. That He will break all curses in his life and heal him, and make a new creation of him. The whole family is suffering. They are all self-professing atheists and all need an encounter with Yeshua the Messiah. Please pray for them all."


"Please skill and prosper us. May all go amazingly and awesomely in our lives. Be Jehovah to us. May we hear from Jehovah. Do all You love Lord God. Make us godly talkers and speakers. Loving Jehovah. May we win everything and full scholarships for us. Pray for speaking engagements."


“Pray for my mother, Suely, and myself, for God to bless us... in all our causes.”


“Pray for help to get out of my financial debts. And help for my daughter get in married.”


David S.

“Pray to the Lord our God for harmony in my marriage. My wife and I have been distant from each other. Please Adonai, restore my family. But be done thy will above all.”

Rafael M.

“Fresh anointing of God. I want to get closer in my relationship with God. I hope for long life and good health. Help me to understand His word so I can be a better teacher. Touch my body with total healing. Deliver me from being a hoarder. Pray for Eric to be set free from depression, need God to heal him, heal his eyes , and for a lawyer get his case complete, with the amount God desires for him to get from a car accident a year ago. God open doors for a job for him. God keep and protect all 3 of my sons, give them favor, and may they get closer to God. Deliver my brother Ronald from drugs. Help me to be a better steward. Help me to forgive all that hurt me.”

Selma J.

“Pray for pardon for the people of Brazil for the Brazilian government's stance against Israel in the last decades; pray for my company to have new jobs and generate income to support my family and generate new jobs for others; and pray for for Israel and Brazil to be strong allies.”


Osorio T.

“Please pray that I would be connected to the right people in Israel, and around the world, to establish a Messianic Moshav in Israel. Please also pray for unity and love; good health, long life, and the financial freedom to quickly establish the Moshav. Todah Rabah.”

Rachael D.V.

“Pray for all my relatives.”

Jose O.

“Please pray for my son to overcome drugs, get baptized, find a job, and get married to a good woman of God. Todah Rabah.”

Rosa M.

“Please pray for our daughter Michele who is going through a stressful time with her health and requires surgery, also for her husband Heath and sons Ryan and Alex.”

Michele S.

“Please pray strongly for the restoration of my marriage. Please pray strongly to remove all the bad characters who are trying to separate us. Please pray strongly so that we will be blessed with a baby boy. Please pray for us to lead a happy married life together with our children till our death. Please pray that my husband will start speaking with me lovingly, and will show much more love, care, empathy, sympathy, compassion and passion towards me as his wife.”

Deepa S.

“My prayer request is healing for my husband, Luis, my oldest brother, Alfredo, and sister in Messiah, Ester. Alfredo and Ester can't walk. My husband's tendons and joint are inflamed and could hardly walk. Thank you for your prayers.”

Celia B.

“I need guidance in my life. I don’t know what to do with my life.”

Ana Larissa L.C.

“Please pray for my daughter Michele, who is battling breast cancer, and for her friend Tracy, who has breast cancer and is having surgery for tomorrow, the 13th of August.”

Michele S.

“Please pray for my job change, for my debts to be cleared, and for my parents’ health.”

Anand K.

“My prayer request is for financial blessings upon my life, to enable me to take good care of my family and complete the family house I started in 2012.”

Ernest A.

“I ask for prayers for my finances. When I lived in the world I had many possessions, I was very rich. When I met Yeshua, I dropped everything and ended up losing my retirement. Today I have many debts and I can not work anywhere. I love studying Torah, but I can not afford a course. I ask for prayers for the mercy of the Lord for my wife, children, mother, mother-in-law, and brothers.”

Marcelo A.

“Please pray that God will soon open the spiritual eyes of my family - my Mom, Dad, and two brothers. Turn our hearts to Him and away from worthless things. Remove every obstacle, and the Devil's scheme to stop my family knowing Him as our Savior. Thank you and God bless you.”

“I would like to ask for prayer to be strengthened spiritually by Yeshua the Messiah, so that I may grow in His grace and knowledge, overcome the trials and temptations that arise, and that I may be a channel of Ruach Hakodesh (the Holy Spirit) to restore souls to Yeshua.”


“Please pray for Christians in China, that their faith can be purified during persecution. Please pray for my family in China, that God will open their spiritual eyes to understand who Yeshua is. Please pray for God's vision and strength for me to serve Him.”


“Pray for my mother Pearl N. W. to be healed/delivered from dementia and full Shalom of Her soul.”

Kenya W.

“Pray for blessing for my life and the life of my wife, Juliana. That we will grow in faith and in the knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His son Yeshua, today and everyday. Amen.”

Douglas M.

“Please pray for my health, the pain in my hips is intense and I can hardly walk. I also have pain in my spine. I have had emotional problems. Because of that I'm unemployed. My brother Israel is also unemployed. We need an intervention from the Lord, since only He can do the miracle we need.”

Alexandre S.

“Kindly pray for my son Emmanuel. He has autism and delayed speech. He is ten years old. He has recently become quite aggressive with mood swings. Pray for him to be restored, to sleep at night, to accept eating healthy food, to be friendly, to obey authority, and to start being gentle and kind to everyone around him. Thank you.”

Brian C.

“Pray for blessing to have a Jewish mate in the Messiah.

