Youth Center

Give an at-risk youth
a Happy Hanukkah.

Help Netivyah give aid to the
Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Center.

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(Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Center)
has 75 years of experience in treating at-risk children and youth, with a 70% rehabilitation success rate.

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Open 24/7
all year round

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100 Residents

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Ages 7-15

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Facilities include a school, dormitory, and medical clinic.

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JHTC provides therapy with animals, music, and art.

As believers, one of our main questions is, “what can we do?” That question is the opposite of the question everyone's asking in the world today, which is: “What about me? What's in it for me?”

Everything revolves around “me”.

Modern egotism brings with it intense feelings of hate, fear, disappointment, uselessness, lack of control, and jealousy. And the first victim is the family.

In many ways, man's impulses, his choices, his creative power, his strength is pointed in bad directions. The result is abandoned children, violent parents, parents in prison, or drug addicts.

The result is children who are physically and sexually abused, who remain emotionally damaged. Some end up on the streets and people take advantage of them even more.

Kids like these, they need a different home.

And there is a home. A huge complex on the outskirts of Jerusalem that saves abandoned, damaged children, a home that serves as a school that educates and heals these children.

Hello, my name is Yehuda Bachana. I'm the co-director of Netivyah. We at Netivyah are always looking for where and how we can help, and we found this home, which has a 70% success rate in restoring these damaged children, and integrating them into society.

Their story touched our hearts, and after a visit to understand the depth of their work and needs, we decided we had to help. We are asking you to join us in helping them as well.

This children's home is open all day, every day, throughout the year. It houses about 100 boys and girls from ages 7 to 15.

The team that cares for them is a dedicated team. They wholeheartedly invest themselves in their work, providing stability and warm human interaction.

The facilities include a school, a dormitory, a medical clinic, and many therapeutic programs involving animals, music and art. Each child gets individual treatment.

I want you to know that the most difficult and depressing times for these children are the holidays, where they need more care, more investment, more interaction than usual. So they need our help.

We're coming up on Hanukkah, a holiday of the victory of light over darkness, a holiday of miracles. We're gonna give these kids a happy holiday full of light.

Our goal is to restore these children's faith in humanity and integrate them into society.

Here I want to ask you to open your hearts and give whatever you can, because together we can invest more, together we can save more children.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas on Unsplash
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