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The World gets shocked from the abuse of children and the trade in human beings to poverty. However there are only a few issues of social and religious injustice that have lasted for hundreds of years and yet only a few in the world are aware of this injustice. This long lasting injustice that started in the 15th century and has still not made right is a deep stain on the history of religion for mankind. In Portugal there are still Jewish people who live a double life, as Christians in the open and as Jews in secret. Many of these people want to reclaim their identity as Jews but they don’t want to be forced to convert to Judaism because they are Jews by blood and by choice of life-style, all-being in secret.

The city of Castelo de Vide is one of places where the Jews from Spain crossed to Portugal to escape the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition. This city is again opening it’s doors to help and welcome the Jewish people and to help bring to the world understanding the suffering of these Anussim / Marrano Jews and their desire to return to their Jewish Identity and relationship to the Jewish Community and Israel.

The City of Castelo de Vide with Netivyah in Israel and with ABRAJIN in Brazil is conniving a special conference of international scholars to raise the awareness and issues of the Anussim to the world. This conference is for scholars and for every one who loves Israel and the Jewish people and believes in the Restoration of both Israel and the church. Historical problems will not be resolved alone. Everything that was done in the darkness has to be brought to the light before the deep infection and pain that was inflicted under the shadow of the Cross to the very nation that gave the world the Bible is resolved and justice is seen.

In this conference first class leaders in the battle for the Anussim from around the world will present the historical data and stories of the survival of the Anussim in Portugal and Brazil. Both Christian and Jewish leaders with social sensitivity will make a clear call to the Jewish Community and to the State of Israel to open the doors and show hospitality to these hidden Jews of Portugal.

Leaders from as far as Japan and Korea, United States, Germany, Finland, and Israel will be participating in this conference and showing their stand with the Jewish people and the State of Israel and calling for justice and repentance and reconciliation with these millions of people who still hold their true identity in secret. The deep fear built into the souls of the Anussim by the Inquisition and what was called “The Holy Office” of the Catholic Church has to be lifted up and both Jews and Christians have to actually do this act.

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