The Jerusalem Prayer List June 12, 2014

By Joseph Shulam

I am writing from our dear Brother Keijo’s car.  Keijo is driving and I am writing this prayer list.  Keijo and Selme are a wonderful family who has dedicated their lives to serve the Lord and spread the Restoration Message in Finland and in other parts of Scandinavia and Ukraine.  They have served Netivyah for many years faithfully.

Marcia and I have been in Finland for a week.  We have a couple more days to be in Finland.  Today is the last day of teaching, and we are on the way to the city of Mantta in the middle of Finland.  Yesterday the seminar was in the Methodist church of Vaasa, on the West Coast of Finland.  There were very few Methodists attending the seminar and most of the people came from several towns and cities around.  These are brothers and sisters who have been standing with Netivyah and with Israel for many years.  They are spread in a part of Finland that is called “Pochyamaa” – the meaning of Pochyamaa is just the same as “Netherlands.”  This is a very big part of Western Finland and it is flat, very green and beautiful because the green fields are dotted with red little barns called “Lato.”  Another name for this part of Finland is “The Sea of Lato.”  Our brothers and sisters in this part of Finland are farmers and businessman and very committed to the Restoration of the church and stand with Israel.  The Restoration work in this part of Finland was started by two school teachers that were teaching for many years in a small one school room and raised generations of pupils.  These two schoolteachers were women who never married and dedicated their lives to the Lord even before they committed to the Restoration.  When they heard me teach in a Lutheran Church in the city of Lapua they were very upset that I taught about Baptism by immersion and for the forgiveness of sins.  Two weeks later they were knocking on my door in Jerusalem.  They came angrily and said: “Did you teach that Baptism is only for Adults and for the forgiveness of sins?”  I answered them, “Yes!”  They said: “We are Lutherans and we were baptized as babies. Is our baptism biblical?”  I answered them with a list of texts from the New Testament and sent them away.  The next day they came back and said we are ready to receive baptism according to the Word of God.   I begged them not to go back to their Lutheran Church and make problems but to teach gently and speak the truth with love.   This did not happen.  They went back home to Finland and the next Sunday they stood up in the church and declared that all should be baptized by immersion and that baptism is only effective after person committees in Faith.  Well, this of course started uproar in the local Lutheran church and several families followed these two sisters and the rest is history.  Over 100 people from that part of Finland were baptized and left the Lutheran church and started home fellowships.  So, in Vaasa many of these dear brothers and sisters came to the seminar.  It is always wonderful to see our dear brothers and sisters in all places and especially in Finland now.  The lesson that we should all learn from this is very simple.  Sincere people who seek the truth and have strong convictions will always be used by God and bring good fruit to His Kingdom, be it man or woman or old female schoolteachers.  Take courage the Holy Spirit works through a Donkey sometimes. He can work through you and me also – that is if we let Him.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Finland.  There are a few very dedicated and wonderful leaders but some are getting older and the wonderful younger generation has to take its place in the leadership and carry on!
I just spoke to the office and they said that last night they were in the building until late for a meeting with the electrician to chose the lighting fixtures.  There is major and visible progress in the building, praises to the Lord.  Our prayers are still fervent for the Lord to touch some brothers and sisters and inspire them to participate and take a major part in making this building possible.  We are still very much in need for a financial breakthrough and the provision of at least 500,000 dollars.  It is a big sum of money but if 500 people give 1000 dollars or 1000 people gives 500 dollars the deed will be done.  All things are possible in the Lord and the Lord God of Israel is the ONE whom we trust and relay on and we are sure that you also relay on Him for all things, health, and blessing, and provision.

The situation in the Middle East continues to be a major concern for us in Israel and it should be of a major concern for all those who care for righteousness and justice in the world.  Christians are being persecuted in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan, and the world is ignoring the hundreds of martyrs who have lost their lives during the last few years.  The least we can do is keep knocking on Heaven’s door and wake up the Angles to take action and wake up some of the leaders of the world.  At least some of those leaders who claim to be Christians and have the means and empathy for those who suffer for their faith ought to wake up and bring this persecution of Christians to a halt by all means possible.  This is a topic for prayer not only for Christians but all those who have a sense of justice and righteousness in this world.   I should say that this same principle is not true only for Christians but for all those innocent souls who face war, death, hunger, displacement, violence and abuse of men, women and children, like the poor victims of the war in Syria were at least 180,000 people have lost their lives and many of them are Christians.

God bless all of you who pray with us for these entire prayer requests that I share with you almost every week.  We continue to pray for the sick in Israel and around the world.  Pray for Udi, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Tania, Sarit, Sara, Zvi, Zvi D., Ruby, David S., Paulo, Takeo Sensei, Tomoko San, Sadako San, Shoko San, Steve B., Ben H, Tim Tucker, Miriam, and Miriam S., Marcia my wife, Satu-Maria, Anna, and Anna-Majia.  Please don’t forget to pray for Marcia my wife, and for Danah and Noaam, Barry, Beth, and Joey and also for the Saunders family.

I had some good news from Udi last week.  His book about Haim Nachman Bialik – one of Israel’s most important poets and writers is finally gone to the printer and it will be launched this next week in what is called: Israel’s Book Week.  This is a celebration of books by opening book markets all around the country and giving special prices and sales for every kind of book you can imagine.  It is really a national celebration befitting Israel the “People of the Book.”  Udi’s health is still very critical and we are all happy to see this book see the light of day.  Udi has worked on this book more than 20 years and has given proof beyond reasonable doubt that Haim Nachman Bialik knew the New Testament and used parts of it in his poetry and short stories and in fact might have been a kind of secret disciple of Yeshua.  Please pray that God will use this book for the good of His Kingdom in Israel.

Please pray for me!  I am going to be teaching in the United States in Nashville, and Murfreesboro, and Dallas.  I really need your prayers and covet your blessing.

God be with you all and bless all that you are doing for the Kingdom and provide you with good health and with every means to do good and be a blessing where every you are and whatever you do.

Joseph Shulam

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