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Our dear brother who is a member of our congregation in Jerusalem and one of the finest artists has written the following comments about the Feast of Tabernacles and asked me to send it to our mailing list. Please read enjoy and ponder over it. Joseph Shulam Subject: MERRY SUCCOT! Dear Friends: MERRY SUCCOT! By some reckonings Succot (the Festival of Tabernacles) is the actual time of the Messiah’s birth, having come to tabernacle amongst us. All His other great fulfillments occurred within the framework of the Biblical festivals- Passover, Firstfruits of the counting of the Omer, Shavuot (Weeks, or Pentecost), the sin offering for Yom Kippur, the memorial shofar of His return, and even Hanukah. This is the final of the festivals (Hebrew: ‘moedim’, fixed times) of the LORD (not “Jewish holidays”). It was at “the last great day of the feast” of Tabernacles that Yeshua said, “come to me all who thirst, and I will give them drink”, which is the day of the water oblation, the prayer for rain (John ch. 7). Note also the water connection in that yet to be fulfilled prophecy in Zechariah 14, which speaks of ALL nations coming up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles, and those who do not will not receive rain on their lands. It is the festival in which was commanded that the priests sacrifice seventy bulls for all the nations of the world (Numbers 29:12-40). Succot carries the command to “rejoice before the L-rd for seven days”. What a commandment! It is not a festival of repentance or soul searching, but a time of fulfillment, of harvest, of joy. But it is also a memorial that the L-rd brought us out of the house of slavery to dwell in temporary dwelllings in the wilderness, as He leads us to the Promised Land- so reminiscent of Life itself. And we whom He has delivered from the slavery of our sin, into His wonderful Kingdom know with great gratitude how to fulfill that command, to rejoice! Succot is a week of celebration and singing and eating and visiting each other’s Succot, or decorated temporary booths. We decorate them with beautiful strings of lights, and pomegranates and dates, with colored decorations hanging from its roof of palm branches. It is a time of enjoying the beauty of the L-rd expressed everywhere in His creation, from the sky to the cloud to the bird to the tree to the horse to the river to the fish, and to man- all reflecting the glory of their Creator.. The lights of the heavens pour down upon all this to reveal, that our eyes might behold the beauty of the creation. It is only the darkness within men’s hearts that stains and defiles and destroys the creation and blinds the eyes to it. It is this great tragedy that our dear Messiah came to repair, to restore the breach between man and his Creator by taking upon Himself the vileness of that darkess called sin, that we might behold and enjoy all this endless diversity and gifts of our King, to explore and to steward, until it reaches the ultimate potential within the kingdom of harmony, the grand symphony of the glory in the harvest to come. As we behold the beautiful faces of the gifts of our children and our childrens’ children who have come to dwell with us in our succa- to tabernacle along with us- with grateful hearts we sing Halleluyah to the great King of kings! Elhanan Jerusalem

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