Jerusalem Prayer List March 27th, 2016

By Joseph Shulam 

Well!  Now it is official Joseph Shulam is 70 years old.  I appreciate so very much every note and card and e-mail and text message that wished me a Happy Birthday.  There were so many messages on Facebook and on other cyber media that I just did a cookie cutter formula to answer just about everyone who wrote to wish me a Happy Birthday.

The first big party was in Belo-Horizonte, Brazil, where the “Teaching from Zion” ministry did a magnificent Birthday Party for my 70th Birthday.  It was more like a fancy wedding ceremony and so many dear friends from all around Brazil attended this party.  Than last week on the Purim Feast in Jerusalem the congregation made a very fine Purim and Birthday party. On Friday evening the Netivyah staff and the volunteers, together with Mr. And Mrs, Shukry Lawrence a fine old friend from East Jerusalem joined forces and did an over the top Birthday Party.

For me all these Birthday Parties are a bit embarrassing, but I am so grateful to the Lord and to the good friends and co-workers in God’s vineyard whom I love so much and also appreciate so very much for their love and for their dedication to the Lord and to Netivyah and Roeh Israel.

The Middle East is still being plagued by terrorism daily.  This terrorism that is all 100% radical Islamic Jihadist terrorism has taken many faces and with different names, but all of it has one common denominator and that it is motivated by nothing rational only hate.  This hate like every other hate on global scale or on individual scale is all the same – it is in the end a destructive force that damages those whose hearts are so poisoned with this hate more than the few dozen victims that are killed.  At the moment that one fills his heart and his soul with this kind of deep and irrational hate – he has signed his own death warrant and set his course to Hell bound azimuth.  Please pray for Israel.  The United Nations is daily condemning Israel for just trying to defend itself from the terrorists who kill, knife, fire-bomb, and stone, civilian population in Israel.  There is no condemnation in the United Nations for the genocidal murder of thousands of innocent citizens of Syria, and Iraq and the Kurds and Yazdies in Northern Iraq.  At this point most of the population of the Middle East is giving up hope for a major change for the better in our region.  They see the big empires like the USA and Russia only looking after their own interests and doing very little to stop the carnage of innocent civilian populations.

At the same time thousands of ISIS operatives are entering Europe under the guise of refugees and asylum seekers.  We have witnessed the massacre in Brussels and the cold response of the Arab countries to the killing of innocent souls by Islamic Jihadists sent and trained by ISIS in Syria.  If there has ever been a true SPIRITUAL WAR in our modern days – this is it, my dear brothers and sisters.  If there is a reason to battle in the realm of the SPIRITUAL now is the time, for fasting and prayer and intercession and supplication for the whole Middle East from Turkey to Afghanistan and throughout all of North Africa, Central Africa, sub-Sahara, and into Malaysia and Indonesia.  If this wave or Tsunami of Islamic Jihadist terrorism is not stop it will reach the capital cities of Europe, and it already has reached them.  It will also reach the major cities in Asia, and the United States, because this is not a war over land, or over finances, it is a war based and motivated by religious hate and the Islamic dream since the prophet himself – to conquer the world over.  Pray, intercede, fast, and cry unto the Lord for mercy on this generation.

Please pray for Marcia.   I am traveling in the United States for the next few days, and I will be few days in the Nashville area, and a few days in Texas.  Marcia is alone at home and she needs the Lord to quicken her memory to keep the diabetic in check and have some relief from the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We have a dear sister in England that is called Elsie and she is suffering from several issues that need prayer and deliverance by the hand of the Almighty God of Israel and the Messiah.  Please keep Elsie in your prayers.

Our sisters Anna, Anne-Mirjami, Satu-Maria, and Anna-Majia, in Finland also need special prayer for relief and healing from various physical issues that only God can really help them through these difficult days.

Noaam our granddaughter and Danah our daughter both need your continued help.  It seems like Noaam has one bout of infection in the upper-respiratory system after another bout.  Please pray with me for our young lady. Ask the Lord to heal her and strengthen her both physically and spiritually.  Of course the same goes for young Joseph Shulam our grandson who also needs to keep steady in his faith and lifestyle.

While in Turkey with a Lipscomb group touring the seven churches of Asia Minor and also in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul we visited the archaeological site of Laodicea.   In Laodicea I saw a couple of Archaeologists who were discussing a Roman pillar that had an ancient graffiti of a Menorah (a seven candle lamp-stand) and a Shofar on the left of the Menorah and on the right side a palm branch.  On top of the Menorah there was a very finely carved Byzantine cross on top of an orb.  The Archaeologist where of the opinion that cross was first and the Jews in the Byzantine/Roman city of Laodicea came and scratched on top of the cross the Menorah and the Shofar and Palm branch, and they did not recognize that on top of the Menorah there was a badly damaged Hebrew text.  In reality the opposite is true.  I asked the Archeologist where was this inscription found.  They showed a private house about 15 meters from the main synagogue and 30 meters from the temple of Zeus.  In this house there was an apes (a semi circular structure facing east that served as a place for an altar or a pulpit).  So it was clearly something like a house church.  That graffiti was for me a sign of an early house church of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in that great city of Laodicea.  After the Roman Emperor Constantine the official Church came to make the Jewish Congregation that was not meeting only in the Synagogue but also in a house behind the Synagogue that served as a meeting place for the Saints of Laodicea to meet in secret.  What a joyful moment that was for me.  This is a living witness of the life of the early church before Constantine hijacked the church and the Synagogue into his political Pagano-Christian Empire.  Another witness of the same was in the churches of the 4th and 5th Century where there was a cruciform baptistery that continued to serve well into the 5th and even early 6th Century for immersion.  These are true physical, historical, and spiritual witnesses that sprinkling and baby immersion was a totally new 5th century development and of course it does not exist in the Bible in any shape or form.

Please continue to pray for the following brothers and sisters in Jerusalem: Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Sara and Zvi, Zvi D., David S., Tatiana, Miriam, Sarit. Around the world I ask you to pray for Tim Tucker, Ruby, Paulo, Takeo Sensei, Tomoko San, Mrs. Sadako, Sister Shoko.

Special prayers are in order for Maria is Marcelo’s mother who prayed for his salvation 20 years until Marcelo heard the clarion call of the Lord.

In the United States we keep on praying for our dear sister Ruby in Oklahoma, Michael Knezevich in Portland, and Raymond and Ging and the family, and for Laurel a dear sister who needs more work.  Pray for Liz in Georgia, and for Mike in California.  Marcia’s father and mother in East Tennessee also need your prayers.

God bless all of you who pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for the brothers in Israel and their stand for righteousness and truth for both Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel.

Please don’t forget to also pray for me on these extensive travels.

Joseph Shulam

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