Jerusalem Prayer List May 12 2017

Today I was so busy all the day long that I could not write the prayer list today.  This one will be short but important.

This next week we will have many guests who are coming to Israel for the Feast of Weeks – Shavuot – Pentecost.  We will have President Trump will come to Jerusalem.  Brothers and Sisters from China are coming, and brothers from Dallas, Texas, are also coming.  In addition to these dear guests there will be in Jerusalem a celebration of the 50 year Jubilee of the liberation of Jerusalem.  All of the above need your prayers.  We all need prayer for Israel and for ourselves.

President D. Trump’s visit in Israel and his meetings with the Arab / Palestinian leaders are very much important topics for prayer because things could get better with Trump’s visit but also they could much worst because expectations and promises could be crushing on the rocks of disappointment.  Your prayers for Israel and for the Arabs and for President Trump are very much needed and important.  We pray that only good will come from President Trump’s visit in the Middle East.

Please continue to pray for our family,  Marcia is in constant prayer. Danah our daughter and Noaam our granddaughter and Barry our son all need your special prayers.  Barry is going to the doctor for test to the cardiologist next week, but we pray that all test will come out good and that Barry will be feeling much better.
The different ministries of Netivyah are all doing very well under the leadership of Yuda, Daniel, Nancy, Hannah, and Oleg.  They are actually doing the Hamotzi – Food Distribution and provision for the poor of Jerusalem.  Each Wednesday afternoon between 2:00 to 6:15 p.m. the first floor of our building turns into a super-market where those who are eligible and approved by the City of Jerusalem can come and pick very high quality food for their families.

Netivyah Scholarship Fund for students in the Israeli institutions of higher education is doing well too and the demand for more scholarships is constant.  If we had more resources we could do much more next year. We are blessing the next generation of Disciples of Yeshua in this land.  This is an investment for the future of the community of Disciples in this land.  We are providing financial stipend of 200 US dollars per month to more than 19 students some are Jewish some are Arabs.  You too can invest in the future of the Body of the Messiah in Israel by contributing to Netivyah Scholarship fund.

Kol HaYeshua Radio broadcast is daily on A.M. radio.  We need your prayers to make this very valuable and important broadcast of teaching by Jews, to Jews, about the Jewish Messiah into F.M. Radio.  A.M. has minimum listeners in Israel.  Most people who listen to radio around the world are tuning into F.M. stereo stations.  We need your prayers for God to enable us to make this change.

The new Teaching from Zion magazine is out and it will be mailed early next week.  The topic this time is King David and there are some excellent articles written by our staff and friends.  If you don’t receive the Teaching from Zion magazine you can register for free and receive it free. The Teaching from Zion magazine has been published for more than 35 years by Netivyah and if you don’t receive it you can go to our web page and register.  (

Now your prayers for the sick and those who need a breakthrough in their lives.

Thank you for praying for Barry my son.  His surgery has healed and we are all grateful for your prayers for Barry.  Please continue to pray for Barry’s health. In Holland Tineke is also battling cancer for the second time and needs the LORD’s grace and healing, encouragement and strength so that her body overcomes.  We ask you to pray for the mother of a dear brother in Jerusalem who is 89 years old and sick.  Her name is Askele the daughter of Miriam.

Please don’t forget to pray specially pray for Ynon –the baby needs healing and strength and his family needs encouragement and strength.

Kari A., a dear brother in Finland is home recovering from a very big colon surgery.  Please continue to pray for Kari A. in Finland.

I ask for special prayers for our dear brothers and sisters in Finland: Keijo and Salme, Sister Airi, Anne-Mirjami, Anna Majia, Satu-Maria and her daughters, Tim Tucker, Erki and Sirpa and for our dear Finish members of the Roeh Israel Congregation, Leah K., Ahuva B., Ilana H.  I also ask you for the following members of the congregation in Jerusalem: David S., Sarit, Miriam, Hannah, Greg, Yuri M. who is in the hospital now with serious kidney problems and Daniel P., who is also in the hospital for rehabilitation after a serious motorcycle accident.  Brothers and sisters in the USA that need your prayers for healing: Emmet, Boby, Ruby, John M. Aaron H., John M., Liz Johnson, Horace and June S.  Brothers and sisters in Brazil that need healing: Paulo, Naomi, Clara, Evelyn and Marcelo’s father and especially his mother.

In Japan, we have the following brothers and sisters that need your prayers for healing: Pra. Curita, Toru, Tomoko San, Sadako San, Takeo Sensei, and Daisuke Sensei, and Sister Yumi’s husband.

The list of brothers and sisters who need strength and blessing in their homes and in their business, is also important to pray for: The Goh family who is under no little stress and needs wisdom and protection and revival of success in the new path that God is forging for them. Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Kenzevic, and Daniel L., all need success and prosperity in their life and work.  Pray for a dear brother in Finland by the name of David.  Pray that the Lord will provide for David a great job that will honor his gifting and his family.

Pray for Roger, a dear brother who stands with so many good works and with Netivyah.  He needs wisdom and peace and success in his work and life.

God bless all of you who pray for the Salvation of Israel and the World.  We all need to make our Horizonte wider and have at least the dream and the desire to see the whole world kneel before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and be dressed in white on that day when the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall arise.  If we don’t have that desire we will also not do things to make this happen.  If we don’t have the faith we shall not be focused on that which is in God’s heart and desire.

Joseph and Marcia Shulam

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