Building Project

With thanks to God and on Monday the 15th of June we moved into the new building, the first thing we want to say is the traditional blessings, “Blessed are you Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion.”

We thank our brothers from around the world who supported, encouraged, donated and sacrificed so much. We thank them for their loyalty and unconditional love, it is because of you that we are here today. We were overjoyed and honored that so many friends from around the world joined us in March to celebrate and dedicate the building to God’s work.

Today the offices are up and running, the congregation meets weekly, the children’s rooms are prepared and ready.

 We will continue to bear the torch and vision of Netivyah, pushing forward in Israel and around the world, continuing teaching, and releasing written material to enrich the body of the Messiah. The congregation strives to be like the first century church, and we will serve as a bridge of understanding, education and guidance between the Jewish and the Christian worlds. Within the gate of this building shall forever be engraved the truth of the holy scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, they are our treasure now and forever.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve from within this new building, we feel a great responsibility for this gift that God entrusted to us and feel an obligation to put the faith that God seeded in our hearts into action.

Once again, We want to emphasize the gratitude for your support and love,  THANK YOU.

The Netivyah Staff