Jerusalem Prayer List July 23, 2017

I forgot to include a dear sister by the name of Alice who is need of special prayer. She is one of those members of our congregation for whom we are fasting tomorrow.

Joseph Shulam


By Joseph Shulam

Jerusalem and Israel are in deep trouble these days.  The increased problems started when three young Arabs from a town near Tel-Meggido came to Jerusalem received weapons from inside the temple mount and shot two Israeli policemen.  Both of the Policemen were Druze.  The three Arab terrorists got shot by other Israeli forces that arrived at the scene.  This sad event started a chain of events that is getting more complicated by the hour.  There is an attempt by radicals to light up a fire of religious war between Israel and the Islamic world.  Muslim nations from as far away as Chechnya in southern mountains of the former Soviet Union have expressed willingness to send military help to the “Palestinians” to save the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  All this because Israel has placed Magnetometers at the entrance to the temple mount.  In Mecca, there are Magnetometers.  In the entrance to the wailing wall for all who enter, Jews, Muslims, Christians, there are Magnetometers and everyone has to go through them.  But because Israel as a precaution to keep guns and other arms from entering the Temple Mount – is now under a major attack political and terrorist.  Sabbath evening in a small village not far from Jerusalem a terrorist entered an Orthodox Jewish family celebrating the Shabbat dinner and slashed the throats and mascaraed three members of one family and severely wounded a 68 years old woman.


The situation is increasingly complicated and everyone who cares about Israel and about Jerusalem must pray like never before for the Lord to cool down this situation.  If the situation does not get cooled down it could be that we all must prepare for the scenario of Zechariah chapter 12 to start happening.  Please pray for Jerusalem and for Israel and for our Arab neighbors to receive good sense and stop the terrorism and the hate from devouring many thousands of people from both sides.


For the last two weeks, I have had Arab/Palestinian workers working in my house.  We drink coffee together and eat together and talk about religion together and have established a friendly relationship.  They are all from the surrounding of Bethlehem.  They are all from area that is under the Palestinian Authority.  It is absolutely clear to me and to them that the issues are spiritual and religious and that military force cannot stop the hate and bloodshed between us.  Netivyah has been and still is involved in reconciliation between Jews and Palestinians.  We provide scholarship to Palestinian students and we feed some Palestinian families.  We have Palestinian friends and brothers in the Messiah.


Please stand with Netivyah and help us by prayer and finances to help breech the valley of hate and terrorism with the attitude and teaching of Yeshua our Messiah.  Support Netivyah by going to our web page and contributing to the general fund so that we can be tools of peace and tools or reconciliation between Jewish and Arab disciples of Yeshua and between Jews and Arab/Palestinians.  Of course, the most important thing for you to do is intercession and prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.  As small as we are our prayers and our actions have a wide and far reaching power with the Good News of Yeshua that is the only power to make peace between Arabs and Jews.  Stand with us please!

We have declared a day of fasting and prayer for the situation and for several brothers and sisters who need urgent healing from serious illnesses.  At the end of the 12 hours of fasting we will have a special prayer service tomorrow, Monday, to break the fast and to pray together for healing.

These are the brothers and sisters for whom we especially have this day of prayer, and also, we are going to include brothers and sisters outside of Israel in this special day of prayer:

Gary W., Nancy H., Aaron H., Victor B., Uri M., David S., Ahuva B., Leah K., Miriam K., Hannah K., Marcia S., Danah and Noaam, and Bida from B.H. Brazil.

We will continue to pray for all the others we will continue praying for as usual.   I shall not repeat today the list from the other weeks – please look up last week’s prayer list and pray for every name on it.

May God have mercy on us all and you all and especially on Jerusalem the city of the great King.

Joseph Shulam

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