The reading of Genesis the first chapters. We start the reading of the Torah from the beginning. There is nothing like it, dear brothers, we all know much of the first chapter of Genesis by heart from our memory. We learned this story so many times as children that it is ingrained deep into our memory and consciousness. The story of the creation of the world is for me the most important story in the whole Bible. The reason is simple if this world is not God’s World, God’s creation, and if God is not the creator of this world – there is no God and the world is a cosmic accident. Now one of the sad news that I have heard in the last years is that there are professors of Bible in Christian Universities who believe that the Genesis story is a rewriting and collating of the ancient Babylonian, Canaanite and Sumerian myths of Creation.

First, yes, there are a number of Creation Myths in the ancient world, Babylon, Sumerian, Canaanite, stories of how this “world came to be being”. These myths are older than our bible. The stories of creation have some similarities and many differences.

Bible Scholars are wise people, but they are also people who are impressionable. This is especially true when they go to some of the best universities in the world and have some of the most famous teachers and professors in the world. Having some well-known professor with a very famous name – who tells you that the Biblical story is an adaptation of the ancient Babylonian myth. As a student you become intimidated by these big names in the academic world.

Here is a short list of creation myths: Cheonjiwang Bonpuri (a Korean creation myth), Enûma Eliš (Babylonian creation myth), Greek cosmogonical myth, Jamshid, Kumulipo, Mandé,creation myth, Pangu, Serer creation myth, Sumerian creation myth, Tungusic creation myth, Unkulunkulu, Väinämöinen, Viracocha, Genesis creation story, (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), Ainu creation myth, Cherokee creation myth, Väinämöinen, Yoruba creation myth, Ob-Ugric creation myth, Hopi creation myth, Maya creation of the world myth, Diné Bahaneʼ (Navajo), Zuni creation myth, Barton cylinder, Ancient Egyptian creation myths, Kabezya-Mpungu, Māori myths, Mbombo, Ngai, Popol Vuh. . .

Now we have the Biblical Scholars who are teaching in Christian Universities and colleges. They went to good schools and earned a Ph.D. They are taught by professors of renown. They are taught that there are similarities between the Babylonian Enuma Elis, and the Sumerian Creation myth and the story of Genesis. Yes there are similarities! There is also a vast difference in time. The Enuma Elis and the Sumerian story of Creation are much older, even older than Abraham. There are in fact similarities between all the creation myths and the book of Genesis. At least one of these similarities is common to all of them. The world was created! This is the most important aspect of all of these creation stories. As you can see from the list above – these stories span time and geography, they are spread across the world in continents that Hebrews, Egyptians and Babylonians had no clue that such continents existed, like South America and the Islands of the Pacific. So, dear scholars what can you learn from these stories! Can you learn that the story of Creation in the Bible is not true? Can you learn from the fact above that the story of Creation was borrowed from the Babylonian or Sumerian or may be the Hopi, or Navaho?

Here is what we can all learn from the multiplicity of creation stories across the globe!

  1. We can learn that humanity has a need to know that man and nature are not a cosmic accident, but a organized, planned, created, by a higher power! This is important for our very soul and psychology and health.
  2. We can learn that different cultures at different periods of time – all the way from the dawn of civilization had attributed the existence of their world to some “god” even be it an idol.
  3. We can learn that the most logical and the most proven and the most popular story of creation in the world is the story of the Bible – Genesis.
  4. We can learn that the unity and ecology in nature is orchestrated by ONE God – who created the Heavens and the Earth and planned and created men and women in his own form and nature – with the ability to create and imagine and calculate and make out of two or more things something new – invent – imagine – and love like God loves us.

This is probably them most important lesson that we, as human being can learn from the Word of God. It is also in my opinion the most comforting message that is essential for our health both in body and soul!

If you don’t like the creation story – believe the newest and latest creation story – that of Darwin and his friends today – be free – go worship a baboon – your ancestor, but not mine!

I want to ask you to pray for our world and for the Bible Scholars who have lost their way and their faith in God who created all things and in whom are all things both the visible and the invisible.

Pray for Marcia and I in a few days we will travel to the United States.  I will be there a few days and from there fly to Germany to hold a seminar in a small village that has a seminar place that every year for more than 60 years has had Israel seminars and encouraged German Christians to pray for Israel and for the Jewish people.

From Germany, I fly to Hong Kong for teaching in a very wonderful and friendly church with a special name – 611.  611 stands for Isaiah 61:1. After Hong Kong, I will be in the Cornerstone Church in Singapore.  After Singapore, Seoul, Korea, Japan, China, and from there back to the USA to pick up Marcia and return home to Israel.

This is around the world in 70 days, and 55 of these days will be teaching a variety of topics, from a few days’ seminar on Ezekiel, to teaching on Discipleship, Holidays, and other topics.

Marcia needs your prayers for her health and safety and for healing, because she will be in Tennessee and California, and back to East Tennessee for Thanksgiving with her family.  I need your prayers for safety in travel, a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to teach with inspiration and joy that will infect those who will hear this teaching.

Please pray for Netivyah and pray for our 40th Anniversary Tour to be a success and an opportunity for us all here in Jerusalem to show our joy and gratitude for your prayers and support.

