Blessing Messianic Soldiers in Israel This Purim

Happy Purim! Purim is a holiday that has several customs, the most important of which are: “Mishloach Manot” – everyone sends their neighbor or friend a small package of good things. Gifts for the poor – the commandment of generosity to the poor (tzedakah) gets a special emphasis on Purim. Celebration and rejoicing – it is customary to celebrate with parties, food and drink, with an emphasis on joy and dancing.

And of course the most important custom is to read the Book of Esther.

Yehuda Bachana with a coffee preparation kit care package for IDF soldiers.

One of the great lessons that I can learn from the Book of Esther is that historically, the Jewish people has gone through many times of catastrophe, but God always allows the people of Israel to blossom again, just like a green leaf that emerges from a tree stump.

The strength of the people of Israel is not limited to what you see on the surface, all of which a person can take, destroy, defile, break, and conquer. The hidden strength of the people of Israel is a God that dwells amongst us, the spirituality and the promise of God – which last forever.

Today, after 2000 years of exile, God has brought us, the people of Israel, back to the Promised Land. God has brought us back from the four corners of the earth, and with His help we have reestablished the state of Israel.

As Israelis, we developed a successful high-tech industry, a flourishing agricultural industry, and an army of the people – the IDF, designed to keep Israel from the forces of darkness that rise up to destroy it.

As Messianic Jews, Jews who believe in Yeshua, we are a part of all of the parts of Israeli society, including the army. The messianic soldiers stand out for their morality, their loyalty, their integrity, and their spirit of investment and volunteerism. These messianic soldiers are giving Yeshua a good name!

We here at Netivyah love and appreciate our soldiers, our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters. We constantly bring them before our Father in Heaven in prayer!

We have turned Purim into a holiday in which we bless all the messianic soldiers in Israel. Those soldiers who belong to the Messianic community in every city, village, and kibbutz in Israel.

Our main partner in this project is New Beginnings Church in Texas, led by Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch.

This year we are sending out 220 care packages (“Mishloach Manot”) to all the Messianic soldiers in Israel. The package itself is a coffee preparation kit, which includes a small gas camping stove and a metal coffee pot.

And of course we added packs of coffee, cookies, cakes, etc. Including a letter of blessing and prayer, and drawings, greetings, and prayers from the children of the community.

Children from our community wrote blessings to IDF soldiers.

A coffee preparation kit is an essential part of every military unit, since the coffee breaks serve as the “tribal bonfire”. This means that when coffee is on the stove, everyone will gather around it, soldiers and commanders alike, sharing coffee and a cookie, telling stories and preparing for the day.

Coffee breaks are an important social act, they are the glue that keeps the team together.

And we are happy that we can bless all the believing soldiers in Israel and remind them that many people around the world love them and pray for them regularly.

With blessings and the love of the Lord,

The Netivyah Staff

Watch a video below where Netivyah staff member Nancy Hook shares about this year’s Purim care package for Messianic soldiers:

Israel is at
Many soldiers need your help.

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