The Jerusalem Prayer List – Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are in Finland enjoying the liquid Sunshine of a typical Finish Summer and the warm hospitality of our dear brothers and sisters. It is always refreshing to visit Finland and share the fellowship of our Finish brothers and sisters. We had a nice seminar in the middle of Finland on the subject of Elijah the prophet and the relevance of his message for our life and the world of today. We have a very nice and dedicated group of young people, but this year only very few of them came to the seminar because many of them are in the Universities and this is the summer examination period in the schools. The older population of brothers and sisters is so very dedicated and always eager to learn more from God’s Word and for me as a teacher it is a pleasure to teach people who are eager to learn. We have another seminar in the same place this week-end and another whole week traveling and teaching throughout Finland and another week-end seminar with the Finish Christian Radio Ministry. There is no problem to keep busy in Finland, but also our brothers have taken care to give us a day or two of rest in between all the running around and we appreciate this very much.

Elijah is a very enigmatic personality. He appears on the scene out of no-where and lands with a very heavy handed opening statement: “As the LORD God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except at my word.”

Can you imagine any preacher today get up before the President of the United States and make such a statement? I believe that he would be instantly committed to the nearest mental hospital. However, Elijah did it and got bye with it. He did have to run away into the TransJordan to the brook Cherith and from there to Sidon and be housed for three years by a Gentile Widow Woman in the city of Zarephath until he was ready to return by the Word of the Lord and restore the rain to the Land of Israel. Here are some good points for all of us to remember from this story of Elijah:

1. Just because you did what God told you to do it does not mean that you will be instantly rewarded and given a new car and a gold rolex watch. Doing the Will of God and speaking His Word sometimes can get you in trouble with the “powers that be” down here on Earth. Every classical prophet of God had a price to pay for speaking God’s Word and I don’t see any reason why things today have to be different. We must not forget that there is always a reward for doing God’s Will, but that reward is not always instant and Earthly.

2. Just because someone is outrageous it does not mean that he is not speaking God’s Word of Truth. We pay too much stock to the “form” and too little stock to the “substance” of what we hear from the Pulpit. We must at times overlook the tool that God uses and look at the work that He is doing through His tools.

3. The proof of God’s Truth is in the results and in what actually happens and not what is advertised from the pulpit or from the Television channels. Elijah did what he said that he would do and he did it with God’s power.

4. We can always find something to criticize the men of God and in fact we do! Can you imagine what the people in the “churches” of Israel could have spoken against Elijah to try to discredit him and his message? They could have said: What kind of a man of God is Elijah – he is living with a Gentile Widow and her son without being married to her! Elijah is not working for three years and he is allowing the old Gentile widow to support him! Sure he says that God is providing food for them by a miracle, but who knows what kind of secret business Elijah and this widow have to provide such a plenty in times of such difficulties for everyone else? Don’t let gossip and evil thinking color your ability to see and evaluate the Work of God. Planting doubts about God’s Work in people’s mind is the work of the devil and not the Work of God. On this point I must confess that I need to repent myself.

Well, let us pray for each other to be more open to hear and see the Work of God in our own days and have the courage to speak the truth in love even under the most outrageous circumstances like Elijah the prophet and John the Baptist did in their day.

There is real progress in our program for Portugal and we must have your prayers and blessings to make that a reality. There are millions of Jewish people who have been forced to convert to Catholicism during the years of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition. They have retained their Jewish identity in secret and many of them also believe in truth that Yeshua is the Messiah. We have to reclaim and restore these people back to the fold of Israel out of their own free will and desire and not by force like the Catholic Church did in the past. We have several very important personalities of international acclaim that have joined our cause and are willing to both lend a hand and participate in this project. It is something very big and very important for both the Lord’s body and for Israel. We need you to lift this cause before the Lord and ask for His guidance and provision to make it possible to raise up this flag and wave it for the glory and honor of the Lord God of the Univers.

In the Netivyah building in Jerusalem we have had to do some urgent repair and upkeep in the last month and a half. We hope that we will not have more to do! We have had to pay near 40,000 dollars in repair bills! So, you can imagine what our financial condition is now! These repair works had to be done and we did not have a choice but to do them if we want to continue using the building safely. We are in the same time waiting for the judge to give his verdict on the building project. Please pray for the kind Judge to give a verdict of justice and righteousness based on Israeli law and the values of a democratic state. We live by the values of God’s Word, but as for our countries the best that we can expect is that they live according to their democratic values and standards of righteousness. I really do believe that this judge is going to give a just and righteous verdict. Please pray for us!

Please pray for the Roeh Israel Congregation in Jerusalem. We are going through some difficulties and in a way this might be good because it will do us good to resolve these difficulties and allow the Good Lord to teach us and may be prune us so that we can get new energies for growth. We need your prayers for God’s peace and direction and guidance and leading for growth.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Finland! There are many brothers who are getting older and the new generation has to raise up to the task of leadership. I believe that God is going to raise up younger leadership and give guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our brothers and sisters in Brazil also need a special dispensation from God and protection. I pray that the Lord will bless all the leadership of the congregations and provide them with both good health and strength and the financial means to lead and accomplish what is needed in their ministry. The challenges everywhere are very big and with the changes in our World there has to come a special dispensation of God’s Grace and provision for all of His Disciples.

Please continue to lift up our sick in Israel and those in the United States and in Brazil and in Finland. We have those with Chronic illnesses that need a healing touch of God’s Hand: Sara and Zvi, and Ahuva, Lea, Ilana, Sarit, Bat-Sheva, David, Marcia, Aggi, and Miriam. We have Ruby and Sharon and Liz, in the United States. In Brazil we continue to pray for a very fine young man, Paulo. He is in a spiritual battle that has some serious health ramifications and we ought to mention his name before the Lord as often as we pray and remember the sick brothers and sisters. God is able to heal, and restore, and rebuild and renew our strength and our health! We can call upon His name and Yeshua will answer our prayers in His good time in the ways of His Grace and Mercy.

Please continue to help us do the Work of the Lord in Israel and in Finland and in Brazil and in other places that the Lord calls us to serve. Pray for my health and for the Lord to give me healing and strength and wisdom to do a good job and keep the charge that He has given me for the salvation of Israel!

Thank you all,

Joseph Shulam

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