The Jerusalem Prayer List – August 31, 2016

By Joseph Shulam

This is going to be a very short prayer list for this week.  I could not write one on last Thursday because of so many urgent things that I had to do before Marcia took a flight to the USA and I am taking tomorrow a flight to Asia with two Netivyah young men to accompany me and teach together with me.  This is a kind of training and apprenticing trip for these wonderful young men.

Please pray for Marcia my wife – she is on her way to California to be with Danah our daughter and Noaam.  Danah is not feeling well and Marcia will be with her and Noaam for one month.  Marcia’s health is always in need of prayer and I pray that God hears my prayer and your prayers for Marcia.  Her diabetic has been going crazy and she needs a God given spirit of refreshing of her body.   Please keep my whole family in your prayers.  Barry our son is also suffering from health issues and is in need a touch of God’s merciful and healing hand.

I need your prayers for this trip to Asia with Reuven and Teruto traveling with me. We have an extremely good and full schedule. We leave Israel for Seoul, Korea, tomorrow and we arrive in Seoul.  Immediately on Saturday morning we will participate in one of the most amazing prayer meetings for Israel that I have ever experienced anywhere in the world.  Korea Israel Bible Institute meets early in the morning every Shabbat and spends three or more hour praying for Israel and for the Jewish people.  They receive several prayer lists from ministries in Israel and other parts of the World and they pray for each need verbally and with sincere passion.  We will be traveling in Korea, and from there to Hong Kong and from there to Beijing, China, and from there to Japan.  In Japan we will have seminars in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka.  This is almost a whole month of teaching and traveling and praying with Asian brothers and sisters.  We go there to encourage and teach and every trip we come back home to Israel edified and encouraged.  Praise the Lord!

Pray for the Netivyah staff and the many programs that Netivyah has to carry for the Kingdom.  Today is HaMotzi day – HaMotzi is the new name of the “soup kitchen” and food distribution program of Netivyah.  We are increasing the number of families and people that we feed by more than 50% by the 1st of January 2017.  We really need your prayer and your help to feed and bless the poor of Jerusalem.

Pray for the Roeh Israel (Shepherd of Israel) Congregation of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Jerusalem.  I shall be gone for a month and return to celebrate the Biblical Holidays in October this year and immediately after the Holidays I shall be flying again to the USA to teach in some Messianic Jewish Congregations and participate in some events.  This congregation is very special and there is none like it in Israel today.  Roeh Israel has two very unique goals:  1) to serve the local Jewish Disciples of Yeshua with a balanced Jewish and faithful to the Word of God community that strives to be as much as possible like the one that was here in the time of the Apostles. 2) to serve the people of Jerusalem and Israel with a Restoration approach to the nation of Israel and for the church as well.  The church without interest and relationship in what God is doing in Israel is a church that is trying to make chicken soup with chicken – the Jewish people are the chicken in the soup.
Pray for Netivyah’s outreach through Kol HaYeshua Radio and through the internet and facebook.  I have been doing a weekly short recording on facebook and there are literally thousands of people from all around the world who are watching and hearing these teachings from the Word of God.  I am following the Weekly Parasha (Reading of the Torah) and connecting the Torah with the Prophets and with the Good News of Yeshua.
God bless you all who pray for Jerusalem and for Israel and stand for what is just and righteous in God’s economy and Kingdom!
Joseph Shulam

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