Jerusalem Prayer List March 29, 2018

We are deeply involved in the preparation for Passover. The congregational Passover Seder for tomorrow evening is absolutely full. We had to say “no” to more guests who wanted to participate than the number of seats that we have for our own members and a few special guests. Christians from China, Japan, Korea, England, Germany, Poland, South America, are all interested to learn about the Passover Seder. This is an interesting phenomenon. The Historical Churches (Catholic/Orthodox) worked for six centuries to eradicate every trace of the First Century Church and the Jewish heritage of the New Testament Church as we see it in the book of Acts. The Passover was especially hated by the Christian Churches and even until this very day most of the mainline Protestants look down on the celebration of Passover. This is very sad because there is a clear command for the church in Corinth where the majority of the members were mixed Jews and non-Jewish members. Paul states two things very clearly: 1) the Messiah is our Passover. 2) Let us therefore celebrate the Feast.

The Passover Seder is not the same celebration as it was in the days of the Apostles. The Seder is only a memorial to what was when we had a temple in Jerusalem. In the days of the Apostles before the year 70 A.D. and the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem the Temple and the Priesthood was functioning and the population of Jerusalem swelled from about 120,000 inhabitants to more than 300,000 with guests. Jews from all around the greater Roman Empire came especially for Passover because it was one of the three pilgrimage holidays and it was a holiday that celebrated freedom from slavery and oppression. We must remember that Israel and the Jerusalem were under Roman occupation. So, coming to Jerusalem had spiritual and political meaning at the same time. You can see this clear in Luke chapter 19 in what is called “The Triumphant Entry.” The disciples and Yeshua are coming into Jerusalem celebrating and singing the last verses of Psalm 118, what is called Hosanna. Hosanna in Hebrew means “please save us.” So, the Pharisees came to Yeshua and said:

“And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”” (Luke 19:39–40 NKJV)

In the Roeh Israel (Shepherd of Israel) Congregation in Jerusalem we are going to celebrate this Passover with a special burden. The Hamas Terrorist organization in Gaza is planning a massive march of tens of thousands toward the boarder fence in the Gaza Strip. This is being done as a provocation against Israel and against the Palestinian Authorities in Ramallah. The Hamas rule is falling apart, and they are starving their population and spending most of the “humanitarian aid that they get on digging attack tunnels against Israel and terrorist activities. The population has no jobs, no money, no food, and no adequate medical facilities. So, the Hamas is turning their own population and using them as a weapon against Israel and a propaganda card by forcing the population to march against Israel. So, we, Israel, need your urgent prayers for tomorrow, Friday, March 30th, 2018. Our leadership needs divine wisdom, clear vision to see what the enemy is planning and knowledge of how to stop this evil intent without major number of casualties on the Palestinian side and also on the Israeli side. The Hamas does not care how many of it’s number will die or be wounded because they will have cameras and want to show how bad Israel is when Israel has to defend the boarder with tens of thousands of people storming the fences and traying to murder and kill innocent citizens, both young and old, children and parents. We need your urgent prayer and support for Israel.

We also need your prayers for our congregation because tomorrow evening in our Passover Seder there will be people who need to make important choices in their lives. We want to have a living witness of the Messiah and of the deliverance each from his private Egypt. Passover Seder is a great opportunity to witness God’s great salvation from Egypt near 3400 years ago and now each from our own limitations and oppressions.

Pray for the many thousands of Israeli soldiers that will be watching the boarder with Gaza and not be with their families around the Seder Table. Pray for their protection and safety.Pray for the Palestinian people of Gaza and Judea and Samaria that deserve a leadership that will lead them to peace and prosperity and not drag the innocent population to death and calamity. We love our Arab friends and brothers who live in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria and we pray that the Lord will bless them with sincere and wise leaders that will lead them toward peace and co-existence side by side with Israel. This in my opinion is the only formula for prosperity and peace for both Israel and our neighbors. Pray!

I want you to also pray for the United States of America, the leadership, the administration, and the Christians in America.

I would like to ask you to pray especially for Tal, a dear brother who lives in the Galilee. He was discovered to have a complicated cancer. Brother Tal and his family are the salt of the earth and we all pray and wait to see the hand of God in Healing and strengthening Tal and his family.

I also ask you to pray for Andrea – a sister in Holland that is also coping with a difficult illness.

Please pray for our youth group, the Munchkins, they are going for a few days of camping during this holiday. Pray for their safety and for their training and for their spiritual growth and fellowship.

Please pray for Marcia’s health. She has some additional challenges in mobility and we are going to see the specialist today.

Please pray for Danah our daughter and for Noaam our granddaughter. They both have a difficult period that is not uncommon between teenagers and parents. Our family needs prayer for a divine touch and a whole lot of wisdom.

