The Jerusalem Prayer List – January 7th, 2016

This week all the Synagogues in the world are going to read Exodus 6:2- 9:35.  This is the story of the negotiation between Moses and Pharaoh.  There is much to learn about negotiation from the Word of God and negotiation is a part of life that all of us participate from birth till death.  For this reason it is important for us to learn from the Wisdom of God of how to best negotiate with the “opposition.”  Let us look at this lesson from the Word of God.

  1. 1.    God appoints Moses to go and deliver the people of Israel out of Egypt.  Moses does not feel that he is qualified for the job.  Moses argues with God and if you count, Moses goes three rounds with God, and God wins in the end.  How is it that God wins the argument with Moses?
    1. a.    God has made a decision and He is absolutely sure that He is right and is not willing to take a “NO” for an answer!  Some might call this “stubbornness” others ought to call it determination and assurance that this is the right thing to do.
    2. b.    God’s willingness to hear the other sides (Moses) reasons for rejecting the offer, and give a one on one response to every objection.  Moses says, “I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue”.  God answers Moses: “Who do you think made man’s mouth and who makes some people dumb or deaf, seeing or blind.  Is it not me, the Lord?”
    3. c.    When negotiating give your opposition the time and the respect to make his side of the argument and respond point by point concentrating on a proper logical response.
    4. d.    You can’t negotiate with people for whom you have no respect and or you feel superior to them.  You have to look at people on eye level and respect their dignity and only in this way you can really negotiate and win.
    5. e.    When you win the negotiation to your satisfaction make practical steps to quickly seize the opportunity to do what you negotiated and put it into action.  It does not pay to spend energy to negotiate and than be lax in putting into action or catching the object of your negotiation.  Don’t negotiate now if you are not ready now to put the objet of your negotiation into action.
    6. 2.    Moses does not go alone in the negotiation with Pharaoh comes with Aaron his brother.  Moses states the goal of his negotiation right out in the beginning: “Let my people Go!”  This is an outrageous demand.  What makes this so outrageous is that here you have a person who for forty years has been a fugitive from the law and without much self-confidence.
    7. a.    Being a discouraged and depressed person is not a permanent situation, for anyone.  A person can change.  God can equip a person of that demeanor and enable him to stand tall in front of his opponents.
    8. b.    Moses was assured and sure of the righteousness of his demand from Pharaoh.  You can’t negotiate if you have any doubts of the righteousness of your demands.  You have to know for sure that you are sure that your demands are righteous and just.
    9. c.    There is no room for compromise when you are sure of your righteous demands.
    10. d.    Your stubbornness or determination is not out of your selfish, greedy motives, but out of a much bigger mission of doing the right thing and being a blessing to your greater goals in life, your people, your nation, your family, your community, your divine mission in life. Only when you are not “working” to satisfy you greed and your selfish ambition can you stand firm and not compromise.
    11. e.    You must have some “tricks up your sleeve” to demonstrate to the other side that you are strong, capable, independent, and able to withstand any thing that the other side can dish. (The different powerful demonstrations of the plagues that God brought against Egypt).  You might say to yourself, “I am not God and God did not appointment to this job.  I don’t have any such powers.”  You might not have the same scope of “signs and wonders” that Moses received from God, but you can think of some demonstration of your powers.  Among “signs and wonders” that you can pull out of your bag are historical events and previous accomplishments that can point to your record and your previous successes.


I don’t know if this is helpful to you, but reading again the book of Exodus is inspiring me to be strong, determined, uncompromising for everything that is clearly true and pure in the Word of God.  From my experience in negotiating in the Jerusalem Old City Market, I learned that weakness or lack of confidence does not help you in negotiation.  We have to be kind and controlled and respect the other side, but at the same time believe in what you want and be sure that it is not selfish and motivated by greed, and that as a child of God you have God’s interest to be your interest for the greater God.


