The Jerusalem Prayer List – September 10, 2009

I started the day today with a early call from our secretary that a group of 11 Swedish church leaders were at 8:30 a.m. in my office waiting for me. Well, I was not planning to go to the office today, but when 11 guests from Sweden come what can one do. I got dressed quickly and got to the office at 9:17 a.m. Hannah our office manager gave our guests coffee and cookies and also “Teaching from Zion” magazines and brochures with information about Netivyah. The appointment had been made many months ago and it was made for 9:30 a.m. and not for 8:30 a.m., but all is well that ends well. I did not have anything prepared to share with these guests so I opened up for questions and answer session. The first question that I was asked was about the meaning of baptism in the New Testament. I did not expect such a question from Swedish Christians. Sweden is a very Lutheran country and in fact a very liberal Lutheran country and baptism is in general not a subject that Scandinavian Lutherans like to talk about

too much. But these Swedes were not Lutherans, they were Pentecostal Pastors and they just wanted to know more about what Jews say about baptism. Well, the discussion lasted four hours and after we discussed baptism we talked about many other biblical subjects. Our conversation was interesting but the most important thing was that we had opportunity to develop a relationship around the Word of God. In Jerusalem and especially in Netivyah we have so many unique and very special opportunities. I started the discussion about Baptism from the Torah of Moses and the concept of purification before sanctification. Baptism is a Jewish practice and Jews were baptizing many years before Yeshua was born and in fact today every Jewish community has a “Mikvah” a baptistry in the Synagogue or in the community center near the Synagogue. These are in fact the roots of baptism in the New Testament. Baptism is a inseparable part of the process of salvation. The process starts with faith enlightenment and continues to confession and from confession to repentance and from repentance to baptism and finally to sanctification and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We are starting the campaign for raising funds for the building project of Netivyah. The judge ruled in our favor and that alone is a wonderful victory of the Israeli Justice system and our victory as Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in the land of Israel. The building project is going to cost around one million and and a half. We will have a building that will have an auditorium for 250 people and the modern kitchen for the Soup-Kitchen will be on the second floor. On the top floor there will be a fellowship hall and an apartment for visiting guests. There will be also an elevator and a big bomb shelter and storage space. This building will be one of the few buildings in Jerusalem that is owned and designed for a Jewish Synagogue for the Disciples of Yeshua. WE need to start the fund raising for this building now. I have held back from raising funds for our building until we actually get the court verdict and until we are sure that we would get the license to build our building in Jerusalem.

When we talk about provoking Israel to jealousy I am sure that this court decision to grant us the building permits and allow us to build is a very big step in that direction because it is not the building that we build that will provoke anyone to jealousy, but it is the love that Christians have for us and for Jerusalem and Israel that will provoke jealousy. You can and ought to have a part in this provoking to jealousy and grafting back into the natural olive tree the broken and burned and abused branches.

Please pray for the building project of Netivyah. This is not a church building that is used just a few hours per week. The Netivyah building even now is used every day. It is a building used for humanitarian blessing for the poor of Jerusalem, it is a building used for youth activities, and the Soup-Kitchen, and it is a building used for the Congregation of Roeh Israel and for much more. Even now Netivyah is a beacon of light to so many Messianic Jews around the world.

The Jewish Fall Holiday Season is coming upon us very fast and this is the last Sabbath before Rosh HaShanah and ten days later it is Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) and four days later the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth). We will have many guests and family members of who will come to worship with us on the Holidays. Please pray that our worship and prayers will open the windows of heaven for this land and this country and God’s grace will flow to bless the land and the people with rain of blessings. The prayer books of Orthodox Judaism are so full of wonderful things that point toward the Lord God of Israel and the Messiah of Israel and all the secrets and mystories are all in the prayer books. These prayer books are just like the hymnals in the churches, but the traditions and prayers in the Jewish Prayer book are much older and may be richer then most hymnals.

Well, we have to keep praying for the sick and here is my list of people that I pray for healing and grace of good health: Marcia my wife, my daughter and grand-daughter and my son Barry, my grandson Joseph and my daughter-in-law Beth, my mother-in-law June. I also pray for Ahuva our dear sister who is truly one of the pioneers in Israel and now she does not hear and gets so frustrated in the congregational meetings because she can’t understand what is being said. I pray for Lea, and Ilana, and Sarit, and Miriam, Zvi and Sarah, and David our dear brother. I pray for Paulo in Brazil and Ruby in Oklahoma, and Kemi in Japan. I pray for many other people too but they don’t want to be mentioned in this prayer list.

I pray for our work in Kol HaYeshua radio broadcasts. The quality of the broadcasts is very high and the teaching is wonderful, but we pray for more responses and better flow-up.

I pray for the Soup-Kitchen because we are really stretching our budget to keep up the same number people who need the services of our Soup-Kitchen. We have every day people who knock on our office door and ask to receive food and cry that their refrigerators are empty. In the last months we could not receive and accept new members into the list of people who receive food from the Soup-Kitchen. Now we are going to make a major effort for the Holidays to give food to all those who have asked for help.

We are also praying for better means to help those from our own congregation who need a little bit of help from their friends and brothers.

The core group of our congregation is doing very well and the so called ‘boot-camp’ of this group is going well and I believe people are growing into becoming a much more crystalized and coming together. This is a wonderful experience of raising up the next generation of leaders and equipping those who will lead the congregation and the Netivyah ministry in the next generation. Pray for this special group to come together and to do the work of the Lord.

Well, I will cut this letter short and just ask you to pray for us and intercede for us and for all of Israel.

Be blessed in Yeshua,

Joseph Shulam

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