The Jerusalem Prayer List – February 9, 2017

By Joseph Shulam

Do you have a feeling that society is falling apart?  Today in Israel there is such a feeling sweeping the land from top to bottom.  The reasons are a legion.

The Prime Minister and his wife are being investigated for corruption and bribes.

There a very high army and navy generals investigated for corruption and bribes.

Israel’s Parliament passed a provocative law late Monday that would retroactively legalize Jewish settlements on privately owned Palestinian land, pressing ahead with a statement of right-wing assertiveness despite the likelihood that the country’s high court will at least try to nullify the legislation.

The flag-ship of Israeli pharmaceutical industry – TEVA has lost more than 50% of the value of its stock both in the Israeli and in the international market. This will affect everyone who has a pension fund or any kind of stock investments.

The radical Orthodox Jewish elements in Israel are rioting because one Orthodox Jewish soldier was put in a military jail.  It is already three days that the riots are going on near the orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.  There are policemen wounded and there are more orthodox Jews in jail and the feast of Purim is getting closer.

The Hamas in Gaza is building fortifications and getting ready for another round of war with Israel.

ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups have shot rockets on the city of Eilat – no one was kileed and damage is minimal, but the very fact that they dared to shoot several Grad (Russina – North Korean – supplied by Iran) to the terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, and the Sinai desert) on the city of Eilat is serious enough to scare tourist away and damage Eilat’s major industry.

Please pray for Israel and for all the points above.

The reading of the Torah this week is from Exodus 13:17-17:16. The major event in this reading is the crossing of the Red Sea and the song of Moses that follows it.  The song of Moses is an epic song.  It describes the battle and the battle between Israel and its enemies is a battle that God is fighting and the victory is God’s victory.  The Champion of this battle is not Moses or Aaron or Israel, they are recipients of the victory that God has championed.

I will make commentary on this song in CAPTIAL LETTERS.

“Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the LORD, and spoke, saying: “I will sing to the LORD, For He has triumphed gloriously! [ALL THE CREDIT IS GIVEN TO THE LORD] The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea! The LORD is my strength and song, [YOU SEE A PROCESS DEVELOPING IN THIS VERSE AND   IN THE NEXT: THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH IS A USUAL AND NORMAL REALATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOD AND MAN.  EVERY ANCIENT RELIGION COULD CLAIM THIS.  THE LORD IS MY SONG IS ALREADY VERY SPECIAL.  A SONG IS AN EXPRESSION OF THE SOUL AND A OUT POURING OF EMOTION.] And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him;[THERE IS A PROGRESSIVE RELATIONSHIP THAT THE END OF THAT PROGRESS IS THAT THE LORD BECOMES MY PERSONAL SALVATION.]  My father’s God, and I will exalt Him. [GOD IS NOT ONLY MY LORD BUT ALSO THE HISTORICAL GOD OF OUR FATHERS. HE IS NOT A NEW SUDDENLY EMERGENT DIETY, BUT OUR HISTORICAL GOD WHO HAS A FAMILY HISTORY.]   The LORD is a man of war; The LORD is His name. [OUR GOD IS NOT A PACIFIST OR SHY TO WAGE WAR AGAINST HIS ENEMIES AND OUR ENEMIES. – WE SEE YESHUA PORTRAID AS AN EMISHIATED, WEAK, A PERSON WITH NO MUSCULES AND SKINNY TO THE BONE. THIS IS NOT THE GOD OF ISRAEL – THE GOD OF ISRAEL IS A MAN OF WAR.]  Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has cast into the sea; His chosen captains also are drowned in the Red Sea. The depths have covered them; They sank to the bottom like a stone. [THE EVIDENCE OF GOD’S STRENGHT IS THE WAY HE DEALT WITH PHARAOH AND THE EGYPTIAN ARMY. – WE MUST REMEMBER THAT EGYPT WAS THE GREATEST EMPIRE OF THE WORLD IN THOSE DAYS.  EGYPT RULED FROM TUNISIA IN THE WEST TO SOMALIA IN AFRICA.  A VAST AND RICH EMPIRE THAT HAD ACCESS AND COLONIES FROM MESOPOTAMIA TO THE SOUTH OF LAKE VICTORIA.] “Your right hand, O LORD, has become glorious in power; Your right hand, O LORD, has dashed the enemy in pieces. [IF WE TAKE THAT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD IS YESHUA – THAN WE MUST ACCEPT THAT YESHUA IS ALSO NOT A PACIFIST AND KNOW HOW TO DO WAR AND IN FACT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD IS THE ONE WHO HAS DASHED THE ENEMY.]   And in the greatness of Your excellence You have overthrown those who rose against You; You sent forth Your wrath; It consumed them like stubble. And with the blast of Your nostrils The waters were gathered together; The floods stood upright like a heap; The depths congealed in the heart of the sea. [THE ANCIENT BATTLE BETWEEN THE LAND AND THE SEA (SEE ISAIAH 51) IS TOTALLY UNDER GOD’S CONTROL AND HE IS VICTORIOUS OVER THE POWER OF THE SEA.] The enemy said, “I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; My desire shall be satisfied on them. I will draw my sword, My hand shall destroy them.’ You blew with Your wind, The sea covered them; They sank like lead in the mighty waters. [GOD HAS FULL CONTROL OF THE FORCES OF NATURE AND THE WATERS OF THE SEA.  THE SEA IS FIGHTING ON GOD’S SIDE AND IS OBEDIENT TO HIS COMMAND.]  “Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, Fearful in praises, doing wonders? You stretched out Your right hand; The earth swallowed them. You in Your mercy have led forth the people whom You have redeemed; You have guided them in Your strength To Your holy habitation. [GOD TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN AND LEADS THEM TO HIS HOLY MOUNTAIN (MT. ZION – THE PLACE OF THE TEMLE). “The people will hear and be afraid; Sorrow will take hold of the inhabitants of Philistia. Then the chiefs of Edom will be dismayed; The mighty men of Moab, Trembling will take hold of them; All the inhabitants of Canaan will melt away. Fear and dread will fall on them; [ALL OF THE NEIGHBORS OF ISRAEL, THE PHILISTINES, MOAB, EDOM, ARE ALL FULL OF FEAR AND HATE.]  By the greatness of Your arm They will be as still as a stone, Till Your people pass over, O LORD, Till the people pass over Whom You have purchased. [THIS STATEMENT IS A REVELATION THAT HINTS AT THE REDEMPTIVE POWER OF THE LORD.  SOMETHING THAT IS  PURCHASED MEANS THAT THERE IS A BELONGING A POSITION THAT HAS OWNERSHIP OF GOD OF HIS PEOPLE.]  THIS IS A MAJOR NEW TESTAMENT THEME BUT NOT EMPASIZED ENOUGH.  You will bring them in and plant them In the mountain of Your inheritance, In the place, O LORD, which You have made For Your own dwelling, The sanctuary, O LORD, which Your hands have established. [GOD IS BRINGING HIS PEOPLE WHOM HE PURCHASED TO THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (JERUASLEM) “The LORD shall reign forever and ever.”” [GOD IS KING AND HE IS GOING TO REIGN AS KING ETERNALLY.]

