Netivyah is hosting a very important conference in Portugal on the topic of the Marrano/Anussim Jews who are still victims of the inquisition in Spain and Portugal.

We must, together with the state of Israel, work to release these captives of oppression and delayed basic human rights, to restore and recapture their true identity as Jews, and return to the land of Israel as Jews.

Entrance to the conference is free (not including food or lodging).

After the conference there will be a prayer tour in four cities where Jews were tried by the church court and executed for being Jews, and for practicing some Jewish practices, like keeping the Passover or lighting a candle on Friday evening.

This is a very important tour for intercession, prayer, repentance, and preparation for the great revival and restoration of the Jewish people from the Spanish-speaking world back to Israel and their roots.

There will be very important speakers and teachers from Israel, Portugal, Asia, the United States, England, Holland, and more.

The tour will be rich in both information and spiritual battles for this major historical breakthrough that is so important and needed for the restoration of these Jews, and for Israel and Aliyah.

If you are interested in attending the prayer tour, please contact Ana Mendes from the Osiris travel agency by clicking here.

Ms. Ana Mendes will give you the price for the tour and other necessary information, including health insurance and any documentation that you will need.

Click to download a folder of tour info documents provided by Ms. Mendes.

If you want hotel reservations in Castelo de Vide for the conference alone (May 17-19), please contact by clicking here.

If you have other questions, contact the Netivyah office here.

I want to repeat that this tour is not about being a joyride and visiting important places. This tour is a part of a major spiritual battle for the release of millions of Jews who have been held captive by the Catholic Church for near 400 years, just like the Israelites in Egypt, and now it is time to release them.

The battle in Egypt and in the entrance to the Land of Promise today is just as intense and as important as it was in the days of Moses and Aaron. You need to make a sacrifice to come and participate in these battles.

The city of Castelo de Vide, the mayor, the secretariat, and the administration are investing money and time to make this conference a success.

There are important people who have already made a commitment to come and confirmed their coming for obvious security reasons.

We should know that every time that men contended with God, the hand of God was always the upper hand. In the end of history it will still be the same.

People will think that all hope is lost, and that there is no salvation left for the righteous, but at the right time in the right way the light of God will shine, the trumpet will sound, and the enemy will retreat, and the children of God will return home with shouts of joy and jubilations.

Be among the redeemed and return home with joy!

- Joseph Shulam, February 2019, Jerusalem, Israel