Jerusalem Prayer List April 21, 2016

Happy Passover Holiday to all who observe it!  We have been very busy getting ready for Passover.  Getting ready for Passover always includes a very deep spring cleaning and clearing the house of every morsel of leaven (Hametz).  This year I did not help Marcia very much because I have been very busy in Netivyah helping to prepare the Seder Meal and service for about 80 people.  I have many volunteers and some have come from London and others from South Africa to participate in our Seder.  We are doing it this year on the roof of the Netivyah building.  The weather is good and we have lights and tables and a whole lot of young people who help the cooking and the preparation.

I just received the following note from one of my dear friends, a brother, and a professor from whom I learned both Roman history and American history and the similarities between the two.  Here is what Dr. Tim Tucker wrote today:

“America and the Western world are in Egyptian bondage. We must go out immediately or we will perish both individually and collectively.

The purpose of this post is to describe the nature of this bondage. W. T. Jones, in his 5 volume HISTORY OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY, is informative as to what our bondage is like. Jones himself is 20th century mainstream in his own belief.

Of the 13th century, Jones says they knew reasons for the existence of God.

Of the 18th century, they knew that it is self-evidently true that all men are created equal.

Of the 20th century, Jones wrote a section called THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, and I believe that what he said is a good description of our Egyptian bondage. A summary of his points follows—

  1. Loss of confidence.
  2. Sense of disproportion.
  3. Inapplicability of notions of obligation and responsibility.
  4. Dissociated personality, meaning that individuals do know who they are,  and frankly say that they do not know.
  5. Inability to state a fact as true. Heidegger said the most we can do is to be silent about silence.
  6. Inability to find meaning in words. Someone asked Bertrand Russell what is the meaning of life. He replied, What is the meaning of the meaning of life.
  7. Societal collapse. Yeats said THE CENTER DOES NOT HOLD.

This summarizes our Egyptian bondage at the top.  It is   why our president can say that the notion of universal human rights is a fiction.

Kloppenberg wrote in his book, READING OBAMA, (p. 149). Kloppenberg says “Obama is right, and for the president to say so is for the good of society.”

In the 21st century, these ideas have filtered down into the system and are the Establishment, and are also becoming the people.

You can google for one specific consequence. Google for:  WATCH! COLLEGE STUDENTS CANNOT EXPLAIN WHY A SHORT WHITE MAN IS NOT A TALL ASIAN WOMAN.

Hey you, Happy Passover Feast! Get out of Egypt NOW or perish.
Tim Tucker”

I think that on this Passover Feast – all should pray for our brothers and sisters in Western Civilization.  We should pray that the tide will change and Christians and Jews will wake up from the nightmare and see that it is still possible to change the world.  We ought to pray that the leadership of Christianity in the West will see the bondage to Political Correctness and the Consumer Culture is something that was disciples of Yeshua we ought to put aside and return to Biblical Correctness.  Yes, liberal theologians label Biblical correctness as “Fundamentalism” and it is really fundamental to our understanding of the Word of God as divine truth – THE TRUTH SECOND TO NONE!  The Disciples of Yeshua the Messiah can change the World it is not too late, but it requires more dedication, a clear vision of our responsibility as Disciples of Yeshua and a greater degree of Faith in God’s righteousness and the mandate that He gave us through Yeshua to be light and salt of the WORLD.

Please pray for Israel – we are still continuing to battle against terrorism every day.  Yesterday there was a dark day for many because again we had a public bus blown up by a Hamas terrorist who exploded a bomb inside the bus and wounded near 30 people and several of the wounded are in critical condition.

Pray for Israeli forces to have a divine revelation of where the tunnels that the Hamas is digging in and around the Gaza strip be revealed and eliminated before they use them to attack our villages and Kibbutzim.

Pray for Netivyah and the young leadership to take charge and responsibility with joy and happiness.  We have a wonderful group of young leaders and they are very capable and talented.  I just want you to pray with me that they take charge and lead with new energy and renewed vision full of initiative.

Pray for the my health and for Marcia’s health.

Pray for the list of our brothers and sisters who need healing!

Among the sick I would especially ask you to pray for a very dear brother and supporter of Netivyah who lives in Holland.   His name is Ger and he has multiple cancer tumors in his body.  Only God can make a miracle and extend the life of this brother.  Ger himself is ready to meet his maker – the Lord God of Israel and the Father of all mankind.  However, we want to pray for his comfort and for God’s grace to overtake the medical prognosis and demonstrate His goodness and mercy to His children according to His will and desire.

Anna is Finland is back in the hospital again with pneumonia.  She is very near to ninety years old and a very dear and precious sister who has done much for Israel and for Netivyah over the years.  Please lift Anna in your prayers before the Altar of God’s Love.  Pray also for Anne-Mirjami and Sato-Maria her daughter.

In Brazil please continue to pray for Paulo. Also, please don’t forget to add Maria (Marcelo’s mother) and his father in your prayers.

In the United States we keep on praying for our dear sister Ruby in Oklahoma, Michael Knezevich in Portland, and for Danah and Noaam our daughter and granddaughter in California.  Danah is supposed to have surgery in May.  Pray for our dear sister Liz in Georgia, and for Mike in California.  Marcia’s father and mother in East Tennessee also need your prayers.

In Finland also pray for Anna-Majia, and Tim Tucker.

In Jerusalem please pray for Zvi and Sara, Tania, Lyudmila in Jerusalem and also for Lyudmila in Moscow, Miriam, Zvi D., David S., and Martha his wife.

Raymond and his family and his work in Singapore are really precious brothers who need guidance and wisdom from God for his work and company and healing.

We pray for the following dear brothers and sisters: Pastor Curita in Tokyo, and the husband of Yumi, Sadako San, Shoko San, Takeo Sensei and Tomoko San all in Japan.

God bless you all and give you the desire and the vision to stand up and be counted as the Disciples of Yeshua the Messiah – make the World a better place by reconciling back to the ONE who created it in the name and authority of His Son – Yeshua of Nazareth!

Joseph Shulam

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