Please pray for Alexandra, a young lady, a new bride, who is suffering from illness and needs healing.

Please pray for a dear sister who is under great spiritual and physical oppression. Her name is Margareta. These is much that can’t be written here but in prayer I am sure you will understand much about this situation.

Our dear sister Ruby in Oklahoma is going through especially difficult period in her health. Please offer a special prayer for Ruby’s health and strength to endure and ask God to heal Ruby. She has been suffering for a long time. May the Lord grant her this mercy and heal her.

Passover is starting Friday. It is always a wonderful opportunity and a great challenge to serve hundreds of people with the special foods and needs for the Passover. We thank all of you are making financial contributions to the HaMotzi – food distribution program. The Holiday season is always a joy to make people happy and bless them with their needs and also a challenge to meet all the needs. Please lift up the poor saints of Jerusalem in your prayers.

We would like to make new video series of teachings on topics that are not commonly studied by Christians and not so much by Jewish Disciples of Yeshua. One of these topics is the Messiah in the Talmud and Rabbinical Literature.

I would again like for you to pray for three things in this connection: 1) That the Lord give me the strength and energy needed to make this series soon and do it right and well. This will have to be done in Hebrew and also in English. 2) That we find creative ways to spread these teachings in the Social Media and for doing this we are going to need some more support. 3) That these teachings will equip both Israeli believers and both Jewish and non-Jewish believers with the tools that are necessary to talk and share the GOOD NEWS with Jews and Orthodox Jews.

Pray for all of Israel and for all the Jewish people around the world. This Friday evening starts the Passover Holiday. Most of the Jewish people will be gathered with their families and friends around the dinner table (Passover Seder) reading telling the story of the great deliverance that the LORD did leading Israel and the Mixed-Multitude out of Egyptian Slavery. God took Israel and those who joined them out of Egypt to Freedom and they crossed the Sea on dry land. In the Haggadah of Passover there are many references that witness of God’s greatest deliverance in Human History – the deliverance from sin that Yeshua brought to the world. I pray and ask you to join me that a divine revelation of the work of the LORD will happen for those who seek salvation and believe in God’s saving power.

Please keep praying for a dear old devout Muslim woman named Um Abu Eid. She is old and sick and in need of God’s mercy.

Pray for Tineke a young woman who has a very serious situation with cancer.

Please continue to pray for Pastor George and Bida his wife from Belo-Horizonte, Brazil. Please pray for the Museum of the Inquisition in Belo-Horizonte, Brazil and for the “Teaching from Zion Ministry” in the same city.

Pray for the conference that we are planning in Portugal for the Restoration of the Anussim back spiritually to their rightful identity as Jews and also physically home to Israel. The conference will be, the Lord willing, in May 2019.

Please continue to pray for these special brothers and sisters who are struggling with issues of this world and need divine wisdom and help to have better work and jobs, and other issues that are not physical illness but tests and trials in life. Please pray for Mr. Chung and Sister Lee. Please pray for Tony and Luiza our dear brothers in H.K. I have special concern for our dear brother Goh and his family, and for Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Kenzevic, and Abe San and his family and his centenarian mother-in-law Sadako San in Japan.

Continue to pray for Gary in Jerusalem. Gary has some more tests to go through and this time it is some questions with his heart. Lift Gary and his family before the throne of mercy of our Lord.

Aharon (Don and Nancy’s Son) is still struggling with a tumor in his brain keep him in your prayers please! Also keep his family in your prayers. Yuri Marianenko is fighting a prostate cancer. Our wonderful older brothers and sisters need our prayers: Ahuvah Ben Meir, Sarit, Miriam, Ilana, and Leah. Yehuda H., our brother is also in need of God’s gracious healing touch. I am adding a request for you to pray for a dear couple.

Praise God David Stern is out of the Hospital already more than a month. He still needs our prayers for strength and healing.

We pray up our dear brothers and sisters Clara, Paulo, Naomi, Tim Tucker, Anne-Mirijami, Satu-Maria, Anna-Majia, Sinni Tuuli, Erki and Sirpa, Keijo and Salme, and Evelina, Eva H., and Horace and June Marcia’s parents. We especially lift before God’s throne of mercy Marcelo’s father and mother in Belo-Horizonte.

We pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Carita in Tokyo, Toru San, and the husband of Yumi and for her father Ohara Sensei, Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San, the Abe family and Sadako San all in Japan.

God bless and keep HIS promises to Abraham and bless all those who bless the Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Keep you all healthy, blessed, and happy in all that the Lord is doing for you and for the world around you!

Now is the time to seriously pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and believe in God’s promises!

Joseph Shulam

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