Jerusalem Prayer List – February 18, 2016

I have not been able to write the Jerusalem Prayer List in the last week.  I was in Brazil for the 10th Annual Congress of the “Teaching from Zion” Ministry in Brazil.  Our brothers in Brazil, especially Marcelo and his staff, have done a great job organizing this congress.  There were six hundred or more participants from all around Brazil and many leaders and “Pastors” attending and absorbing the challenges of Restoration for the Church and for Israel.  All the teachers spoke with great passion and concentration on the need for Restoration and for the implications of Restoration.  I do believe that it can be said now that there is a movement for the Restoration of the Church and of Israel.  We visited four other cities in Brazil and presented the case and the need for the Restoration of the Church in all these places.  The response was amazing.  Many church leaders understood the need for the resolution of the denominational structures and the return to the basic premise of return to the Word of God in both faith and action. People were excited about the 4th Wave of the work of the Spirit of God among men. They were excited about the unity of the Church, and the hunger for truth, the balance of grace with obedience to God’s commands, and the importance of Israel for the church and for the Restoration of the New Testament church.  In fact my short statement that Restoring the New Testament Church without the Jewish people and with out Israel is like trying to make Chicken Soup without Chicken. Israel is an essential ingredient in the New Testament and it is an essential ingredient for the restoration of the church today.  How can we read the Bible and divest Israel from the essence of the New Covenant that was given to the House of Israel and to the House of Judah.  Yeshua is not only our savior and but He is also the King of the Jews.  I used to have a poster in my office; I think that Barry my son made it.  It said:  “There will be Jews in Heaven!  If you don’t like Jews you can go to the other place.”

Please pray for all our brothers in Brazil!  They are working hard and under strain and they need the healing for their ill members of the families, and also special strength for the new congregations in several places, and especially for the new congregation in the city of Vitoria.  This congregation is new and the founding members are young families who want to have the freedom to live faithfully and grow in peace restoring the roots and the branches of the community.

The situation in Israel has actually become more complex and more serious.  What started as the “Intifada of knifes and rocks” has now turned into actually using weapons, guns, and explosives.  Israel needs your prayers.  The Palestinian Arabs need your prayers too.  You ought to pray for the Palestinian Arabs to wake up and see the horizon.  On this horizon there is ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the other organizations like the Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria, and the Hamas in Gaza, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and etc, etc, etc of radical Islamic Jihadist terrorist.  In Israel the Palestinian Arabs have found freedom to send their children to the Israeli Universities in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheva.  There are more Palestinians per-capita that have graduate degrees than in any other Arab country.  The economic situation of the Palestinian Arabs is better than in most neighboring Arab countries.  All you have to do is travel in Judea and Samaria and see the palaces that they have built for themselves, the cars they drive, and you will understand that Israel was the gold pot at the end of the rainbow for the Palestinians.  Their war against Israel is not rational and it is motivated by pure hate and racial prejudice and religious fanaticism.  If they don’t like their present situation in Israel the doors of Israel are open to anyone, Arab or Jew, who wants to leave and go somewhere else to live?  It is important for Christians around the World to understand the struggle of the State of Israel to survive and to be a fair and democratic Jewish State. Please pray for Israel and ask God for protection from our enemies, for wisdom to know how to be good friends to those who want to be our friends, and for a relentless search for peace with our neighbors.

Also pray for the Lord to bless our soldiers and security forces to have eyes to see every diabolical plot and scheme of the enemy before he has a chance to implement it and kill innocent people.

Please pray for the United States of America!  The race for the Presidency, hopefully in the Post Obama era is becoming a very ugly affair on both the Republican and the Democratic sides.  It seems like ancient Rome in the days before Julius Caesar, the enmity and rivalry in the senate is the same and history teaches us that when you have the same ingredients you will have the same results.  The outcome of Rome in the last years of the Republic was the assent of Caesar as the sol Emperor.  The USA is not immune for such developments and we have seen more and more power concentrated in the White House in the last few years than ever before.  We ought to plead and raise our voices to Heaven for God to show mercy on the USA.

Please pray for Marcia and I to arrive safely home in Israel and to find all in order both in our house and in Netivyah and in the Roeh Israel Congregation.  I know that Yuda and the Netivyah staff have been working very hard and keeping and blessing both Netivyah and the congregation.  Please pray for Yuda he had minor surgery on his back and will have to have another one soon.  We raise our voices to the Lord for Yuda and his family and pray that all will be well with Yuda and he will be able to return soon to full capacity and without pain.

Please keep praying for Marcia my wife!  Her health has not been good for a very long time, but I pray that the Lord will preserve her health and heal her from both the issues of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Diabetic challenges and minor memory issues.  I have been praying for many, many, years and I am not giving up or stopping my persistence and knocking on God’s Mercy Gate for Marcia’s sake.

In Brazil please continue to pray for Paulo.  Paulo is a very fine young man who is really suffering and I have faith that the Lord will heal him and help him overcome the obstacles that beset him.  I have noticed that when we pray for him and he knows it he feels better.  Also, please add Maria (Marcelo’s mother) and his father in your prayers.

Please also add Clara and Frank a fine young family in Brazil who needs divine healing and blessing.

In the United States we keep on praying for our dear sister Ruby in Oklahoma, Michael Knezevich in Portland, and for Danah and Noaam our daughter and granddaughter in California, and for Liz in Georgia, and for Mike in California.  Marcia’s father and mother in East Tennessee also need your prayers.

In Finland, we have Anna, a very dear old sister who is really in bad shape and needs God’s mercy for herself and for her family.  Anna is one of the pioneers and original prayer warriors for Israel in Finland.  She is one of the strongest Finish women that I know, but now she is in needs us to ask for mercy on her and a blessing on her daughters and granddaughters.  Please also pray for Satu-Maria and her daughters, Anne-Mirjim and Anna-Majia, and Tim Tucker.

In Jerusalem please pray for Zvi and Sara, Tania, Lyudmila in Jerusalem and also for Lyudmila in Moscow, Miriam, Zvi D., David S., and Martha his wife.

Raymond and his family and his work in Singapore are really precious brothers who need guidance and wisdom from God and healing.

We pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Curita in Tokyo, and the husband of Yumi, and Sadako San (she is in her high 90’s and has been praying for Israel for 75 years), Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San all in Japan.

Praying for others, and especially for people whom you don’t really know personally, is really investing in God’s Kingdom and the interest of this investment will be all yours.  It is doing a good deed and interceding for the “stranger” that has a great reward in God’s economy.  Keep up this good work for the Kingdom and for the glory of the King of Kings!

Please keep me also in your prayers.  I have been on the road since January 4th and have given literally hundreds of hours of teaching and lectures in the last two months.  Praise the Lord who is keeping me strong, but also praise the brothers and sisters who are praying for me and giving the Lord a nudge on my behalf.

God bless all of you and all of yours,

Joseph Shulam

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