In the West it’s St. Valentine’s day – a day to show appreciation for our wives and women in the family. To show appreciation for our women is a good thing, but don’t wait for one day a year. Show your appreciation for the women in your life: wives, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and those women in your life who have made you a better man. Thank you and God bless all the women in my life!

This week’s Torah portion is Parashat Tetzaveh (in Hebrew, “you command”). The reading starts in Exodus 27:20 and ends in Exodus 30:10. There are a few unique and interesting things about this reading of the Torah.

  1. Moses is not mentioned in this portion of the Torah. This is unusual, because the very opening statement implies Moses: “you command”. Who is the “you” in this context? It is Moses. Some of the rabbinical commentators say that God was angry with Moses for a short season, because Moses disagreed with him after the sin of the golden calf, and did not allow God to destroy the whole nation. So, his name is not mentioned. Of course, this is only speculation and not a very convincing one! In the whole parasha, when God speaks to Moses, He just uses, “and you.” Very impersonal use of the word “you.”
  2. Moses is commanding the artisans in the camp (those who built the tabernacle) to make the official clothing for Aaron, his brother, and his sons who are officiating as priests for Israel.
  3. These articles of clothing and artifacts for the service of the Lord are so detailed in every aspect, from the cloth that is to be used for every part to the golden breastplate, and the stones that are to represent each tribe (Exodus 28).
  4. The ordination of Aaron and his sons for the priesthood is also an interesting process that most “believers” ignore in the ordination of leaders and elders (Exodus 29:20). There is the same ceremony with oil in Leviticus 14:17-28. Why is the ordination of those who are going to serve God and the people connected to the ear, the hand, and the foot of the servants of God and people?
    • The ear has to be anointed, because if the servant of God does not hear God and receive His direction to pass on to the people – if he does not have an ear that hears and obeys God – he cannot really serve God or faithfully serve the people.
    • The anointing of the right thumb – without anointed hands that are doing the will of God with dedication, purity, and honesty, under the Lord’s authority, every service is going to be impure and unacceptable to the Lord.
    • The right foot of the priest has to be also anointed so that he can walk in God’s will and lead the people that follow with the leading and direction of the Lord, and not with his own agenda and his own ambition.
  5. The connection between the high priest of Israel and those who were in the cities of refuge, because they had killed someone unintentionally. This part is fascinating for those of us who believe that Yeshua of Nazareth, our Messiah, atones for our sins with his death. Those in Judaism who opposed Yeshua and His Jewish disciples in the past and today use an argument that a human being cannot atone for others by his death. Here we see a Torah example that the death of the high priest atones for those who killed a person and releases them from the city of refuge, protected from anyone who would like to harm them or take vengeance. This paradigm of the death of the high priest of Israel that atones and releases those who killed a person by not paying attention and being distracted, by negligence, by not taking precaution to prevent such accidents from taking place, and many other mistakes (manslaughter). These people are forgiven and atoned for by the death of the high priest of Israel. This applies to all the six cities of refuge. If a high priest, who is a sinner like all men, can atone and release killers, how much the more the death of Yeshua, who was sinless and offered Himself for all, can atone and release us from damnation in the Judgment Day.

The prayer requests this week are not so much different from last week.

Israel is going through the pain of preparing for the general election that will be held on April 9th, just one week before the Passover holiday. This election is under the dark cloud of the attorney general of Israel, who has promised to issue the indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribe and improper use of government funds, both by him and by his wife.

Israel needs your prayers, and P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and his family need your prayers. The situation that is happening now in Israel is no good for anyone in Israel and amongst Israel’s friends. Pray for the Lord to give wisdom to our country and to our government leaders.

Keep praying for the following members of my wife Marcia’s family:

  1. June, her mother who had fallen two weeks ago and broken her hip bone, had surgery and is now in rehab. She is 90 years old.
  2. Horace, Marcia’s father, is well past 90 years old and is unable to care for himself.
  3. Ashton, Marcia’s grand-niece, who is 16 years old and had a very bad car accident, and is in the hospital already a second week. She is off life-support, but is still seriously injured.

Keep my immediate family in your prayers, especially Marcia my wife, Danah our daughter, and Noaam our granddaughter, and Barry, Beth, and Joey, and me too. We are all in need for God’s healing hand to touch us and heal and strengthen and keep us fit to continue doing the work of spreading the Good News.

Pray for a dear sister in Finland, Anne-Mirjiami, who is in need of God’s gracious healing of her back and leg.

Please pray for the international conference in Warsaw, Poland, today. This conference is to discuss with the friendly Arab countries in the region the situation with Iran and Iran’s defiance and continued development of aggressive military nuclear capability. I pray for wisdom to our P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and for V.P. Mike Pence, and all the foreign ministers from the Persian Gulf States and the Saudi Arabians, Jordan, and other governments who are represented in this conference.

Please pray for the Lord to send us some talented and capable and young men and women to fill the positions that we need to take Netivyah to the next stage of growth and blessing for the Kingdom of God and for Israel’s sake.

We need a new van for the ministry, for the “Hamotzi” food distribution program, for the youth group, and for dozens of other uses and ministry needs. Some of you our brothers and sisters have been giving generously for this van, but we are only halfway through to fill this need. I am asking those of you who want to give and haven’t done so yet, to make an effort and give soon.

