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Posts by Yehuda Bachana

The Miracle of Jerusalem Day


 Happy Jerusalem Day! Hello to our friends, I invite you to celebrate Jerusalem Day with us, the day in which we thank God for His great grace, for fulfilling the words of the prophets in our time. I personally thank God that I was privileged to live in this time of the rebirth of Israel, and that I was fortunate enough to be born, and continue to live, here in Jerusalem. We thank God for the privilege to see the words of the prophets fulfilled in our time, and right before our eyes. Jerusalem Day is a national holiday,…

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The Call to Stand With Israel Against Antisemitism

Yom Ha'atzmaut

   We stand at the opening of Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) and Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut). We stand in this place with mixed feelings – joy, blessing, and pride, mixed with sadness. The joy is that God has brought us back from the four corners of the earth to the land of Israel! And thanks to Him, today we stand here proudly as an eternal people, who have been living in the State of Israel for 71 years. The sadness comes when we remember the fallen. And today, on Memorial Day, as a people and as a nation, we…

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Unity: The Reason We Commemorate Sukkot Every Year


Read the teaching below, or watch a video of the teaching by Yehuda Bachana. This Shabbat is Sukkot, and therefore there is a special reading from the Torah. The unique portion focuses on the Exodus from Egypt and touches on the reason for the commandment of the commemoration of Sukkot. In addition, it highlights the importance of educating our children as well as the values ​​of the four species. Why are We Instructed to Build a Sukkah? First of all, what exactly is a sukkah and what purpose  does it serve? “Live in temporary shelters for seven days: All native-born…

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