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I just finished teaching my last session in the North Atlanta church of Christ. From Sunday evening through Wednesday evening I gave a series of teaching on the topic: Why I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. This last night my topic changed and it was: Why I am committed to the Restoration of the First Century church. In reality when I say that I am committed to the Restoration of the First Century church – it means that I am totally not committed to anything that Christianity has produced after the First Century. In fact I made it very clear that I am not interested in Christianity but I am very interested in Yeshua. The way one of the important Rabbis in Israel said it, “I am very much interested in the persona of “Jesus.” I am not so much interested in the Hellenized persona of “Jesus” but I am very much interested in the Galilean Rabbi who walked the mountains of Galilee, Samaria, and Judea, proclaiming the Kingdom of God and his name in Hebrew is Yeshua. You see Yeshua is a historical figure. No matter what Jewish Rabbis say or don’t say about Yeshua no one in his right mind can deny that a Jew by the name of Yeshua walked the country lanes of the land of Israel and was delivered by the Sanhedrin to the Roman Governor Pontius Pilot and was executed by Crucifixion in Jerusalem. We are dealing here with a real historical figure that even the Talmudic Rabbis could not deny His existence or

His death even if they got their facts a little mixed up. Yeshua in fact is the quintessential Jew and the “model Rabbi” and “model Jew” of all ages. He is not just a “model Jew” is a model man and the embodiment of God’s Love for His creation. In an age like ours where talk is more important than deeds, where a man who has done nothing concrete to make peace can receive the Nobel Prize for Peace, what Yeshua did for humanity ought to be our real model and example for life. We honor and respect and remember people like Hannah Senesz, and Joseph Trumpeldor and others who sacrificed their lives for the country for the Jewish people. These people died as heros and we venerate them, but there is none of these honored heros have changed anyone in the world and they have not stopped people who take drugs from taking drugs or people who have no hope to have hope, they were national heros and we respect them, but Yeshua, Yeshua continues to change lives and fill the hopeless with hope and to the desperate Yeshua gives purpose for life.

I am asking all of you to pray for a month old baby named Noy-Yah who is having difficult breathing and has been hospitalized in Jerusalem for now two weeks. Please pray strong and hard for this baby and for her family. They are wonderful ministers of God in the land of Israel and it is always so hard when a baby is so sick. God can and I believe will heal and restore the health and breathing of Noy-Yah. Call upon God in Yeshua’s name for Noy-Yah. No-Yah means “the beauty of the Lord.”

Marcia is still in California and we are going to meet on Saturday night in Nashville and be with Barry and Beth and Joseph for a few days before we fly to Brazil and stay there and teach for three weeks. We need your prayers for our health and for our travel.

Please keep praying for my daughter and grand-daughter in California. They are battling a difficult situation that is affecting their health and they both need a miracle from the Lord. I believe that the Lord can and that He will bring solutions that are best for all to some of the issues and problems that my family faces. Please pray for God to show His mercy and goodness to my family.

I shall be teaching this week-end at Beit Hallel in Rosewell, Georgia, and I ask you to pray for me and for the people of Beit Hallel.

Please pray for the conference that we are going to have in Belo-Horizonte in the time of the Carnival in Brazil. We hope to have over 600 people from many countries in Central and South America and we want to infuse them with the zeal for the Restoration by fellowship and cooperation.

Continue to pray for our chronically ill in Jerusalem: Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Sarit, Sara and Zvi, Ahuva, and Lena, and David and the second David, all of these need to have a touch of God’s Healing hands. In Curitiba we have a dear young brother named Paulo who also needs a healing touch from God’s hand. In Oklahoma we keep Ruby in our prayers and ask God to heal her.

I ask you to pray for families in Israel who need jobs and need salaries and income. We have too many families in Israel who can’t make ends meet and in fact these families in some cases suffer because they are disciples of Yeshua. Netivyah helps these families financially and with counseling and by encouraging them to keep walking with the Lord.

Please pray for Orthodox Rabbis who are developing a better attitude toward (Jesus) Yeshua. There are more and more such Rabbis who are ever bolder and state their attitudes without apologies

Dear Brothers I believe that we would need the funds for the building very soon. We pray that God will provide all that we need and that He might use you as a tool in His hands to make this building project a success.

God bless you all and keep praying for the “lost Jews of Portugal” and our involvement to bring home back into the community of Israel.

Joseph Shulam

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