Jerusalem Prayer list April 30, 2015

Jerusalem Prayer List
April 30th, 2015
By Joseph Shulam

The earth quake in Nepal is such a terrible disaster for the people of Nepal and for the world cultural heritage.  Although the Nepalese temples were idolatrous and idol worship is the standard in Nepal like in much of the Asian Continent – these are still beautiful and ancient part of their heritage.  However, the most significant thing is the thousands of human lives that were lost and the thousand lives that are suffering from wounds and medical problems.  Young Israelis after the army service have a costume to pack a back-pack and go traveling in the most remote and adventuresome places in the world.  Nepal is a well-known destination for the post army service Israeli back-packers.  More than 200 Israelis were in Nepal during the earthquake last Saturday.  Most of them were on some trek up on the foot hills of Mt. Everest and the frozen lakes.

There was no contact with about 150 of the Israelis that were caught in the Earthquake.   Israel was the first country to mobilize emergency flights with M.A.S.H. teams and a field hospital and search and rescue teams both to help the Israelis that were out in the open treks in the mountains and also to find the Nepalese who were buried under the rubble.  A covey of civilian and military airplanes landed in Katmandu bringing relief and supplies to the suffering from this terrible disaster.

The latest news is that just about all the Israelis that were out of contact with civilization because of the earthquake have been found and rescued and most are already on their way flying back home to Israel.  Only one young man by the name of Asaf is still missing and has not made contact with his family.  Please pray for Asaf to be found alive and well.

This is not the first international tragedy that Israel has been involved in helping.  Israel was among the first to help Turkey during their earthquake, and the Tsunami victims in South East Asia, and all the way to the Philippines when the typhoon struck there.  I am proud of the immediate response that our government has to help even the most remote corners of the world and quick mobilization without calculation of how much it will cost to the Israeli tax payers.  This quotation from Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is so true: “Who is a Jew? A person whose integrity decays when unmoved by the knowledge of wrong done to other people.”  This is a strange definition of who is a Jew but there is some truth to it.  It should also be a good definition for who is a Disciple of Yeshua.  We should not keep quite in the face of injustice and unrighteousness.  We as Disciples of Yeshua should feel the suffering of others and the pain of others and always find something to do for those suffering even if the only thing possible is to pray to God on their behalf.

Today we were in the building and it seems like we are going to move into the new building by the end of this month, May 2015.  Please pray for us to be able to move and settle down in the new building.

This past week I did some video recording for Russia and the Lord willing, I shall do some more next week.  I got a report that every week there are some 20,000 responses and download of my teaching for Russia.  This is wonderful and I am keeping up with this schedule.  Although I do speak some simple Russian I do the teaching in Hebrew with a simultaneous translation to Russian.  I did eight sessions last week on the teaching of Yeshua in the Sermon on the Mountain.  Please pray for me to have the strength to do eight more next Monday.  This is all in addition of teaching several hours Sunday and Monday evenings on the Minor Prophets.

Please pray for the Israeli government of Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.  He is building a coalition and it seems like all the positive accomplishments of the last Israeli government are being erased by the new coalition with the Orthodox Jewish Parties.  In my opinion this too is a matter for prayer.  Israel needs to integrate the Orthodox Jewish Community into the work cycle and the army and to provide their children with the basic educational values like mathematics and English and other subjects that will help them integrate into society and become productive tax paying citizens.  Jerusalem is the poorest municipality in Israel because there are so many Orthodox Jews and Arabs living in this city that don’t work and don’t pay taxes.  Please pray for Jerusalem and for the new government that is being formed by Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Please pray protection for all our soldiers and people who are working for the protection and security of this country.  Please also pray for our Arab neighbors and their very serious predicament. There have been riots on the top of Mt. of Olives and at least one young Arab man was killed when he tried to stab some policemen.  We wish all our neighbors only good and prosperity and freedom and peace.

Netivyah is in need of your prayers.  There are some challenges that we are facing for which we need God’s help and blessing.  Pray for wisdom and strength and energy to do the work that is necessary in order to take Netivyah into the next stage of our development.   We there are challenges that we face on many fronts, spiritual, administrative, and physical.  We must reorganize and move into the new building and get on with the Lord’s Work.  We really covet your prayers for the wellbeing of our staff and projects.

Please keep praying for our sick brothers and sisters who need a touch of God’s merciful hand for healing.

Pray for Marcia my wife is also suffering from a sever flare-up of the Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Keep in your prayers our dear brothers and sisters who are suffering from illness: Nina, Mahmud, Lev, Miriam, and add Ruby, Paulo, Clara.  In Japan we have brothers and sisters who need your prayers: Shoko San, Tomoko San, Takeo Sensei, Sadako San, and Toru San, and Jason from Hong Kong.  We also ask you to continue your prayers for, Ahuva, Leah, Ilana, Tania, Sara and Zvi, Zvi D., Eli B., Ludmila, Zion, Sarit, David S.  In Finland we have the following brothers and sisters who need our prayers, Tim Tucker, Anna is old and needs some special prayers these days, Anne-Miriam, and Satu-Maria.  Pray for our dear brother Raymond, and his work. Danah our dear daughter and Barry our son both need your prayer for health and for blessing.  They both need healing and strength.  Please don’t forget to pray for all our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.  There is so much suffering and martyrdom among Christians in these Arab countries.

God bless all who pray for Israel and for the whole Middle East and for the peace of Jerusalem.  Thank you all for your support and for standing with us and with all of Israel.

Joseph Shulam

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