May 2017

Shalom Dear Friends of Netivyah,

Joseph and a small group from Roeh Israel, just returned from a memorable teaching tour of the 7 Churches of Revelation in Turkey. It was the perfect end to a wonderful Passover/Unleavened Bread Holiday.
We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued upholding of Netivyah and all that God has blessed us to do here in our Beloved Israel! It would be an “impossible dream” without your support.
On May 2, we will celebrate the 69th year of Israel’s independence. The day before is Memorial Day, the day we remember all the soldiers who have given their lives for our independence!  As a community, we will gather for our annual bar-b-q at the local park and enjoy great food and company while giving thanks to God for the fulfilment of His prophetic word and the freedom He alone has given us. At the end of this month, we will celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai (Shavuot) and the giving of God’s Spirit at Jerusalem (Pentecost). And so the spring Holidays will be complete!
Joseph and Marcia will travel to Finland and the USA from June 8 until July 10 and Joseph and Daniel will go to the Far East for a month at the end of July.
All of the great and awesome work God has given us to do here in Israel continues, thanks to you all!
We thank you again for your sustaining prayers and ask God’s blessings over you and your families.

Shalom, shalom,
Netivyah Staff