The Jerusalem Prayer List – Thursday, October 1st, 2009

We are recovering from the fast of Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). This is a 25 hour fast without food and without water and standing up an praying and worshiping most of the hours of the day. There is no place on God’s good Earth that is like Jerusalem on Yom Kippur. The streets are all empty from cars The children play and ride bicycles in the middle of the streets and the city is so very very peaceful and quite and everything is totally closed. When I say everything, I mean everything is closed. There are no shops or transportation or movies or gas stations or anything. Our congregation in Jerusalem has developed a tradition to hire hotel rooms close to our building and help members of the congregation to stay in the hotel and walk to the congregation on the eve of Yom Kippur and pray and sleep in the hotel and start the services the next day from around 9:00 to 18:00 hours. It is a glorious prayer service with wonderful and special songs and the reading of the whole book of Jonah and the study of the texts of the Day of Atonement from Leviticus chapter 16 and especially talk about the Atonement of our sins by Yeshua our Messiah.

We had well over 120 adults worshiping most of the day and we ended the fast with food that our congregation fixed. It was a full day and a very meaningful day for just about all who attended. We had people that came from Tel-Aviv and from Ashdod and from other congregations in Jerusalem to be with us. When a person goes through the traditional prayers for the Day of Atonement forgivness of sins does not stay a religious issue. Atonement becomes a psychological reality. Forgivness of sins is a deep need of every soul and if it is left only as a religious teaching and concentrated on the doctrinal level of God’s Grace it can not be really experienced as a true release of guilt and the essential psychological freedom from guilt. In the traditional prayers there is a repetition of a long list of prayers for forgivness of such sins as gossip and evil speech and taking something that is not yours by mistake and not returning it and in fact more than 100 sins listed that touch each normal human being deep in the heart. Just by confessing together the long list of sins and desiring to repent and declaring that forgivness from God is effective for us through the blood of Yeshua it is such a release from guilt.

The Portugal Conference project for 2010 is catching wind and going forward. We are building the program and starting to organize the speakers and teachers and the international support. Just today I had a meeting with representatives from Spain who have made a commitment to participate and bring with them important public opinion makers to the conference. This conference is not for conference sake it is for making a change in the very conscienceness of the Jewish nation and the State of Israel and the Christians as well – that there are many hundreds of thousands of Jews who have been living in fear and intimidation from the Catholic Church for more than 500 years. These hidden Jews are in fear from extinction because the younger generation is becoming secular and the older generation is no longer living in small villages that can transfer the traditions and customs to the next generation. On the other hand the Jewish authorities can not do to these people what the Catholic Church did and force them to convert to Orthodox Judaism and force these people who have kept their Jewishness in secret beside their faith in Jesus and participation in the Church on the outside. We need your prayers and your support for this major project of saving this last generation of Anusim / Marranos from Portugal. We are talking of over 2,000,000 people who are potentially capable of reclaiming their Jewish Identity. We have some of the top Jewish scholars and historians that deal with this topic working with us and promising to participate in this conference. We have several mayors from cities in Portogal that are participating and supporting this project. We need your prayers for this really miraculous event that has the potential to change the way the world perceives Jewish Disciples of Yeshua.

Kol HaYeshua Radio is broadcasting the Good News seven days for one hour each day. Today I finished recording a series of twelve lessons on King David. This series is just one more series of teaching in Hebrew that we have done for Kol HaYeshua over the years. We have over 3000 different teachings in Hebrew that have been broadcast by T.W.R. International and covers the whole Middle East. Kol HaYeshua and T.W.R. are challenged to keep producing quality programs in Hebrew. We are doing the Through the Bible programs as well and we are asking all of those who want to see Israel hear the Good News of Yeshua and study the Bible in the only Hebrew media program keep us in prayer. I ask you to pray for Through the Bible program and the production of these programs until the end of the project and we cover the whole Bible with these programs. It is not easy to do five programs per week and there are not many people who are capable of doing five programs per week with clarity and intensity that can touch the hearts of the listeners. We ask you to pray for Kol HaYeshua and the programs that we produce to be heard and to be effective in touching hearts.

Netivyah is beginning to raise funds for the building project. We need to raise over one and a half million dollars so that we can build an extra floor and a basement bomb shelter and open up the meeting hall to make a place for worship and fellowship for our community in the heart of Jerusalem.

