Jerusalem Prayer List – January 30 , 2016

Last Thursday I just could not write the Jerusalem Prayer List.  I was just overwhelmed with busy work here in Nashville and could not get to it on time.  Tomorrow, God willing, I shall be flying to Brazil and start the teaching tour in Curitiba and from there to Porto Alegre and from there to Santa Maria and finally to the 10th Annual congress of Restoration in Belo-Horizonte.  The final stop will be Fortaleza in northern Brazil not far from the mouth of the Amazon River.  Barry and Beth are going to join me in Belo-Horizonte and so is Reuven Kovner and Keijo and Salme Lindeman from Finland.  So, please I ask all of you who read this prayer list to pray first of all for the safety of all the travelers that are coming to participate in this congress on the Restoration of the Church and Israel.  There will be participants who will be traveling from all over Brazil, and some from Central America and some from Europe.  I pray that the Good Lord will protect each of these brothers and sisters who are traveling on the roads, and in the air to get to Belo-Horizonte, Brazil for this congress.  Second, I ask for the Holy Spirit to inspire the teachers and the speakers so that we will experience a true breakthrough and a visible and enhanced step forward in the process of the Restoration of the church and Israel hand in hand.  Third, I pray for the staff of the Har Zion Congregation and the “Teaching from Zion” ministry in Brazil to be full equipped to face the challenges of this congress.  There are of course physical and financial challenges and of course the most important ones are the spiritual challenges. These are the issues that are keeping the Restoration process flickering like a cancel in the wind. In fact in the United States most of the Restoration movement churches and leaders are actually giving up on the concept and melding into the Protestant / Evangelical / Post Modern / Christian tradition. Please pray that all he speaker be courageous and clear and that the public of over 700 leaders be attentive and receptive to take the initiative and work toward the return / Repentant attitude of seeking God and His righteousness in love and truth.

Please pray for Marcia, she is with her parents in East Tennessee.  She needs your prayer for her health and for to have the energy and the ability to be a blessing and a help to her mother and father.  Pray intensely for Danah and Noaam, my daughter and granddaughter who are sick and on anti-biotics, and for Barry my son who is suffering from a chronic stomach pain.

I ask you to pray a special prayer for one of the pioneers in the Restoration movement in Finland, Sister Anna Heininnen and her family.  Anna is very very sick and in her late 80’s.  She is ready to go and be with the Lord and praying to go now.  The Lord of all seems to be lingering and He seems not to be ready  for our dear sister Anna.

Keep praying for the whole Middle East and especially for Israel.  It seems like stabbings and attempted murder of Jews is not stopping in and around the whole country.  Please don’t be giving up and keep praying for Israel and for Jerusalem.  Please pray for two issues connected to Israel and the Arab Intifada.

I am not in Jerusalem for a little more than six weeks and I ask you to pray for the Netivyah staff and the Roeh Israel Congregation of Disciples of Yeshua.

In Israel we need to pray for healing for Sara and Zvi, Sarit, Miriam, Lev, Tania, David S., Zvi D., and for Luda who is in Russia right now.  I ask you to also continue to pray for Paulo and Clara and especially Tirza who are in Brazil.

Here is the list of prayer request from last week: Please pray brother Michael Knezevich in Portland, and Raymond and his family and work in Singapore, and Ruby in Oklahoma City, and in Japan we pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Curita in Tokyo, and the husband of Yumi, and Sadako San (she is in her high 90’s and has been praying for Israel for 75 years), Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San all in Japan.  Pray for Tim Tucker, Anna (she has fallen and is in the hospital now) and her daughters Satu-Maria, and Anne-Mirjim.  Anna-Majia is a dear sister who has been hospitalized for many years and I ask God to have mercy on her and heal her in Yeshua’s name, just like for all the other brothers and sisters who are ill.

I am sure that I have forgotten to mention some people, but please pray for every sick and needy person who you know or heard about.

Please pray for Yuda B., and for Hannah K., Daniel S, Oleg Z, and Nancy H., these are the staff of Netivyah, and pray for the volunteers that give their time and their blessing to Netivyah in distributing the prayer.

God bless you all and bless all those around you who seek to serve the Lord

Joseph Shulam

P.S. – Please visit the look for the Netivyah page.  You can also type in the search window the word “Netivyah” or Joseph Shulam and you will start watching and hearing many good lessons in English and other languages.

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