Mel Gibson’s film, ‘The Passion of the Christ,” has again raised the question, “Who killed Jesus?” This topic always raises a concern in the Jewish community. Historically, every time that Christians ask, “Who killed Jesus?” there is a wave of hate and persecution against the Jewish community. Jews are fearful with good reason when Christians… Read More

When they came to the place that is called The Skull, they crucified Jesus there. . . . Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” — Luke 23:33–34 In his classic Holocaust text, The sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal recounts the following experience. As a concentration camp prisoner, the monotony of… Read More

Netivyah has operated our Kol haYeshuah radio station for more than 10 years in Hebrew. After we started, some groups of Ultra-Orthodox extremists tried to stop our broadcasts three times by challenging the Minister of Information. They were not successful, however, because the radio waves are broadcast from outside of Israel’s borders. Kol haYeshuah reaches… Read More

Introduction: It should be noted that I am speaking of the orthodox camp and not of the ultra orthodox who have never recognized the state of Israel as a fulfillment of G-od’s prophetic promises to Israel. In the M.E. religion and politics have always been mixed and that is what makes our life so “interesting.”… Read More

In the light of the New Testament and the Ancient Jewish Literature It is interesting that the first story in the Acts of the Apostles after the account of Pentecost is happening in the entrance to the Jerusalem Temple. It seems to me that this is not an accidental order that Luke was just retelling… Read More

A certain Rabbi in Nashville, Tennessee was very worried about one of the main families in the synagogue because they had stopped coming to the services, The children stopped coming to the community center and they were for months and months out of contact with the congregation and with the community. But, the rabbi did… Read More

The first record of Jews in Sofia, Bulgaria, is from 811 A.D. Before that time the center of Jewish life, which has a continues existence in Bulgaria since the early days of the Roman Empire, was in the city of Viddin. Jews came to Sofia with the return of Krum, the victorious king, who brought… Read More

These questions were possed by two very good friends and Bible Scholars who have been rea/ding the commentary on the Book of Romans. I have seen this as an opportunity to put my answers on the Web Page so that others can get the benefit. Question 1: What is a Covenant? It is a contract!… Read More

Introduction “We are Jews by nature, and not sinners from among the Gentiles” (v. 15.) Galatians 2:15-21 is addressed to Jewish believers and speaks in a context of Jews who believe in Yeshua. The context is that of Messianic Jews. Paul reports on a confrontation between himself and Peter in Antioch when the Jewish believers… Read More

It is Shabbat morning in Rome, or Corinth, or Antioch, or Alexandria, or Ephesus or any number of other cities or towns throughout the empire, and wherever there were enough Jews to constitute a community, they would be assembled for prayer and study in the synagogues. For Saul of Tarsus, or Paul the Apostle as… Read More

This article addresses one of the key elements concerning the nature of Scripture as a sacred text: how it is inspired. To state its rather simple, yet indubitably challenging, thesis right at the beginning: our claim is that the “doctrine of Inspiration” is dependent upon a prior theory of hermeneutics which regards “Holy Writ” as… Read More

The word “Torah” has several meanings. It can as is well known represent the first five books of the Bible. Or in a more general way represent the whole of the Hebrew Scripture, including the prophets and the writings. For Rabbinic Jews it means all that the Rabbis ever taught. But Torah can also stand… Read More

The story of the Exodus from Egyptian slavery is the story of REDEMPTION and SALVATION. If you want to understand how G-od works the work of Salvation you must understand the Exodus story. The Feast of Passover is a feast given for Remembrance. I have come all the way from Jerusalem to help you remember… Read More

This topic was given to me by the editor of 21st. Century Christian. As a Jew who believes in Yeshua the Messiah I can easily ask the questions that many Jews have asked about Christianity for many centuries. The questions that are asked by Jews who do not believe that Yeshua is the Messiah are… Read More

Question 1 – Why is the term “Zionism” used for the first time in 1893, 111 years ago, and what is the significance of “Zionism” today? The Jewish people have been in exile since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD. During these years of exile, Jews were scattered all around the… Read More

The word “Halacha” comes from the Hebrew word, ללכת – “to walk.” It is a technical term used for the rules that govern Jewish religious life. The term “Halacha” is an ancient term that is already reflected in the New Testament especially in Paul’s letters. Paul uses the word, “walk” in some form in almost… Read More

One would think that with all the different institutions of higher learning that exist within the framework of Evangelical Biblical Faith, we would not need a hybrid referred to by nature and by name as a messianic yeshiva.” However, the need for a messianic yeshiva arises intrinsically from two basic presuppositions: Jewish people who accept… Read More

Introduction Among topics most thoroughly discussed in scholarly Christian circles, the “Holy Trinity” is one of the leaders of the pack. From the times of the councils appointed by Constantine, the first Christian Caesar, in the early fourth century in the city of Nicaea (Iznik, in modern Turkey), the debate over the legitimacy of this… Read More

Introduction: Every person has a variety of identities, particularly their personal and national identities. Neither of the two offers a lot of room for maneuvering, despite the fact that since the Enlightenment in Europe and the Declaration of Independence in the United States, there is a strong feeling in the West that identity is a… Read More

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