Kenya W.

“Please pray for miracle biological children for me and my wife Jessica, and if it is in God's will, for us to have our little beautiful foster girl back.”


“I pray God empower me with supernatural wisdom from Heaven and power to become wealthy and prosperous so I can be a blessing unto many nations.”

Peter O.O.

“Pray for blessing to get a degree as a Clinical Nutritionist. Pray for blessing to have a big outreach for orphans and widows. Pray for shelters for women, children, and the poor. Pray for blessing for a dream to have a Dollar store and church ministry building at a strip mall. Pray for a minister named A. Cartwright to be used for the Kingdom to transform lives through acquisition of wealth.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for the pain I feel in the gut.”

Alexandre S.

“Please pray for Mirian. She's from Uruguay and she has cancer. Thank you.”

Sergio F.

“Please pray for God to help me not to lose my salvation, my marriage, and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel.”

Li C.

“I need prayer to remove my neurological injuries, from Spirit-filled and Jewish believers of whom are the apple of God's eye.”

Walter D.

“Peace and protection for Israel, that Israel will come to believe in the Messiah Jesus Christ.”

Luiz S.

“Please pray for Eric M. and for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for God’s grace for Eric.”

Alfred B.

“To get the job in Houston, TX, that I interviewed for, really need it!”

Raul C.

“I would like to ask for prayer, because I am going through a difficult time.”

Lucas G.

“Please pray for my friend Stephanie, she is very weak physically. Pray that the Lord heals her from this weakening illness and sleeplessness which she has for 30 years already. Her stress regulator doesn't work which effects her immune system, hormones and nerves. Thank you very much.”


“My grandson Dominic got into an accident. He is 18 years old. He had a TBI and is currently in therapy. His father is a believer but his mother is not. He needs prayer for healing and salvation for him and his family. He is a young man and is becoming depressed. He wants to walk and use his left hand more. He has made great gains but not enough to be independent and bath himself or walk without assistance. Please pray for him and his mother. I need Prayer also because I can not carry this heavy burden. I have so much compassion for him but I am limited in my contact with him.”

Ven J.

“Please pray for my son Steven. He has court tomorrow for something he did not do. Yahweh will give him justice and bring the truth to the light. My son needs a second chance. Thank you so much.”

Rosa M.

“Pray for Walkiria Suruagy L.C., who received a brain cancer diagnosis.”

Ana Larissa L.C.

“I have been completely engrossed in the study of the Old Testament. I am so interested in attending a church that teaches on the Jewish roots. Please pray for God to lead me to the right place of worship.”


“Please pray for me, for my unemployment money (my claim is still open), for my health, for a new part-time job, and for freedom from persecution. Thanks.”

Paula A.

“Please pray for Maicol M. He is from Toronto, Canada, and he has prostate cancer. Thank you.”

Sergio F.

“Please pray for me, I am from an assimilated Dutch Jewish family. I believe in the Messiah and I serve Adonai, but in Holland I go to an Evangelical church. I try to find my way and survive Christian theology, however, I think differently. Sometimes I do not know what to do.”

Esther V.D.L.

“Please pray for energy and wellbeing. For deliverance, for good dreams and visions.”

Simone B.

“Please continue to pray for our daughter Michele as she starts on her chemotherapy journey for the next few months. Pray for me also to recover from a fall and injured hip, so I may be more help to my daughter and her family.”

Glennys R.

“Pray for physical healing for my son Mark.”

Sharon K.

“Please pray for God to heal our marriage, Kenneth J. S. and Annie S., my husband is incarcerated and we are going through great difficulty in our marriage. I want to honor God and I need Him to help us with His love and show my husband and I how to love each other. May God’s will be in my husband’s and in my life be done. May He remove all things and those who comes against our marriage.”

Annie S.

“Please pray for me to be empowered by the Ruach Kodesh to walk in character/conduct according to the Mitzvot applicable to me.”

Kenya W.

“Pray for our son Andy who does not know Jesus and needs a personal relationship with Jesus.”


“I ask you to pray for me and for my mother, so that the Eternal can give us a good job, and conditions to leave the dangerous place in which we live.”

Gabriel S.

“Pray with me for divine healing and a financial breakthrough in Jesus’ mighty name, amen and amen.”

Micky D.

“Please be praying for my elderly neighbor who is scheduled for bypass surgery on Monday.”

Ruby L.

“Please pray for my son Devinda that He will know the Lord Yeshua and accept Him as His Lord. He also needs healing for a damaged aorta and surgery is recommended.”

“For my uncle Lewis W. to be healed in his body from all infirmities, particularly a walking problem.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for the restoration of the marriage of Pascal A.and Tania T. Pray for liberation and salvation for Pascal A. and family. Pray for complete restoration, prosperity, and job opportunity. Pray for the release of all legal documentation in France. Pray for release from alcoholism for David A.”

“Please pray for me to be blessed to be married to a woman of Jewish background, saved in the Messiah.”

Kenya W.

“Please pray for God to heal our marriage, Kenneth J. S. and Annie S., my husband is incarcerated and we are going through great difficulty in our marriage. I want to honor God and I need Him to help us with His love and show my husband and I how to love each other. May God’s will be in my husband’s and in my life be done. May He remove all things and those who comes against our marriage.”

Annie S.

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