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The Passover Seder

by Netivyah

Welcome to the second of three teachings that Joseph Shulam has prepared for this Passover. In this teaching, Joseph Shulam gives a description of what happens during a Passover Seder. He also addresses the importance of children in the Passover Seder, the song of Moses, and how the Passover was expressed during the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament.

The next teaching is “Passover in the New Testament”, and the previous teaching is “Introduction to Passover”.
Published March 26, 2018 | Updated June 27, 2019

About Netivyah

Netivyah is an Israeli non-profit organization that teaches God's Word and helps those in need. We present the teachings of Messiah Yeshua in a Jewish context, both in Israel and worldwide. We also feed the poor in Jerusalem, and invest in the next generation through youth programs and scholarships.

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