Praise the Lord we have arrived yesterday to Helsinki, Finland.  Miika the son of Dr. Tim Tucker who was one of my teachers in Nashville picked us up in the airport and took us home.  It is such a great joy to share fellowship with the young families who were raised in the Restoration Movement and are now leading.  Both Miika and Anne are the advanced stages of finishing their Ph.D’s.  They are both active in the new congregation that was formed mainly by the second generation of those who have stood with Israel and committed to the Restoration of the Church and Israel.  Please pray for this new congregation that was started this year near Helsinki. Please pray for all the members of the “Shepherd of Israel” congregation!

In the Tel-Aviv airport we had a wheel chair service to help Marcia get from the check-in to the gate.  They have these golf carts that take you.  Next to me sat a Israeli blind man.  He asked me if I am flying to Helsinki.  I said yes!  He asked me if I am going to Finland for a vacation. I said no!  He asked me what am I going to Finland for.  I said to teach Bible!  Then he said: “Are you Joseph Shulam!”  I said yes!  He said: “I have been wanting to meet you so much.”  I asked him how do you know me?  He said:  “I have been hearing your teaching for a long time.”  “Do you believe in Yeshua?” I asked him.  “Yes, I do” he said.  What is your name I asked, “Nissim” he replayed.  We are living in a small world and with the modern communication our world has become much smaller.  We have not been flooded with responses on Kol HaYeshua radio broadcasts, but this is the second blind person who has confessed Yeshua as the Messiah by hearing our teaching on Kol HaYeshua.  Kol HaYeshua radio is working with Trans World Radio and with World Radio to teach the Word of God in Hebrew and one evening also in Russian to the whole Middle East.  Here is what I want you to pray about. Don’t pray only for us in Jerusalem and in Kol HaYeshua, Don’t pray only for sowing the seed only in Israel and in the Middle East.  Pray that God will give you the opportunity to sowing the Good Seed of the Good News and seeing the harvest.  If you and just normal people who are disciples of Yeshua will take courage and start sowing the seed of God’s Kingdom down here in this Earth – the Kingdom will grow and spread.  If you want the Kingdom of God to grow don’t wait for the Preachers and Elders to do the evangelism.  They will, but they alone can’t do it. The church can grow and increase only if most of the members will work to read the Good News of the Kingdom.  Don’t spread your church denominational spin.  No one is interested in your church enough to sacrifice even the time it takes to drive to it.  Your church or my church or Pastor “So and So’s” Church is not the Good News!  The Kingdom of God breaking through the dark and corrupt generation that we are living through, Yeshua the Messiah and King of the Jews – that is good News.  Pray for us in Israel and for Kol HaYeshua Radio, but also pray for yourself and your fellowship to become an agency of ferment and change for the good of humanity and the eternal Kingdom of God.  Marcia and I are now traveling in Finland until the 13th of June.  From here we will be traveling to the USA.  In the USA the Lord willing, we will be in California first and from there to Tennessee and than Texas and from there back home through London, England.  We will need your prayers for the travel and for our health, and protection on the road.  Please remember us in your prayers!  Isreal is desperately in need for your prayers.  Our government and even the Prime Minister’s wife is under criminal investigations.  It seems like democracy is just devouring itself these days all around the world.  This of course includes not only Israel, but also the Good Old US of America, and Brazil, and Venezuela and, and, and!   As disciples of the Messiah Yeshua we must develop the heart of God in us and care for our planet and for humanity.  If we don’t care what happens on the other side of our Earth – who do you think will care?

We must at least learn to pray and ask, and beg, God and His court to show mercy and patience with the world and extend His Grace and His long-suffering to the hordes of people who are still living in the darkness of idolatry.

Keep on praying for our sick.  Zvi L., is still in critical condition, in ICU and in Isolation.  This 90 year old brother is a strong character.  He has been in the hospital now for more than 6 weeks, and has suffered one setback after another.  Please pray for God’s will to be done quickly!  Anna H., in Finland is also 90 years old and has gone in and out of the hospital for now near two months or longer.  She is also one strong Finish woman and has always been strong.

I pray to God for Anna and her family.  My prayer is very specific for Anna.  I pray that God will grant her whatever time He has for her life to pass it feeling good and continue to be an inspiration.

I ask you to also pray for David S., who has been falling many times and some time getting hurt.  David has Parkinson’s and I pray for the Lord to heal him and give him years of life to be able to see his grandson’s bar-mitzvah.  Please join me in this prayer and also pray for David’s family to have the kind of help that they need to be able to care for David and continue their lives in joy.  In addition we have the regular list of prayer for the sick brothers and sisters around the world.  Praying for the sick is a mitzvah a good deed and like all good deeds it carries with it God’s reward.  No good deed goes un-rewarded just like no bad deed goes un-punished.  Yes, the cross of Yeshua does forgive our sins with repentance and confession, but it does not remove the consequences of sin.  So, please pray for the sick that you know and pray for the list of sick brothers and sisters that you don’t know, those on this list.  You will only be blessed and these brothers in Isreal, USA, Japan, Brazil, Finland, and other places around the world will receive God’s gracious hand of mercy and healing, all according to His Good will.  Here is the list of names: Ruby, Tim Tucker, Anna, Satu-Maria, Anne-Mirijami, Anna-Majia, Shoko San, Takeo San, Tomoko San, Sadako San, Carla, Ludmila, Sarit, Marcia, Danah, Noaam, Barry, Horace, June, Marcelo’s father and mother, Miriam, Tania, Paulo, Sara L., Hannah, Bernie R., Steve M., Elsie, Eva H., Renate, Elhanan and his family, Joseph Douziech.

Please pray for the following people to have a breakthrough in their businesses:  Michael Knezevich, Raymond and his family and company, Laurel S., and for Daniel L, and his family and especially his daughter.

Pray for TWR and their support of Radio Evangelism all around the world.  Pray for Sansa in Finland and their desire to see the Good News of Yeshua go to the Middle East, and all the 10×40 window.  Pray for all those people in Israel and around the World who are waiting for the Aliyaha and the restoration of the victims of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition back home to Israel.

Pray for Netivyah to enter more into the Social Media and learn to use the Media for the Good News of Yeshua and a blessing for Israel and the Jewish and Arab people in the Middle East.

Please keep praying for Kol HaYeshua Radio broadcasts and internet development to reach the Hebrew speaking masses all around the World.

Keep praying for Netivyah’s humanitarian work of feeding the poor of Jerusalem.

Pray for Netivyah to be able to renew the cars that are used already for 13 or 14 years in the service of God’s children in Jerusalem.  It is time to renew these cars both for the sake of safety and for the sake of how much money it costs to keep these cars that the insurance companies don’t want to insure them any longer with comprehensive policies.

Noaam, our granddaughter is going on a long car trip with her father, please pray for Noaam and for safe driving across the USA with her father.

God be with you all who pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for your brothers and sisters in Israel, Brazil, and Finland, and the USA, and all around God’s Good Earth.

Thank you all for your prayers and your concern and your support financially, morally, and even standing with Israel against our enemies and against the B.D.S. that is doing all that is possible to damage Israel and damage the free and intelligent World.

May the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you PEACE!

Joseph Shulam