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November Thank you from Netivyah

Shalom Dear Friends of Netivyah,

 The Summer and Fall Holidays are long since over and it won’t be long until Hanukkah is here in Jerusalem.

Today we are being blessed with a real Fall rain, together with lightening and thunder! Baruch Ha Shem!!

We are always welcoming visitors from all over the world at Netivyah and Roeh Yisrael, and our meeting hall is packed at every meeting and even overflows out into the hallways!

Because we are so crowded, the need for the building to be completed is all the more evident and in the foreground of our thoughts and prayers.

 We had hoped to dedicate the new building during the Feast of Dedication 2014, but because so many of our friends need to make advance reservations, we thought it best to extend the date to Purim 2015. We are at the stage where we are beginning the “finish” work which includes all the carpentry, fixtures (both plumbing and light) and furniture. All of the kitchen, including countertops, cabinets and appliances are ordered. Everything is really starting to take its final shape and it is very exciting and we are so grateful

You can follow the building progress on line at netivyah.org.

The food distribution continues full speed ahead, as does Kol Yeshua radio production. Daniel and Oleg will travel to Austria tomorrow for a weeks training course with Trans World Radio.

The next issue of Teaching From Zion will be published at the beginning of December. The title is The Cherished Land of Israel.

We want to thank you all for your faithful prayers and generous giving, without which we could not continue this incredible work He has given us. We lift you up to His throne and ask His blessings over you and your families as you continue to walk with and serve Him.

Shalom and blessings from all of us at Netivyah.f333f4a4-87f4-4824-bde7-9ffefbf4874f

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