The very impact of this building project is going to be a major witness of biblical faith for all the believers and also for the churches in the world. I believe that if everyone who reads this prayer list can contribute 1000 dollars in the next year for the building we can raise all the funds that we need for this building very quickly and start building very soon. We have near 1700 readers all around the world and I think that my math is not wrong. But the truth is that contributing any amount will do the job because there will be some that will contribute more and some less and all will pray for fulfilling the request of the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 11 to provoke Israel to jealousy.

We are also still praying for a home that will house and care for our brothers and sisters who are old and no longer can take care of themselves. There is only one such a place in the land of Israel it is very small and it is in Haifa and it is ran by the Lutheran Church from Scandinavia. There is nothing that Messianic Jewish Disciples of Yeshua do or have in this land that can supply the basic humanitarian needs of our community. We need your prayers for this project and we need your support. Right now we have in our congregation alone five people who are older than 85 years old and most of them have a very difficult time to care for themselves. It is a real need and I really believe for it because I know that old people and widows are dear to the heart of God Himself.

The Soup-Kitchen is back in full swing. There are literally hundreds of people who stand in line twice a week to receive food. We have stopped to take food to people’s homes in order to save money and also work. We are feeding many more people for with the same budget. We have cut the quantity that each person receives and have increased the number of people and families who can enjoy this grace for the poor people of Jerusalem. We need your prayers for two things, the staff and the gracious attitude of both those who serve the public with this food and those who receive this service. We also ask you to continue supporting this project financially.

The Teaching from Zion magazine is going out next week in Hebrew. We have restored the publication of the Teaching from Zion in Hebrew. We have near 1000 Hebrew speaking and reading people on our mailing list. The magazines that are published in Israel by the Christian Community and the Messianic Jews community are mostly translated from Calvinistic and Baptist writers in English. There is only one small exception to the above statement and that is a smaller monthly newspaper called Kivun. The Hebrew Teaching from Zion will be the first quarterly magazine with full A4 size paper that will have all Hebrew material written by people living in Israel and mostly Jews. The new name of this Hebrew magazine will be “Something Else” and it will be promoting Restoration ideas and a Jewish understanding of our faith in Yeshua and the Word of God. We need your prayers for this new project because we believe that the Body of the Messiah in Israel deserves something more serious and more local and more Jewish and more Biblical than all the traditional Western Christian denominational “stuff” that is being presented as Messianic Jewish. This is a new project and we are going to do it by faith without preset budget – strictly by faith that this magazine will have serious effluence on the body of the Messiah in Israel.

We have to continue praying for the sick brothers and sisters that we know. I received a report from Brazil that our brother Paulo is doing better. I ask you all to continue praying for Paulo from Brazil. Lonnie our dear brother in N.C. United States is out of the hospital and in a rehab center for a few weeks. We must continue praying for Lonnie and Barabara his wife. Lonnie is in his 80’s and he is a real valient soldier of the Cross that has proven for many years his faithful walk with the Lord. We have to keep praying for our dear sister Ruby who has been suffering for so many years from chronic pain in her back. We pray for Sara and Zvi in Jerusalem, and for Sarit and her only brother who is in the hospital with serious condition. We have Ahuva, Leah and Ilana three dear sisters from Finland who have been for o many year serving the Jewish people in Israel and are now older and sick and in need of a healing blessing from God. We pray for Marcia and David and David who all need a special dispensation of God’s grace for healing and strength. In two weeks I shall be in Japan, the Lord willing, I shall meet with sister Kemi and have a chance to pray with her for her strength and healing in person. I would like to ask you all to pray for this dear sister in Japan.

Well, I have to ask you to pray for the safety of our youth group who is going next week to do a bicycle tour around the Sea of Galilee. They will camp out on the shores of the Sea of Galilee by night and ride during the day around the Sea. They will take it easy and ride only about 25 Kilometers per day and build a camp again. They will study and pray and enjoy the fun together. I ask you to pray for their safety and good health and protection from any harm or accident on the way. Yuda will be leading the youth group on this project and Hannah and Nathaniel and Oleg will be the counselors.

We appreciate your prayers and your support and your love and your care for us all and for the salvation of all of Israel. Thank you!

Joseph Shulam

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