Please pray for Netivyah and for the Roeh Israel congregation in Jerusalem.  This weekend I am traveling to Seattle, WA, for five days.  I return to Jerusalem and after 24 hours Marcia and I fly out again, to Amsterdam, Holland, to teach a seminar on the Word of God and Anti-Semitism in the community of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Amsterdam.  From Holland we fly to California to teach and to celebrate our granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah (She is 12 going on 13 year old), and also do some teaching in California, and from there to Brazil for two weeks to teach in four different cities and participate in the 10th Congress of the “Teaching from Zion Ministry.”  So, please keep Marcia and myself in your prayers.  Especially pray for Marcia and my health, these are long distance trips and at 70 years old, we need your prayers for God’s blessing and protection.


Please continue to pray for Israel.  Israel is facing a new major challenge.  An Israeli Arab/Palestinian young man has attacked one of Tel-Aviv’s main streets last Friday and killed two young men and wounded 7 others in a shooting inside a coffee shop, and also killed an Arab taxi driver in order to take his taxi cab and run into Samaria.  All of Israel’s intelligence agencies have been looking for this young man for a week and they have not found him yet.  This opens up a new situation where the Israeli Arabs have not lost their respect and any allegiance to the State of Israel, any fear from Israel’s horrific intelligence capabilities.  The danger is that from inside of Israel we might see a major threat from Israeli citizens who have been born and raised in Israel and know perfect Hebrew and have access to everything in Israel.  We need your prayers!


Pray for Kol HaYeshua Radio.  Pray that the clear message of the Word of God will reach open and willing, truth seeking ears and hearts of honest people.


Pray for the Food Distribution program that Netivyah has been doing for many years.  Yesterday I wend down to see what is going on with the food distribution.  I was actually surprised at the quality and the generosity of this program.  We are giving six different “meats” – beef, chicken, ground meat, roast and more.  We are giving two kinds of “Star Kissed Tuna,” in oil and in water.  I looked in these pre-packed plastic bags that had a number 4 written on them.  I asked Yuda what does it mean “4”?  The answer that Yuda gave me was surprising.  Yuda said these bags have 4 kilograms of fresh fruits and 4 kilograms of fresh vegetables.  I wanted to see what quality of fruit and vegetables we are giving. Wow!  Fresh and beautiful produce much better than I can buy in the supermarkets in my neighborhood.  I am so proud of the work that Yuda, Oleg, Nancy, and several volunteers from our congregation are doing in this very essential and important service to the community.  Praise the Lord and thank you all for supporting this first class humanitarian project.


Please pray for the Rabbis in Israel.  There are some very positive moves among some young and progressive Orthodox Rabbis that are seeking to restore a saner and more Torah oriented Judaism.  


Please pray for brother Ohara in Okinawa, Japan.  This brother is the one who made the connection between Netivyah and Japan in 1986.  He has fallen and is seriously injured. Please also pray for Barnabas Kim in Japan.  He is a dear brother who is struggling with serious cancer.


Please pray brother Michael Knezevich in Portland, and Raymond and his family and work in Singapore, and Ruby in Oklahoma City, and in Japan we pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Curita in Tokyo, and the husband of Yumi, and Sadako San (she is in her high 90’s and has been praying for Israel for 75 years), Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San all in Japan.  Pray for Tim Tucker, Anna (she has fallen and is in the hospital now) and her daughters Satu-Maria, and Anne-Mirjim.  Anna-Majia is a dear sister who has been hospitalized for many years and I ask God to have mercy on her and heal her in Yeshua’s name, just like for all the other brothers and sisters who are ill.  In the United States we have our son Barry who just called me and said that he has bronchitis in addition to stomach problems.


Barry our son needs prayer for healing and Danah our daughter also needs your prayers.  Noaam our granddaughter is going to so her Bat-Mirzvah in two weeks and I am asking you to pray for her too.  Marcia’s parents Horace and June who are old and suffering from illness.


In Israel we need to pray for Marcia my wife, Sara and Zvi, Sarit, Miriam, Lev, Tania, David S., Zvi D., and for Luda who is in Russia right now.  I ask you to also continue to pray for Paul and Clara and especially Tirza who are in Brazil.


God bless you all and bless all that you are doing and bless your prayers to be heard by the Almighty and answered by His grace and love.


Joseph Shulam


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