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Netivyah Calendar 2017-2018

“The Lord Dwells in Zion” – Featuring beautiful photographs of Jerusalem by Kenneth Berg

– 16-months (September 2017-December 2018)
– All major Biblical/Jewish (“The LORD’S Appointed Times”) and Israeli holidays marked and explained in a special reference chart at back of calendar. Major Israeli holidays also included.
– All dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems, in English and Hebrew
– Weekly Torah and Haftarah portions plus suggested New Testament readings
– SABBATH (Shabbat) beginning and ending times
– Highlighting special dates such as Blood Moon and the ending of the “Shmitah” (Sabbatical) year
– Beautiful photos from Israel with Scriptures (KJV and Hebrew.)
– Each page suitable for framing
– Each calendar day has a large writing area. In addition, each calendar month has one or more writing area spaces for reminders and notes
– Produced and printed in the land of Israel!