Jerusalem Prayer List – May 12, 2016

Today is Israel’s 68th Independence day.  Here are some thoughts about Israel’s 68th Independence day:

Birthday is a day of celebrations, but also soul-searching.  At 68 years old Israel as a State is still without a partner for life.  No wonder she’s still alone, in today’s situation who will take her for a wife?
No one can deny that she is beautiful, she has the Tabor and Gilboa in the right places. At center her waist is narrow.  On her left Jerusalem is her heart.  Most of her days are full of sunshine.
In short, she looks good, but she still has not found her mate. May be because today man and woman are not looking for a mate in the right place.
She is impressive at her age, and she even has a nice dowry these days.  She has not only milk and honey, but now even oil and gas.
She is 68 years old but she is still behaves like a virgin. Always suspicious about her suitors, and not allowing them to even touch her in several of her sensitive areas, especially in her holy places.
This ancient fear comes from her childhood, and many years of persecution and complication with the complexity of her Judaism.
Her father was a Socialist and her mother was a Shnorrer (scrounged).
She is still a virgin, but she knows how to excite her neighbors.
In short, to put it straight, without shame!  Who would take this woman 68 year old woman for a bride to love her, support her and maintain her.  There is at least one who has been waiting for her for two thousand years. He is still waiting by her door knocking and waiting for her to open!
I shall not give you a clue other than this is not Uncle Sam, nor a Bear from the north arctic Circle.
Happy 68th Independence Day our beloved Israel!
(This is my adaptation from an anonymous post on “whatsapp.”)

I am in Istanbul and today I am waiting for a group of Chinese brothers and sisters who are coming to go through the Seven Churches of the book of Revelation.  Some might not be aware, but Turkey can also be called “a holy land.”  More than one third of the Acts of the Apostles takes place on what today is called “Turkey.”  In the Roman period it was called “Asia Minor.”  It is the western most part of Greater Asia.  The reason that it played such a key role in the spread of Christianity was that it was the bridge between Europe and Asia, the end point of both the Silk Road and the Spice Route that enabled trade to cross from Asia to Europe.  There are many important things to learn from visiting the ancient sites where churches like Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis, Laodacia, Thyatira, Smyrna, Philadelphia.  When you are there you begin to see the vastness and importance of Paul’s work among the Gentiles.  You also realize the difficulty and challenge of a Jew from Jerusalem to travel those ancient roads and face the mega structure of the pagan and idolatrous Roman culture.  I always find it to be a great benefit to me to visit the places where these wonderful events have happened.

It is also so very sobering to see the great churches that at one time were the paragon and center of Christian faith and life now lay in silent ruined of stones and mud or are inhabited by those who are not exactly friendly to our faith in the Messiah.  If God gives you an opportunity to visit Israel, Jordan,Turkey, Greece, or Egypt – don’t miss that opportunity.  I realize that blessed are those who have not seen and believe, but in my opinion and for me seeing the places and the Archaeology it always gives me some extra vitamin for my faith.   Yesterday I visited the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul and stood neck to neck with a giant statue of Sennacherib, and also of Tiglath-pileser king of Assyria, and I touched the Siloam Inscription with my hand.  Can you imagine reading how Hezekiah   The king of Judea – had a tunnel dug to bring the water from the Siloam spring outside the walls of Jerusalem to the inside of the city and than touching the very inscription that the workers who dug the tunnel wrote in commemoration of their work?  The Bible tells us: 2Kings 20:20, “Now the rest of the acts of Hezekiah—all his might, and how he made a pool and a tunnel and brought water into the city—are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah!”

Pray for the whole Middle East and especially for Israel on this 68th Birthday of this wonderful and great nation.  Israel is the only nation that has these wonderful promises of God and we are witnesses that although right now things are not so peaceful in Israel or in the Middle East in general, Israel will find the peace that God has promised and the Bridegroom will return.  I believe with all my heart and soul that the righteous people of God will be caught up and the dead will arise and the judgement will come on all.  Eternal salvation on the righteous of God’s children, and something much less pleasant to the others who know not the Messiah as their savior.

Please give special prayers for Israel as a State, and for the I.D.F. and all the soldiers, police forces, and security forces, who face daily challenges that are truly beyond understanding.

Pray for the enemies of peace, they are also the enemies of truth.  May the light from above fill their souls and turn them like a rose toward the sun (Son) of righteousness.

Pray for our dear brother Zvi L., who is still in agony in the hospital.  He is 90 years old and suffering terribly.  Pray for his wife Sara L., who is at home with her own 88 years of age and her own ailments.

Please keep praying for Aaron Hook, the son of Nancy and Don Hook has been very ill with cancer.

Barry our son is out of the hospital and back at work, but he still needs healing from diverticulitis.  Danah our daughter in California is going to have not a small surgery at the end of next week.  Please pray for her and for Noaam our granddaughter.  They both need a special outpouring of God’s blessings on their lives.
Pray for these very special sisters in Finland, Anna, Anne-Mirjimi, Satu-Maria, and for Anna Majia, and Keijo and Salme, Erki, and Risto.
In Japan we have several wonderful brothers and sisters who are suffering and need a special touch of the divine and healing hand of the Almighty: Sadako San, Takeo San, Tomoko San, Shoko San, and Toru San.
For our brothers in Brazil I ask you to pray for Maria G., and for Paulo, and for our brother Frank and his wife, and for the government of Brazil that is now as sick as any sick person who need a deep and wide treatment in the ICU.
The brothers and sisters in Israel who need your prayers and God’s blessing of healing are: Tania, Sarit, David S., ZVI D., LUDMILA., Miriam, Michael, Hannah, and Marcia.  These all have chronic illnesses that only God’s mercy can really heal.

The Hand of the Lord is not short to save!

God bless all of you who pray for the saints in Jerusalem and support the Lord’s Work in this city of the Great King!

Joseph Shulam

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