Please continue to pray for Marcia my wife, and Danah my daughter and Noaam my granddaughter, and Barry my son, and Beth my daughter-in-law, and Joseph Shulam my grandson, and for Marcia’s family and Beth’s family.  Pray for Anna W. a dear old sister in the Lord who has done so much good for the Kingdom of God and for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua.

Please keep praying for the replacement of the vehicle of Netivyah.  We have a van that is very old and needs replacement. This van serves every aspect of the Netivyah Ministry, the HaMotzi food program, the youth, the old people in the congregation that need a ride to attend the congregation and many more needs.  Please consider contribution specified for the Van.

Another need is Netivyah general fund.  The general fund is the fund that pays salaries and pays postage and telephone and insurance and printing and medial work and much more.  So, those of you in the United States who need the tax credit contribute to the Netivyah USA account that way you will receive the tax credit and those of you outside of the United States contribute to Netivyah Israel.   I ask you to pray for Aliyah and absorption of the New Immigrants in Israel.  It is of great importance that the immigrants who move to Israel, especially those who come already of age, to be accepted and helped and enabled to learn the language and the costumes of their new old land.  Help us help those who are arriving in Israel now!

Pray for a very special conference on the topic of Aliyah of the victims of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition who have retained their Jewish identity in secret with the danger of torture and even death at the hands of the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Inquisition lasted from 1472 – 1821.  Many years with many victims.

It is time to pray and to work for the opening of the Tallit Curtain (a play on the Iron Curtain of the past) that blocks these Jews from returning home to the land of Israel. Please pray for Eliot K., a dear Jewish brother and a friend from the USA who is one of the pioneer leaders of the Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in the USA.

Remember our dear brother Jacob Damkani and ask The Lord to give strength and healing to Jacob.

Keep a dear sister in the Lord named Courtney in your prayers.  Courtney has a number of health challenges and I ask you all to pray for this dear sister and her healing of all those challenges.

There are good people who suffer, and our ministry is a ministry of intercession for those whom God puts on our path begging and crying for the sake of our brothers and sisters.  How ugly is the attitude of Cain in the book of Genesis, who said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

God’s answer not in words but in deeds is, Yes, Cain you are either your brother’s keeper or your brothers murdered.  This is on the principle of the New Testament: “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17 NKJV)

On the above teaching – let us do good because we know to do it and because it is the right and good thing to do – pray for our brothers and sisters who need God’s hand of mercy to touch them, their bodies, and our own illnesses will also be touched by His Mercy.

Please continue praying for baby Lion from the Huch family in DFW. Little Lion is doing better in the last week and is back receiving Chemo-Therapy.

Our dear sister Deana has departed to be with the LORD. Thank you for praying for Deana!

Please continue to pray for our Jewish brother Hillel from Helsinki.  Pray for Patty, Andrea and Tineke are all in Netherlands and need healing from God.  Continue to Pray for Julia and Victor our dear sister and brother who both need healing and God’s help.

Please keep praying for a dear sister named Zhou Wenlian living in China. Keep praying for the planned conference in Portugal in May 2019.  This conference is to awaken governments and the world attention and press for the Restoration of the Anussim (Marranos) both spiritually and physically to their naturals home. Start making plans to attend this conference in May 2019.

Margareta, keep her in your prayers.  Please keep praying for dear Ruby.  Ruby has been diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. She is now doing Chemo-Therapy.  Pray for Kenneth and Margarite G. in Tennessee.  They are worthy for God’s grace and we are privileged to pray for the healing of these dear mother and son who suffer. Pray for Um Abu-Eid is a dear old Arab sister.  Please pray for her healing and strength. The list is still the same Bida, Dr. Altamiro and Cassia, George, Gary, Melanie, Aharon, Yuri Marianenko, Sarit, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Miraim, Yehuda H., David Stern, Paulo, Noami, Tim Tucker, Anne-Mirjami, Satu-Maria and Anna-Majia, Sinni Tuuli, Erki and Sirpa, Keijo and Salme, Evelina, Eva H., Horace and June Marcia’s father and mother, Marcelo’s parents.  Curita Sensei, the Abe family, Toru, Takeo Sensei, Daisuke Sensei, Tomoko San, Sadako San, Yumi, her husband has just died last week, and keep praying for her father, Pastor Oharah in Okinawa.

Please pray Ritva Huhtala and for sister Oksanen they need prayer for illness.  Please pray for Louisa and Tony in Hong Kong.   I have special concern for our dear brother Goh and his family, and for Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Knezevich.

I have a special request from a brother Moshe Daniel from Kenya for his ministry and for the brothers in Kenya.  There are other brothers and sisters who have some important challenges in their lives and business.  I am not mentioning their names, but each one of us knows people who are fine dedicated servants of God and are going through a difficult time in their work and business.

If you would pray for those whom you know that need this prayer – the Lord will surely cover those for whom you pray and those for whom I pray.  It is hard enough to live in this world and work and business-related issues make it harder and as much as we pray for the spiritual issues and health issues.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and believe in God’s promises!

Joseph Shulam