The Jerusalem Prayer List – Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Israel’s day of independence celebrations are over. Our congregation had a good picnic today and many people came to the park in the old neighborhood where our family used to live and spread out in the park. We had two big charcoal grills and tones of meat, steaks and hamburgers, and hot dogs, and chicken, and vegetables of all kinds to grill and feed the crowd. In our congregational activities food is never a problem our members always bring so much food and good food that it is seldom that we can eat everything that people bring. The new thing this year is that our members also brought their dogs and their babies. We have several new babies in our congregation and we have more expecting mothers on the way. It is a joy to be out in the park with all of Israel and play and eat and cook and enjoy the fellowship and sing and play ball. Praying together is so very important for a congregation but also playing together is very important for a congregation. We thank God that our congregation can not only pray together but also play together and at times even argue and fight with each other and still see that the bigger goals and challenges that we all face keep us together.

In a few hours Marcia and I will be flying to Portugal to make contact with the people who are going to help us organize the international conference to build up and awaken awareness on the plight of the Anusim / Marrano Jews. These Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism in the 15th Century and if they would do one Jewish practice they could be burned alive and tortured even unto death by the Catholic Church and the Christians of Spain and Portugal. I believe that many in the world and even many in Israel and in the Jewish Community don’t really know what was going on in Portugal and how much fear and intimidation the Catholic church succeeded to instilled in the souls of these people. Now it is time for these hidden Jews to get out of the Catholic cloak and restore their real identity. The problem is that the Orthodox Jewish authorities wants to force them to convert to Orthodox Judaism and force them to become Orthodox, and if they don’t they would be rejected and not allowed into the Jewish community or allowed to immigrate to Israel. I feel that we as Jewish Disciples of Yeshua must fight this fight with the Anusim / Marrano Jews and insure that Israel will recognize that a sincere faith in God and acceptance of Yeshua as the Messiah is not a cause for rejecting these people as Jews. They have paid a very high price to preserve their Judaism and keep as much as possible the Jewish holidays and prayers. Please pray for us and for Marcelo and Matheus. Marcelo and Matheus are coming from Brazil and we already have several speaking engagements in the Porto region of Portugal. We will be meeting many important people and we hope to involve them with this conference that we want to have in 2010. Please pray for this conference and the success of raising public awareness and drive the Restoration of the church and of Israel’s faithfulness to God one step forward.

These battles might seem to some not so productive, but the truth is that it is my opinion that this a very big and important step toward the raising of public opinion to the fact that it is possible to be 100% Jewish and 100% disciple of Yeshua the Messiah.

The work on the floors of the Netivyah building is going to be finished before the week-end, the Lord willing, and we will have new floors in the entrance and kitchen and bathrooms. It will cost us about 20,000 dollars, but we have a safe floor and no danger of collapse.

Please pray for Lonnie and Barbara, they are some wonderful old soldiers of righteousness that need right now God’s healing touch. The same is true for Ruby, and Paulo, and Paula, and Liz and her sister. WE also must pray for the hundreds of people who have been infected with the Pig flu virus all around the world. It is so strange that such a small thing like a virus can drive the whole world crazy and endanger so many people all around the world. In Israel six cases have been discovered with this virus. There are countries like Egypt that have given an order to kill every pig in the country. I suppose that we can all pray for the Good Lord to deal with this virus and protect His children from this pig flu.

We keep praying for those in Israel who are in need of healing: Sarit, Sara and Zvi, and Miriam, and Tim Tucker in Finland, and Ilana, Lea, Ahuva, Ula in Finland, and please keep Marcia Shulam also in your daily prayers.

God bless you all and please keep Israel in your prayers and don’t forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Thank you and be blessed by the Almighty God of Israel and Yeshua our Messiah,

Joseph Shulam

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