Pray for the conference for the restoration of the Anussim and their decedents that is going to be held in Portugal, May 17-19, and the Prayer Tour that is going to cover four cities where Jews were tried by the courts of the Catholic Church and executed, either by torture that at times lasted months and even years, or by being burned alive.

This tour will be a prayer tour – a pure spiritual battle not only for what happened in the past but for the growing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel (anti-Semitism) sentiment that is growing the world over. We need you to make a major effort and join this conference in the city of Castelo-de-Vide, Portugal.

Please pray for the conference itself. I have the program now and the speakers who are going to participate in this conference. No one can even imagine how important this conference is going to be and what caliber of speakers have already made the commitment and confirmation of their participation.

Anyone who is interested in Israel, in the Anussim victims of the Inquisition, and in Aliyah to Israel ought to start praying now and make a sincere effort to participate in this conference. It will be a real and true opportunity to do spiritual warfare on the highest level.

The time is getting short, and if you intend to participate, please register and make your reservation for the hotels and the tour, and flights as well.

Click here for information on how to join and where to register, including help with flights.

Please pray also for the upcoming Netivyah 40th Anniversary Tour in November 2019.

Click here for more information on the Netivyah 40th Anniversary Tour.

Please remember our dear brother Jacob Damkani in your prayers. He is still not back to himself, but he is well enough to go home from the hospital, and that makes him much happier. And of course, it makes Elisheva, his faithful wife, much happier to have Jacob back home. Please keep Jacob and Elisheva in your prayers.

Dr. M. Song, from Korea, and his whole family have been some of the most faithful prayer warriors for Aliyah and for Israel, and for Netivyah. I ask you all to mobilize yourself, your time, your family, and your friends, and lift Dr. M. Song and his family in your prayer. Pray for healing that will come from the Lord, and pray for strength in Dr. Song’s spirit and in his family.

Keep a dear sister in the Lord named Courtney in your prayers.

I am adding two very important prayer requests:

Amir the son of Amira – he is a young man, a father and a husband, and a nephew of some of our very close Arab/Palestinian friends. Also pray for the grandmother of Amir, Um Abu-Eid – she is a dear old Arab/Palestinian.

The other family that needs healing is in Sweden – Tertu and Tapio Luca. They are true prayer warriors for Israel and for Netivyah, and they too need healing from serious health issues.

Please continue praying for baby Lion from the Huch family in DFW. Little Lion is doing better, but still far from being out of the woods.

Please keep praying for Eli, my nephew, is dealing with a very serious stage 4 cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy.

Please continue to pray for our Jewish brother Hillel from Helsinki.

Pray for Patty, Andrea, and Tineke – all are in the Netherlands and need healing from God.

Continue to pray for Julia and Victor, our dear sister and brother in Jerusalem. Both need healing and God’s help. Please add a dear sister that is suffering from prejudice in Switzerland. Her name is Paula and she needs divine breakthrough.

Please keep praying for a dear sister named Zhou WenriIan living in China. There is a dear Pastor Isaac in Chenai, India, who has a deep love for the Lord and for Israel. He is sick with kidney problems and needs dialysis treatment several times per week. Please pray for a medical miracle for Pastor Isaac, and pray for his ministry in the Kingdom of God.

I am also asking you to pray for a dear sister in China who is doing so much for the Kingdom of God – her name is Ema! She has a big burden for a big school that needs the Lord to bless it and open up all the avenues of blessing, and enable success both in the physical and spiritual realm.

Margareta is a dear woman who is Orthodox Jewish. Please keep her in your prayers.

George, Gary, Melanie, and Aharon (Nancy and Don’s son), Sarit, David S., Gabriela, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Yehuda H., Hannah, Gabriela the young, Zvi D. and his dear wife, and Nancy. These are all related to our congregation in Jerusalem and need healing and strength.

These brothers and sisters from around the world need your prayer and your intercession, and healing: Paulo, Noami, Tim Tucker, Anne-Mirjami, Satu-Maria and Anna-Majia, Sinni Tuuli, Erki and Sirpa, Keijo and Salme, Evelina, Eva H., Marcelo’s parents, Curita Sensei, the Abe family, Toru, Takeo Sensei, Daisuke Sensei, Tomoko San, Yumi, and her father and family.

Please keep praying for dear sister Ruby L., who is in Oklahoma City. Ruby’s situation is very difficult, and she needs the mercy of the Lord for healing, and the help of brothers and sisters for daily basic needs.

Please pray for Ritva Huhtala and for sister Oksanen. They need prayer for illness. Please pray for Louisa and Tony in Hong Kong. I have special concern for our dear brother Goh and his family, and for Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Knezevich. These are all people for whom you are praying, but I want you to know that these are also people who pray for Israel and for Netivyah and stand and support both Israel and Netivyah. I want to add a brother from Brazil who is living in Portugal now and is having some serious family problems. His name is Ismael Alves.

I wish all of you who stand with Israel and who pray for Jerusalem the best of the Lord’s blessings and the fulfillment of all of His promises to His faithful children. For the Lord is gracious and longsuffering and good to all, but especially to those who have faith and hear His word and do it. Those who hear God and do His will are the ones who are called Wise! Those who only hear His word and don’t do it are called foolish! Let us all strive to be wise and never foolish!

Thank you all and know that we in Jerusalem love and appreciate you!