Jerusalem Prayer List June 29th, 2017

By Joseph Shulam – From Nashville, Tennessee

Last weeks’ Torah Portion was very dramatic.  A great family from the tribe of Levi was swallowed alive by the earth because of their rebellion against Moses and Aaron.  This dramatic move of God was as the Hebrew proverb says: So that they can see and fear the Lord.  The God of Israel is gracious and longsuffering full of loving kindness, grace and truth.  However, He is also the LORD of Hosts and God Almighty, and He can be a consuming fire.  As much as I would like to stay with a God that is only full of gracious and longsuffering full of loving kindness, grace and truth, I have to deal with those moments of God’s wrath and anger that is kindled by my behavior.  Jews teach, like the Word of God, that we have to learn to receive God’s anger and wrath with gratitude because always even when God sends His children to exile for 2000 years it is really for educational reasons and for preparation for and equipping for greater things to come.  It is not easy or pleasant to have the LORD God of Heaven and Earth to correct us with physical or spiritual “educational” means, but we still have to hold on to the Romans chapter 8, stance that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.


We are in Nashville now, Marcia my wife, Danah my daughter, Noaam my granddaughter, Barry my son, Beth my daughter-in-law, and Jimmy and Hava McClintock, and Matheus our dear brother from Brazil.  We are participating in the Lipscomb University Summer Celebration.  I was given the task of teaching on Romans 9-11, and of course I wonder “way me?”  May be because I am a Jewish Disciple of Yeshua of Nazareth?  May be because I wrote a commentary on the Jewish Roots of the letter to the Romans?  May be because my dear brothers what to hear some teaching different from the same old same old that they have been hearing.  The same old same old has often times ignored the context and concentrated on the branches that were broken off the old fertile olive tree and replaced by the branches taken from the wild olive tree so that now they can boast that they are the New Israel, the True Israel, the Spiritual Israel.

You need to pray for me first that I can teach graciously and with kindness this very important core text that is a revelation of the mystery of Israel’s salvation but also the salvation of the whole world.

Keep praying for Netivyah.  We are in need of prayer because we are trying to setup and gear up for growth in Netivyah and looking for some more office staff.

My dear brothers please keep praying for all the leaders associated with Netivyah, in Jerusalem, in the United States, Brazil, Finland, and all our brothers who pray for us and support Netivyah both spiritually and physically.

From Syria Israel has received a steady bombardment of mortar-shells and rockets.  The idea is that these are stray bombings either from the “rebels” or from the Syrian army bombing the rebels who are very close to the Israeli lines.  Israel has responded strongly with air sticks the Syrian Military. The situation is touchy and dangerous and could be amplified and even get out of hand. This situation needs much prayer in order for Israel not to be involved in another totally unnecessary war on our northern border.

Keep praying for me and my family.  Especially for Marcia’s health, and Danah, Barry, Beth, Joey, and Noaam.

Nancy Hook is doing much better after her surgery but waiting for the results of her biopsy.  Our prayer is that the answer will be good and that the Lord will hear our prayers and give Nancy a clean report without any extra problems.

We are thankful for Salme our dear sister, pray also for Keijo her husband who is one of the pillars of the Lord’s Body in Finland.

Don’t forget to pray for Miriam Sh., who is still in the hospital suffering from cancer that is not operable right now.  Pray for a miracle for Miriam Sh., to be healed and stand as a witness of God’s mercy and grace.

Pray for Efraim’s family – as they get up from the seven days of grief after the death of his mother in Ethiopia.

Please don’t forget to pray specially pray for Ynon –the baby and his family.

In Finland, we have these dear souls who need God’s healing and strength: Anne-Mirjami, Anna-Majia, Satu-Maria and her daughters, Tim Tucker, Erki and Sirpa, and Kari A.

Our own dear Finnish sisters in the Roeh Israel Congregation, Leah K., Ahuva B., Ilana H.  Other members of our congregation who need God’s healing and grace: David S., Sarit, Miriam, Hannah, Greg, Yuri M.  Please don’t forget Daniel P., who is also in the hospital for rehabilitation after a serious motorcycle accident.

Pray for brothers and sisters in the USA that need your prayers for healing: Emmet, Bobby, Ruby is now especially in need of healing and encouragement from the Lord, John M. Aaron H., John M., Liz Johnson.  In Holland, we ask for a special prayer for Tineke who is fighting cancer and needs our sincere and intense prayer for healing.

Brothers and sisters in Brazil that need healing: Paulo, Naomi, Clara, Evelyn and Marcelo’s father and especially his mother.  I ask for a special prayer for our sister congregation in Curitiba who is also in need of healing among the leaders and inspiration for the leaders to continue leading with hands of grace, patience, and humility to keep things going peacefully and growing.

In Japan, we have the following brothers and sisters that need your prayers for healing: Pra. Curita, Toru, Tomoko San, Sadako San, Takeo Sensei, and Daisuke Sensei, and Sister Yumi’s husband.

The list of brothers and sisters who need strength and blessing in their homes and in their business, is also important to pray for: The Goh family, and especially Raymond are doing much better now and Raymond especially need divine wisdom and help from heaven to do what the Lord has given him to do for his family for his company and above all for the Kingdom of God.

Pray for Sister Christy, Sister Laurel, and for Brother Michael Kenzevic, and Daniel L., all need success and prosperity in their life and work.  Pray for a dear brother in Finland by the name of David.  Pray that the Lord will provide for David H., an excellent job that will honor his gifting and his family.

Pray for Roger W., and his family.  They are traveling and need God’s protection and blessing.

Pray for our travels:  Marcia is traveling with her brother tomorrow to East Tennessee to visit her father and mother, and brothers’ family.  I will be traveling, God willing, to Dallas on the 4th of July.  From Dallas to Israel on the 10th of July.  Danah will be traveling on Sunday back to California and Jimmy and Hava to DFW, Matheus will be traveling back home to Brazil.

If you can please go to Netivyah’s facebook page and see the new video of my teaching in Lipscomb University last night.  I believe that they will be more live broadcasts from Nashville today and tomorrow. Pray for me!

God bless you all and bless all that you do, especially what you do for the Kingdom of God and specifically for Netivyah, and Israel.

Joseph Shulam

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