by Joseph Shulam from Japan

Today Yuda and I had a seminar in Osaka, Japan. We were in a rented hall right in the very center of Osaka. The place was full of people and in fact people who came late could not find a place to sit down. I keep getting amazed by God’s grace and the way He can use us to share biblical teaching. I feel so inadequate to the task and to the calling which God has called me and I know that Yuda (our youth director and the director of the Soup Kitchen) feels the same way. There were several Pastors and church leaders from different denominations and church groups in Japan participating in this seminar. The topic was “King David’s Messiah.” It was a background study to the whole “messianic” idea in Israel and King David as the prototype of the Messiah of the end times. As you well know the prophets beginning with Isaiah and on to the very end of the Bible look at the Messiah as “Son of David.” This alone posses a difficult question and that is one that starts with the nature and character and behavior of this same King David son of Jessy from Bethlehem in Judea. As you well know King David actually broke eight out of the ten commandments. The only two commandments that King David did not break were the first two all the other eight commandments he did break and some of them more than once. So, how come God modeled the Messiah, the savior of the world, after King David? The seminar was several hours long today and the same was true in Fukuoka, Japan, two days ago. It is clear that I can not share all the picture presented in a seminar of 3 or 4 hours in a one or two page prayer list, but just dealing with the basic question raised by the story of King David, and that is: What did God see in King David that was so great and so wonderful that He modeled the eternal savior of the World and the Son of God after King David and gave the throne of King David as the place from where the Messiah will reign eternally?

There are a few answers to these questions and the out come of the answers is first that God can use sinners to do His perfect will. Yes, repentant sinners like King David. The second point is that God can look into the heart of men and see beyond their sins into their future dedication and faith and repentant and humble spirit and purify and forgive and use them. The third point is that King David could also look beyond his physical reality and stand on the promises that God gave him although the reality looked grim for a season the promises of God looked brighter. If you are sinning don’t give up on God. He for sure is not giving up on you. God has high hopes for all of us and He does look into our hearts and when He sees love – He gives us faith and strength to keep going until we see the fulfillment of His promises for real.

It is a real pleasure for Yuda an I to work with these dear Japanese brothers who have such a deep faith and so much love for Israel and for the Jewish brothers and sisters who are disciple of the Messiah in Israel. These brothers are praying for the salvation and blessing of Israel and are doing their very best to bless and lift up God’s people in every possible way.

The conference on the topic of Anussim and their restoration is going to be a month from today in Portugal. We are investing much time, prayer, and money into this conference and we need your help so that God’s blessing will be on every step of the way and that God will open up gates and doors and even windows for the restoration of these hidden Jews in Portugal and South America.

Please pray for Barry my son who will have surgery early next week on a growth that he has on his jaw bone. It is a sensitive place and there are many important nerves passing through there so we pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon’s hands not to damage the nerves and be able to excise the growth without too much damage to the bone and to the nerves.

Please pray for Grace our dear sister who is already back in Jerusalem from Korea and needs more prayer and more healing from God’s hand for growth in her liver. We all lift her up and Barry up and the same is true for all the others on our chronically ill brothers and sister in Jerusalem and in other parts of the world. We pray for Marcia, Danah, Noaam, Sarit, David S., David K., Liora, Ahuvah, Hadar, Leah, Ilana, Ruby, Paulo, Dr. Tim Tucker from whom I heard by e-mail this week and that is a sign that God is hearing our prayers and Tim is improving some.

Of course pray for Yuda and I, and Lydia and Rafi who are visiting grandparents in Holland until we meet with them in Portugal for the conference.

Our Lord is going great things behind the scenes in Korea and in Japan, and in Israel, but at this stage we can’t write too much about these things that God is doing, but I can promise you our dear brothers and sisters that you will rejoice when you see more of the fig tree blossom.

God be with you all and bless you and pray for the salvation of Korea, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, and of course specially Israel. Pray also for the United States of America! The Lord must direct these elections and bring glory and honor to His name because there are so many in that country who love Him and call upon His Holy Name.

Blessings and more blessings to you my dear brothers and sisters,

Joseph Shulam

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