(Exodus 15:1–18 NKJV)

I have good news from my son Barry.  Barry visited the doctor today and his wound is healing well, slow and progressing well.  Barry also has bronchitis and has been given medication to deal with it.   Please keep Barry in your prayers for full healing by the hand of God.

Danah and Noaam are facing their challenges and they both need a whole lot of intersession and a special degree of mercy and wisdom for both Danah and Noaam.

This next week Yuda, Marcia and I, we are traveling to Brazil.  We need your prayers for health and especially for Marcia to stay healthy, have strength, and enjoy being with brothers and sisters in Brazil and be able to serve.  Today we received vaccination for Yellow Fever – that is now rampart in Brazil and in the places that we are going to visit.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Brazil that are investing so much work and time and money to make this congress a great success.  We are also taking a Torah Scroll (Kosher) for the new congregation in Vitoria, of the Holy Spirit.  The name of the new congregation is “Hesed Ve-Emet” – Grace and Truth.  There will be 10 brothers and sisters from China joining us in this congress in Belo-Horizonte and after the congress Marcia and I will join them in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This will be the first time that we have visited Argentina and we have a schedule that is full every day of our stay.  Please keep our dear brothers in Brazil in your prayers: Marcelo G., Matheus G., Francisco C., Jose-Maria B., and their wives and families.

Keep praying for the sick and those who need special blessings in their jobs and work.

Please keep Danah our daughter and Noaam our granddaughter in your prayers.  Danah is doing her best and more than her best to be a good mother.  She has been living an extreme Sacrificial life for her daughter.  Danah needs your prayers.  Please pray for God to give Danah a breakthrough in her life.  Pray to God to give her strength and give her health and give Noaam a deep appreciation for her mother and peace in her heart.

Please keep praying for the sick brothers and sisters from all around the World. I would like to ask you to pray for some friends who have a need for God’s blessing on their work:  Chung and Sister Lee.  I have special concern for our dear brother Goh and his family, and for Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Kenzevic, and Daniel L., and his company.   Pray for our dear brother David H., and his family in Finland. These are brothers who have needs in their work and God is gracious to bless and help those who have concern to bless others.

Please don’t forget to especial pray for healing and strength for our dear brothers in Murfreesboro.  Pray for our dear brother and sister Bobby, and Emmet, and Joe M., and Gloria D., these are all very precious brothers and friends are battling serious health issues and we must keep them in our prayers.

Please don’t forget to pray for our dear sister Ruby, and for my finest teachers, Dr. John McRay, and George Howard.

Keep Gary in your prayers and Nancy’s and Don’s son Aharon who is doing better now, but still is struggling with a tumor in his brain keep him in your prayers please! Yuri Marianenko a member of our congregation in Jerusalem is fighting a prostate cancer.  Our wonderful older brothers and sisters need our prayers:  Ahuvah Ben Meir, David Stern, Marcia Shulam, Sarit, Miriam, Ilana, and Leah.  This week I am adding to this prayer list our dear sister Lydia – lift her up in your prayers and ask for special encouragement for her from the Lord Himself.

We lift up our dear brothers and sisters Clara, Paulo, Naomi, Tim Tucker, Anna, Anne-Mirijami, Satu-Maria, Anna-Majia, Sinni Tuuli, Erki and Sirpa, and Evelina, Eva H., and our dear sister Liz J., in Georgia, and Horace and June Marcia’s parents.

We especially lift up before your throne of mercy Marcelo’s father and mother in Belo-Horizonte. We pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Curita in Tokyo, Toru San, and the husband of Yumi, Sadako San, Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San all in Japan.

Praying for the sick is something that we are not giving up.  We never know the minute in which God will send his healing and touch those for whom you are praying for healing.  It can be a physical healing and it can be healing of lives that are broken and it can be healing of people’s business and work.  God bless you all for praying for these needs and praying for Israel, and for Netivyah and all the wonderful things that are being done by a very small and busy staff.

God bless you and yours and provide for you all the blessings and prayers for Israel and for us personally.

May the good Lord keep all HIS blessings flowing to you and from you for the body of the Messiah world wide.

Joseph Shulam


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